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Bed bugs are no joke. Aside from the ick factor, theyre a relentless pest with female bed bugs laying as many as 500 eggs every four days. If youve noticed signs of bed bugs in your home, youll need a bed bug exterminator in Martin County. Heres what you can expect from the extermination process.

The first step to getting rid of bed bugs is by making sure you know the full extent of the infestation. A trained bed bug exterminator in Martin County knows exactly where to look and the signs of bed bug activity. This thorough inspection and identification of all infected areas is a necessary first step that will be followed by containment and prepping for treatment.

Before a bed bug exterminator can work their magic, theyll need a little bit of help from you. You will need to assist them with removing any bedding, curtains or clothing in the infected areas to another space in the room so that they can work. They will utilize a vacuum to clear the area of any bugs that arent on the bed itself, and youll need to address any textiles that youve moved around the room. There are a multitude of ways that these bugs can be killed from high heat to extreme cold, and by chemical application. Talk about your options with your bed bug pro.

Extreme temperatures can kill bed bugs which makes appliances like washing machines, steamers, and even freezers particularly useful. You can just reintroduce the clothing, bed linens and curtains that you got out of the way before addresses that a few lingering bugs might be on them too. You can wash them in hot water or you can put them in a black garbage bag and place in the freezer for several days.

Once the area has been thoroughly treated, and your professional is sure that youve gotten to the heart of the infestation problem, you can put the space back together and begin to monitor for any future bed bug activity. Tell tale signs to look for include otherwise unexplainable red bumps that appear on your body and signs of bed bug activity on the mattress and in the area around the bed. At the first sign of activity, call your exterminator.

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Steps to Expect from your Bed Bug Exterminator - Travis ...

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