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A mum who claims to feel connected to ladybirds thought shed found two of the bugs in her home but was left horrified when she was told what the insects actually were

An unsuspecting mum thought something beautiful was going to happen in her life when she discovered what she thought was two ladybirds on her bed one morning.

The mum said she had always felt drawn to the insects so was pleased to see them inside her home, and even referred to the creatures as her good luck sign.

She wrote on Facebook : Ive always felt drawn to ladybugs. I don't know what it is. I just feel connected to them. This morning on my bed, I found a mama and baby ladybug on my bed, and I feel like today is my day and something beautiful is going to happen! Do yall have any good luck signs?

However, the mums delight turned to horror when the post was shared on Reddit and users pointed out the truth behind her ladybirds.

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The bugs on her bed were not the cute insect she thought they were but were actually nasty bed bugs that could make her life a nightmare if left untreated.

One sympathetic commenter wrote: I always feel so terrible when anyone gets bed bugs. Those things will make your life a living hell.

But a less helpful person joked: She should name them Itchy and Scratchy.

Thankfully, other people were on hand to offer helpful tips to get rid of the bugs, or at least stave off any nasty bites until an exterminator could visit the property.

One wrote: Just a quick PSA, but if youre getting bit by bed bugs and have to endure until an exterminator can treat your place: lavender oil, and long clothing when getting ready for bed, (full sleeve shirts, sweat pants) helps a lot!

I bought some strong lavender lotion and would lather up after bathing. Bedbugs went from absolutely LOVING me, to avoiding my existence till we could get our apartment cooked.

While another added: If you ever get bed bugs, honestly? Throw away everything you own and move somewhere new. It's not worth the paranoia.

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Mum red-faced after realising mistake in picture of 'ladybirds' visiting her home - The Mirror

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