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Myths and Facts About Bed Bugs That You Need To Know

In recent years, bed bugs have created concerns of near epic proportions. Large metro areas have been among the most affected areas, but no geographic scope is immune to these pests. Contrary to popular beliefs, bed bugs arent correlated with untidy homes or filthy living conditions. Thats because they can get into any home through clothing, pieces of luggage, or even furniture from an infested dwelling. Unfortunately, bed bugs often dwell in sleeping areas like bedrooms, hotel rooms, and dorms.

Well according to the CDC, Bed bugs, scientifically called Cimex lectularius, are tiny flat-shaped parasites that feed on blood. The feeding often occurs during sleeping periods when there are minimal movement and self-awareness. These parasites are reddish-brown in color, they do not fly and can range from 1mm to 7mm in length. CDC also goes on to say that bed bugs can survive several months without feeding on blood making it merely impossible to starve them by staying away from your home for a while.

Research has shown that bed bug bites are not lethal, but there are a few secondary ailments that root out of these bites. According to EPA, the presence of bed bugs can cause a lot of distress to the affected parties. Thats because it all starts with minor skin irritations that itch. This itching can develop into excessive scratching a fact that significantly increases the chances of contracting a secondary skin infection.

In some cases, the bites can cause moderate allergic reactions which may or may not require medical observation, but if the allergic reaction is severe, then immediate medical attention is highly recommended. A person can also undergo stress as a result of the loss of sleep and minor skin irritations.

According to the CDC, that statement is very untrue. Their reports indicate that bed bugs are found all over the world in both first and third world countries. In fact, first world countries like the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom and other parts of Europe have seen a rapid spread of the bed bug infestation thus ruling out the myth that these bugs only exist in poor and under-developed countries.

The CDC also goes on to debunk this myth by saying that bed bugs reside in all areas and their presence is not dependent on the cleanliness of their environment. According to the CDC, these bugs have been found in many clean institutions including five-star hotels and resorts.

According to CDCs top researchers, bed bugs DO NOT spread diseases. They only harm that bed bugs cause is the loss of sleep and an itchy irritation on a persons skin. But, you should know that excessive scratching can result in secondary skin infections.

* Bed bugs always dwell around places where people sleep, usually within an 8 feet radius. Like any other parasite, they always follow their food source. That means that they do migrate between shared homes in search of food they can adapt to the sleeping habits of their hosts.

* They hide during the day in dark, isolated spots like the seams of mattresses, bed frames, cracks, and headboards among other places.

* A bed bug can travel up to 100 feet overnight.

* They are quite resilient because they can last several months without feeding.

* Bed bugs are mostly nocturnal but they can also feed during the day if necessary. A bed bugs bite is painless, and since they feed during sleepy hours, most people do not realize that they have been bitten until they spot a tiny red welt or begin to itch.

* A typical bed bug lays up to 7 eggs per week and can lay over 500 eggs per lifespan.

* Optimal egg laying temperatures revolve around 80 degrees F. They also grow faster at that temperature.

* A bed bug is very tiny but its still clearly visible to the naked eye.

What measures can be taken to treat and prevent bed bug infestation?

While pesticides are mostly recommended for bed bug treatment, they are other options like heat. It is always good to regularly monitor your bedroom to see if theres any sign of an infestation. If you find any signs, be sure to inform your landlord and call Affordable Bed Bug Exterminators to treat your home.

Heat or chemical spray treatment is the question homeowners ask frequently. Heat treatments offer a quick solution to your bed bug problems. Companies advertise and offer a one time treatment. What kills bed bugs after the heat treatment ends? Homeowners rarely understand where their bed bug problems originated. For this reason, reintroduction of bed bugs to the home after the heat treatment happens. Chemical spray treatments offer residual residue that lasts up to 120 days. The chemical is still 85% effective after 60 days research shows. A better long term treatment is the chemical option.

The chemical spray treatment does not work overnight. In a study of 22 apartments treated with our chemical, a rapid decline in bed bug numbers is noticed in the first 2 weeks. Compared to the average initial bed bug count per apartment (174), an 83 percent reduction is noted after two weeks, 94 percent fewer bugs were found after four weeks and 98 percent fewer after eight weeks. In about half the apartments, treatment was hindered at times by lack of preparation, clutter and poor tenant cooperation. Above all, we emphasize early action and homeowner participation in the chemical spray treatment process. That leads to lower costs and more effective treatments.

Monitors did instruct residents to remove, bag and launder bed linens and clothing prior to treatment. Half of the residents complied with this request while the others did not. Monitors instructed residents not to disassemble beds or dispose of bed bug-infested belongings. During the trial, one tenant did throw out a heavily infested headboard and another disposed of a moderately infested mattress and box spring. No bed bug encasement installations were permitted during the evaluation. For that reason, resultant changes in bed bug numbers is due to application of the insecticide.

Test results show our product has extended residual effects; bed bugs experienced a high mortality rate when exposed to wood and fabric surfaces treated six months earlier. The prolonged effectiveness of these materials as dry deposits will eliminate bugs and eggs overlooked or re-entering dwellings for months. For this reason, we advise our client to utilize some chemical spray treatment in their choice for extermination.

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