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Mouse or rat infestations can cause anxiety for many home and business owners, and for good reason. These rodents can squeeze through tiny holes, climb just about anything, and even swim. They also multiply quicklybirthing up to 10 litters per year.

Whats also alarming is that mice and rats carry diseases like Hantavirus, which can lead to serious respiratory illness. When they live on your property, mice and rats can damage homes, create safety hazards by chewing through electrical wiring, and they are hard to eliminate.

Mice and rats are the most active from June through February. In the fall, they are known to enter homes and offices in search of warmth and food. When they find a food source, they often nest within the walls or crevices to stay nearby.

Infestations are easy to spot. Look for small droppings along baseboards, under sinks, and in cabinets. Inspect your food containersespecially easily penetrable ones like cereal boxesfor holes that rodents may have gnawed. You might also see the rats and mice themselves, or find their nests, which are typically built in empty boxes or crates.

Connors begins with an inspection to identify where, why, and how rodents move around your home or office. If we find an infestation, we eliminate the mice and rats using environmentally friendly trapping techniques. To prevent more rodents from entering, we block entryways with wire screen, caulk, and other fillers.

Eliminating food sources is also an important prevention measure. We identify potential food sources, both inside and outside, and work to secure or protect these sources. Once treatment begins, we follow up until the mice or rats are gone, cleaning up affected areas and disposing of waste along the way.

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Rodent Control, Mice Exterminator | Connors Pest Control

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