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Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) February 11, 2012

A consumer health related website has released it bed bug exterminator cost guide to help bed bug sufferers with understanding alternatives to spending high priced exterminations. The guide focuses on true bed bug exterminator cost one would incur when hiring a professional.

Jacob the publishing director states, "Tons of people are being exposed to extra ordinary bed bug exterminator prices, simply because they do not know any better. Plus, their are still bed bug exterminators in the industry who will not be upfront with their clients and give them the full entire package price. Instead, bed bug sufferers may receive additional charges or non guarantee's if bed bugs come back."

Jacob an former bed bug exterminator himself states their are excellent professionals to hire. His bed bug exterminator cost guide was developed to alleviate any surprises when hiring someone.

Jacob also has worked with many non-pesticide formulas which he states he offers to his clients if they do not have the budget or wish to get rid of bed bugs themselves.

"Upon speaking to our clients, we want to educate them about bed bug exterminator prices, but also if they cannot afford the services or wish to take on the project themselves. offers a complimentary sample of the non-pesticide bed bug sprays professionals use to kill bed bugs."

Currently, the consumer help website is offering it's complete bed bug exterminator cost guide and complimentary samples of the non-pesticide bed bug sprays other professionals use in the industry.

To learn more and receive a complimentary sample, visit


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