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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. Last week, a Texas, exterminator told a local news station he treats up to 10 rideshare vehicles a week for bed bugs.

But here in Grand Rapids, John Koval, the owner of Smitter Pest Control Management, says he hasn't seen bed bugs in rideshare vehicles yet.

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"Actually, I take Uber all the time," said Koval, "and I havent had an issue."

Even though he hasn't seen it, he said that doesn't mean it's not happening. Koval actually gets many calls for vehicles with bed bugs. Those are typically semi trucks and medical transportation vans.

"Yeah, caregivers that pick up patients, things like that," said Koval, "that have had bed bugs at their house. We've gotten some things from caregivers. So, we try to educate them, put a sheet over their seats."

As for the semi trucks, he said the bed bugs most likely reside in mattresses or other bedding the drivers bring along to sleep during long trips.

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In his car inspections, he first checks the backseat. Especially in the case of rideshare vehicles or cabs, this is where the bed bugs might be. That's because they usually come attached to a passenger.

"Head rests, you can find them there," said Koval, "When you're sitting there, someone could have them on their collar when they're sitting in your vehicle."

Also check the cracks of seats, and peel back the plastic surrounding the seat. The bed bugs can lodge themselves in there.

If you find bed bugs in your vehicle, call a professional to chemically treat the car.

Koval said it's still more common to get bed bugs in your home or in a hotel. He receives five or six calls a week to exterminate bed bugs in Grand Rapids.

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Local exterminator says bed bugs can end up in vehicles - WZZM13.com

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