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Wondering if you have a bed bug problem? There is a strong chance that you will not know you have a bed bug problem until it is well infested and involved. That is why calling an expert to your side is best. Northern Colorado Pest & Wildlife Control is your exterminator for bed bugs. Call today: (303) 746-9556 (Central) or (970) 330-3929 (North).

Bed bugs at first are hard to identify. They are tiny and shed their skins several times before they need to feed off of human blood. This article by WebMD gives you some tell-tale signs of bed bugs and how you can identify them.

Bed bugs have made a huge comeback in the United States since DDT was banned almost 50 years ago. But having bed bugs does not mean you are dirty. They are crafty little creatures seeking shelter in the tiniest of places from your furniture to your walls. They are more common in apartments and condos where there are shared walls. If you buy furniture from a rental outlet or a garage sale, or find something cool in a dumpster, you could inherit a problem from someone else.

Bed bugs are not easy to remove, and it is best to do a quick google search: best bed bug exterminators near me, for example. This is a problem that will make you an active partner in removal. We ask you to prepare your house by picking up belongings and clothes, and clearing out dressers, closets and nightstands. We will spray with an insecticide, but we will have to apply it multiple times in the span of 21 days with the average number of visits being three. If you have an extreme infestation, it could take more services.

Northern Colorado Pest and Wildlife Control has a 5-star rating with 76 reviews. If you are looking for bed bug exterminator reviews, read what our customers say:

You can trust the experts at Northern Colorado Pest Control and Wildlife for any pest problem from bed bugs to barn swallows. We offer humane removal and a broad-based approach to ensure we eliminate your pest problem quickly.

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Exterminator for Bed Bugs - NOCO Pest & Wildlife Control

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