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Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on July 4th, 2015

Bell Labs newly formulated Vitamin D3 rat and mouse bait.

A mulitple-feed rat and mouse bait that is water soluble and yields 1 qt. of finished solution with .005% Diphacinone.

This all weather rodenticide bait offers excellent control of rodent populations indoors and out.

Non-toxic, 100 % natural rats and mice bait that kills rodents and not any other species - made from food ingredients - use inside or outside - safe for children and animals

A bait containing a rodenticide to kill Norway Rats, Roof Rats, House Mice and Voles. It also includes an Insecticide to aid in the reduction of the flea populations on listed Rodent Hosts.

Outdoor and indoor house mouse and rat control - individually wrapped bars great for breaking off for bait stations

Generation Mini bait blocks with difethialone. Generation mini blocks rodenticide bait is enticing to rats and mice and kills rodents within just a few days.

Non-poisonous. These blox are used by professionals to detect rodent activity.

Warfarin bait blocks for mice and rats

Highly palatable soft bait that contains the powerful single-feed, second generation anticoagulant, Brodifacoum at a lower toxicity level of 0.0025%.

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Mouse Poison & Mouse Bait - Do My Own Pest Control

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