How about making sure that the lights are working? Evening News readers react to a crackdown at temporary traffic lights – Edinburgh News

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Temporary traffic lights can be a cause of frustration. Picture: John Devlin

Hope cyclists are included. They hop on to the pavement past roadworks then back on to the road. Or cross at crossings on bikes then cycle away.

I recall a sheriff, many years ago, fining a cyclist who pushed his bike over a zebra crossing at the West End, ruling that a cyclist, even when pushing his bike, is still a cyclist and must abide by the rules of the road whilst on it.

Just here for the cyclist comments on an article about motorists. Sadly not disappointed . . .

There should be cameras at every set of traffic lights they would make a fortune.

How about making sure the lights are working? Many of them stay on red forever.

Edinburgh: the place that has temporarily traffic lights for years. There cant be many roads left without roadworks or diversions. Its really all part of the plan to have a congestion charge imposed. Wake up people.

If people in Edinburgh need practice at stopping at temporary traffic lights then come down to Prestonpans where theres been a temporary set for ninw months and no sign of them being removed.

Roadworks are becoming a joke in Edinburgh. There are temporary lights every time you turn a corner. The council are that well prepared and experienced that they make a dogs dinner of it every time. They are strategically placed to cause more traffic.

Edinburgh drivers who park on yellow lines or in public bays instead of paying for tickets could now be towed or clamped. Persistent offenders flouting parking rules could receive a stricter punishment.

Glad to hear this. Its about time motorists were dealt with.

Hope they take this to the Ingliston park and ride too. Parking is ridiculous there!

Tow them off the Greenways straight away. Theres no point ticketing a car that is blocking the road.

I worked as a Blue Meanie years ago 2000 and this was on the go then. Persistent offenders were a high priority impound you had to radio control urgently to get the tow truck up as it told you on your machine as you booked the car to get the tow truck down for it

Taxis park in bus lanes and at bus stops creating chaos but nobody takes action.

Good, but its too little too late.

In other news, an Edinburgh mother has told of her horror after she spotted mice in one of the Capitals busiest soft play areas Clambers at the Royal Commonwealth Pool.

Been a few times over the years and there was always kids eating in the soft play area. Staff do their best but mice will go where they can find food!

I must admit Ive not been for a few months but I used to go once a week with my kids and the staff are always out with a bucket of hot water and a cloth cleaning the soft play. I suppose its the price the building pays for being next to woods it has been freezing lately so they are looking for a warmer place to sleep but it has been super clean when we have attended.

They need to close this centre down until its safe. Children could get seriously ill.

They need to close it down until is is cleaned up.

Hopefully Edinburgh leisure sort this out ASAP. Anywhere with kids and food needs cleaned properly, daily.

Theres a plague of both mice and rats all over Edinburgh at the moment. They have always been with us and always will. Its pretty much impossible to get rid of them totally. All businesses can do is make sure they have a pest control contract in place with regular visits and keep on top of the cleaning, but they are everywhere.

The weather is getting colder and naturally animals seek warmth and a food supply its no different to what humans do actually.The problem is that their natural habitat is being destroyed by humans building everywhere and so they move into more unnatural environments.

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How about making sure that the lights are working? Evening News readers react to a crackdown at temporary traffic lights - Edinburgh News

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