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Need an Experienced Bug Exterminator? Call Us!

Hiring Reynolds Pest Management, Inc will bring a new meaning to a bug free home. Our services are here to keep you safe from the many dangers that lurk in and around your home from many types of insects and critters.

With a team ready to eliminate the pests you are seeing in your home, you can bet that your hopes of never seeing an ant in your kitchen again will start after your initial service.

We are a family owned and operated pest control that stays committed to exceeding all customer expectations. Since 1991, we have built strong customer relations and an impeccable reputation for effective service and courteous technicians.

After being in business for 25 years, our team at Reynolds Pest has learned that customers want immediate services, affordable pricing and financing, and well educated trained service techs. This is what we provide to all customers on every treatment plan. That is why we have remained a leading family owned pest control firm over the years.

Pest Control in Florida

Our state is well known for bugs. In fact we have many potential customers out of state who plan to move in our area call and inquire about what kind of bugs they should expect and details about our services prior to moving! That how valuable our well-knowledge staff is!

The most commonly treated for insect are ants, termites, and mosquitoes. There is a large variety of types of bugs that are typical to find inside a Florida home or office space. Here are the following most requested bugs to exterminate:

Fire Ants

Carpenter Ants







Bed bugs

In Florida, you will not only have to worry about creepy bugs inside your home, but many residents in Port Saint Lucie, Jupiter, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami encounter rats and mice. The need for rodent control is year long.

You will be in good hands when hiring a full service pest control company like Reynolds Pest. There will not be an unwanted guest in your home that our certified and experienced exterminators can not eliminate!

Why Hire a Professional?

That is an easy question to answer due to the fact that half the time homeowners do not know what type bug they are finding inside their home to begin with. You will not be able to successfully rid an insect from your home if you cannot identify it, locate it and their eggs, and what product to use to keep them gone for good.

A professional pest exterminator is placed through extensive and on-going education about the types of bugs in Florida and the biology of them. Not to mention what to use and how much to apply without causing harm to those that live inside the home including pets.

There have been many cases in Florida where a homeowner becomes sick and hospitalized from use of products to eliminate pests. It has always been highly recommended to hire a licensed pest control company to assess the situation and provide treatments for the safety of those in the surrounding of the home.

The chosen pest exterminator will be able to handle the job without any issues. The typical steps a pest control professional will take are the following:

Inspect and Evaluate

Identify the pest and source

Determine the best product, equipment, and technique to utilize

Perform treatment according to EPA and state laws

Provide a follow up to determine if the treated pest or critter is 100% eliminated

Your Local Licensed Pest Control Company

In Florida there has been many non-licensed contractors performing work and advertising as a licensed business. This seems to be common in South Florida. Many times an individual will be able to acquire pest products and advertise pest control services without a license.

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc encourages all homeowners and businesses to always investigate the company they are interested in hiring. Never allow a person or company apply pest control products inside or around your home without verifying their credentials, licenses, and expertise. This can turn bad very quickly. The state mandates all pest firms to abide by strict laws, application and products laws, as well as to receive on-going education in the field of bug extermination.

Our customers will tell you that each of our exterminators are very well trained and licensed to perform pest control services. We take it a step further by performing background checks, identity verifications, and investigate for any offender violations. You can count on Reynolds Pest to only hire the best qualified individuals to join our team.

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