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Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on June 29th, 2015

Just measured our mouse bait stations. The openings (2) are 1" x 1.25" and are big enough that chippies do get in.

Some stations use round holes, others squarish; doesn't matter. I held a 3/4" wood bit inside the above opening and it fit easily. I held up a 5/8" wood bit and liked the look of it. Since you can make a hole bigger, but not smaller, try 1/2" first and monitor the results. If you find acitivty, droppings etc, then good. Otherwise increase hole incrementally.

A 6x6" square box would easily be large enough as a station.

Maybe make the top slightly oversized so that rain water runs off much like a drip edge on a roof; otherwise it may get under the lid and run back into station. You could also cut a piece of rubber roofing material and lay on top with a brick to hold it on. Doesn't have to be pretty; rodents don't care.

Anchor/weigh the station down so opossums and such don't push it around.

An idea about protecting the engines from nesting: Mothballs have a repellent action in confined spaces such as an engine cowling. The shed itself is too large volume wise to protect. Even if you lay the mothballs on the exposed fins, the vapor could penetrate down. Replace frequently as mothballs "sublimate", that is, go from a solid to a gas with out going thru liquid state, much like fumigants.

p.s.: The holes should be aligned so that rodents can see thru 1 and out the second, otherwise they tend to run around the station. They need to see daylight before they will enter. Place the holes parallel with the shed; in other words so that a rodent running the shed perimeter would naturally enter 1st hole while seeing thru the 2nd hole, smell the good stuff and stop for a while.

If you can find an old milk box, the kind that sat on the porch from when the milkman made deliveries, you can cut/drill small holes in the bottom corners of it. You've already got a hinged, weatherproof, semi-insulated box to start with. I've seen guys even drill holes in the lid and side so they could padlock the top. That could compromise waterproofing, though.

Keep the entry/exit holes up from the ground about 1/2" so that a serious rain doesn't flood the station.

In our 4-wheeler I put bait under the seat as the mice chewed our battery wires, probably while I was in someone else's house baiting for mice.

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Is Tomcat Mouse Poison Worth A Darn? - Pest Control - DIY ...

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