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The roof rat is dark brown to black in color and measures 13 to 18 inches in length including tail. They weigh 5-9 ounces, are slender, and their ears are large and nearly hairless. Their droppings are long and cylindrical.Roof rats nest outside in trees,

A Seattle family started hearing noise in the attic. Sounds of scratchy little feet pitter pattering across the attic floor. The husband went up to do some investigating but not thorough enough. The family was feeling anxious and frightened. The mother stated that whenever mice are around then rats are sure to follow. Whatever it was want it gone.

The family was preparing to settle in for a movie marathon. Mom was setting up the snack table. Best part is having munchies at hand. Movie time and family settles in to enjoy the show. However the daughter kept seeing something scampering across the floor. But then it ran up the blanket onto a vacant sofa. The girl let out a piercing scream. The dad yelling its a mouse. The Chaos induced by one little rodent verified something even bigger an infestation. Now that the mouse was visible it confirmed what was heard in the attic. Now it was time to locate exactly where the infestation was in the attic. A justified fear was the of the children getting bit, eating bacteria infested food or airborne germs attacking the family. Various diseases can and will be transmitted indirectly by rodents. The homeowner went up to the attic once again and spotted urine and feces in a spot he missed the first time. But did not want to have to deal with this mice and or rat problem. A decision was made to call in a Pest Exterminator to take care of the Mice Infestation.

Commercial expert exterminators Attics are favorite places for mice to settle into:

Mice love making a home in Attics because Its warm, safe and dry. The mice can cause so much damage. Like building nests feces and urine in the insulation. The little germ bag pests can spread yuck very quickly. Attics are perfect spot for storing food. Insulation is an ideal place for tunneling. At night when its quiet, noises can be heard up in the attic and even in the walls. Attics are for the most part human free. Great place to run,store food and leave a nasty mess. Totally time for some Pest Control to get rid of the mice.

Mice will cause damages:

Attic mice infestation cause a lot of damage. By the pests gnawing on electrical wires, disease transmission, airborne germs and horrible nasty odors. The mice can and will come down from the attic into the house and kitchen. No space in the home is exempt from the mice that chew on a whatever it wants to. What better place than a kitchen food pantry. Mice hits a jackpot. Plenty of open sacks of rice, flour and sugar. Open lid on garbage can was a definite open invitation. Yep, its a food smorgasbord.

How are the nasty mice getting into the house:

Mice gain entry into homes through holes, cracks, crevices in exposed foundations, walls and floors. Homeowners usually have less than a clue that there are several openings giving access to the unwanted pests. A mouses body shape allows it to squeeze through holes the size of a dime. The mice are small and can get into the house through gaps in windows or ceilings and under doors. Also nice can get in through sewer lines, unsealed or improperly sealed drain pipes. Also it is not uncommon for the pests to enter a home through bathtub drains and sinks. All of which will be part of the Pest Control service.

Professional experienced Mice Infestation Exterminator

Mice are inattle house and running amok in the attic requiring Mice Infestation pest control. A call was made for help to AMPM Exterminators to come and get rid of the mice problem. The owner was so relieved to get a same day service. When the professional terminator arrived a discussion of findings were shared. Treatment process was explained as his best to proceed. A perimeter inspection of the house was priority. Because the main worry is not only what is inside the house but what are the conditions outside. A very important part of the inspection was to find out how the mice got inside. A search was to find all openings and sealed up. Windows and doors were checked for any gaps and closed tight. The kitchen and pantry were inspected thoroughly and instructions for prevention given for after treatment. Advised to make foods to be stored in glass or metal containers with tight lids. Dispose of food waste as soon as possible in tightly covered garbage can. Lastly the owner was advised to keep the tree branches cut back from the roof. It was discovered that this was the main access to the house and into the attic. Contacting AMPM Exterminators was the best move the owner made all day to get rid of the mice and attic clean up. The experienced, professional and friendly Mice Infestation exterminators took care of the problem. Happy clients, happy life.

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Seattle king county pest control companies reveal Abandoned ... - MilTech

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