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A mother-of-five is considering leaving her home after being plagued by mice.

Evangeline Alexander moved into her Optivo rented home in Regis Crescent, Milton, near Sittingbourne, in 2015 and has been dealing with the rodents ever since.

She has reported the issue to her landlord but has been told it is her responsibility.

The 26-year-old said she is using between four and five bottles of bleach every other day to clean the property.

Miss Alexander, added: "I've lived in my property for five years in January and for the past five years I've had mice.

"I've called Optivo on numerous occasions to tell them about this problem.

"I have five children who are eight years old or younger.

"I've had the repair team out to fill the holes outside as that is all Optivo said it can do."

She has also blocked the holes around the house but the animals have managed to get into cupboards where food is kept.

As a result, she says she has had to throw away cutlery, plates and food, including Christmas shopping.

Pictures show mouse droppings on counter tops and work surfaces.

She added: "We haven't had anything for the last two to three weeks but now the weather is getting colder, I can hear them running across the floorboards.

"I even went out and bought a cat and he caught 11 in one night.

"I had a mouse in my bed and it ran down my back. All Optivo keeps telling me is it's down to me.

"Something's got to be done. I'm now feeling that I want to leave the property."

An Optivo spokesman said: "Were very sorry to hear of the distress caused to Miss Alexander and we would like to help her find a resolution to this problem as quickly as possible.

"Although Miss Alexanders tenancy agreement states its her responsibility to remove pests from her home, we are willing to provide any advice we can.

"Earlier this year, we sent our contractor to repair any damage caused by the mice. A pest control company also dealt with the issue inside.

"We were unaware the problem had returned and we will be in contact with Miss Alexander to discuss a way forward."

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