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YPSILANTI, MI -- The Ypsilanti District Library on Michigan Avenue will reopen Thursday after bed bug treatment and inspection forced its closure Wednesday, March 4, officials announced.

One bed bug was found around closing time Tuesday night, Assistant Director Julianne Smith said in an emailed statement Wednesday. Officials opted to close the building all day to allow for pesticide treatment and a vacated building.

Exterminators used Temprid and RapidFreeze to treat the building, Smith said. Both pesticides are commonly used in bed bug treatment.

The branch, located at 229 W Michigan Ave., also closed in October 2019 after a bed bug sighting, Smith said. No additional evidence was found by the pest control company. A team of bug-sniffing dogs also found no further trace.

Ypsilanti District Library has an on-call exterminator and the dogs inspect the building quarterly, Smith said.

It is very unfortunate that this happened, but it certainly isnt unheard of. Bed bugs really dont want to be in libraries they much prefer access to sleeping bodies, Smith wrote. That said, they are hitchhikers and will travel on clothing or luggage or the belongings of people. No one wants to get bed bugs, but its important to know that bed bugs are not known to transmit disease. They are also not associated with any concept of 'dirtiness or social class.

Bed bugs have never been found in the library collection, Smith said.

This story has been updated with additional details.


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