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Bedbug extermination is aKnight Pest Control specialty. Our treatments against bedbugs are highly effective. We work closely with the homeowner so that they understand the process involved inbedbugtreatments.

Indianas climate is suitable for a number of spiders, which inhabit gardens and wooded areas and sometimes find their way into homes. These species range from venomous spiders to harmless arachnids that are commonly found in this part of the country.Spiders Ants

With spring upon us, spiders and ants are a lot more plentiful. Knight Pest Control can put a safe,invisible barrieraround your home to keep the unwanted insects out.

German and brown-banded cockroaches reproduce quickly. Knight Pest Control can administer a preventivetreatment in and around you home to end andprevent a cockroach infestation.

Knight Pest Control is ready for bees and wasps. Swarm season in Indiana is around Mothers Day. Sometimes, there canbe swarms in March and into September, as well.This depends on the weather and the hive condition.

Bees swarm as anatural method of reproduction or increase in population. Usuallybecause a hive is overcrowded and the queen has run out of space to lay eggs.She will stop laying eggs andshrink in size so she can fly.When swarming, the queen takes off with part of the population to start a new colony.The old colony will make a new queen and continue to prosper.

The swarm fliesaway, lands and clusters on a tree limb, brush or other site.The swarm cluster canbe the size of a softball to larger than a basketball.Normally, they eventually move toa preferred home such as a hollow tree, but they have been known to settle in house eaves, attics, and even walls. Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Rats and mice can be found in and around every town and farm in the country. It is estimated that there is one rat for every person living in the United States. Rodents have followed man to almost all parts of the world. They have no respect for social class; they are equal opportunity pests.

Rats and mice are so closely linked to man they are called domestic rodents. Man supplies their three basic needs: food, shelter, and water.

Rodents are a threat to health, and they interfere with our economic and physical well-being. Indiana State Department of Health

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Knight Pest Control - Exterminator Bedbug Flea Cockroach ...

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