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24 May 2017, 4:09 p.m.

Mouse numbers rising after an 'exceptional' season

COUNTRY MOUSE: A good rain season and colder temperatures have created perfect breeding grounds for a rodent takeover in Mount Isa and the north west. Photo: file

If you are noticing an unusual number of mice in your home or office this month, you are not alone.

Rodent activity is on the rise, which apparently means winter is on its way.

Countless North West Star readers have reported mice, rats, and the droppings of bothin their homes and workplaces over the last few weeks.

Bait and traps have been flyingoff the shelves and pest control businesses are in demand.

When we asked readers about their rodent situations, The North West Starinbox wasinundated with horror stories.

Soldiers Hill has been a popular breeding ground it seems, with several residents experiencing mice and rat infestations.

Dianne Stuart said she had to replace the grey water hoses on her dishwasher and washing machine after they chewed through the plastic.

"Its the first time in our 11 years living in Mount Isa that we have ever had to do this. Luckily for us our cat is a good hunter, Ms Stuart said.

Also from Soldiers Hill, Tom Cook saiddefinitely had a few dozen rodents this year out of nowhere. Had to get rid of our toaster as housemate accidentally fried one hiding in there.

The creative women at Arts on Alma trialed three different types of traps before ending up with a more humane live catch trap.

A first attempt involved an ineffectual glue trap followed by a brick to put the mouse out of its misery.

One lady in Toowoomba told methey had a plague of mice, and she live trapped them before drowning them, because thats more humane, said Michele Savoye, artist and animal lover.

Another reader, Samantha Kelley, has seen mice Literally everywhere! Our bait is working but clearly not well enough! Our whole house is baited and we had one tiny baby die today, so theyre clearly still breeding, she said.

Exterminator Bradley White from Flick Anticimex Pest Control confirmedrodents are in fact seasonal.

Weve had an exceptional wet season in the north west, so theres been a lot more growth which means plenty of food for mice and rats.

More food means better conditions for breeding and population goes up, White said.

Ngaire from Outback Pest Control had also seen an increase in business with plenty of new customers.

We dont usually get this busy in the autumn, weve done a few businesses that weve never done before. Its been pretty strange, Ngaire said.

Even in the mines and some places we used to do every three months, now theyre calling us up, she said.

Bait stations and live catches are popular pest control methods for rodents.

Instant kill bait means picking up a lot of dead mice, said Ngaire.

Traps and bait have both been popular at Mount Isa Produce Store, said manager William McCulloch.

We have had to put a lot more bait out here in the shop ourselves, Mr McCulloch said.

Even the supplier rang me and said you must have a real problem with mice and rats, man, youve been going through some baits and traps, he said.

CSIRO research officer Steve Henry said an exceptional cropping season and a good spring last yearhad seen mice begin to breed early, and continue breeding throughout summer and autumn.

The high yields of the cropshad left plenty of stubble too, providing shelter for the rodents.

The CSIROs latest mouse monitoring report from March said mouse abundance was increasing across the state.

Mr Henry said mouse numbers had been higher than expected, but were patchy, with numbers high in some areas and low in others.

Rodents take over Isa - The North West Star

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