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Chicago Exterminator, Pest Control & Termite Inspector

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In an effort to better serve you and your community, every Orkin Man receives unparalleled industry training. Your Orkin Man was trained by one of the top 125 training programs in the nations receiving 160 hours of hands-on training during his first year on the job. Hes trained to use the most effective approach to treat your specific pest problem and situation.


As an industry leader, Orkin requires all Orkin Men to complete rigorous training and continuous education on the latest industry technology and treatments available. This means your local Orkin Man is uniquely qualified to handle your pest control needs whatever they may be.

Urban PestsAs the third most populous city in the United States, Chicago, IL, offers plenty of incentives for people and pests to settle down. Common urban pest problems include:

AntsWith 12 major ant species in the city, local residents are likely to find these pests both outside and in homes. During wet weather, odorous house ants or pavement ants move indoors in large numbers to seek higher ground. Trash cans, pantry goods, and food crumbs also attract them inside for an easy meal.

Norway RatsNorway rats are the main urban rat species in Chicago. While the city examines cases of infestation, large urban areas struggle to keep the rodents in check. The Norway rat is a digging pest that burrows in the ground and may gain entrance through foundation cracks, by digging under foundations, or climbing from sewers into buildings. One of the more sensational, but true, ways in which rats may gain inside entrance is by swimming through sewer pipes and exiting inside via the common commode. They eat out of pantries, other stored or spilled foods, damage property, and spread disease.

Indoor PestsIn addition to cities, the following nuisance pests are equally comfortable in the suburbs, infesting Chicago houses and apartments:

SpidersAble to climb walls with ease and fit through tiny holes, these arachnids are hard to keep out of homes. Illinois species include house, wolf, and jumping spiders. Though such pests are mostly harmless, residents sometimes spot the dangerous northern black widow spider as well.

Stink BugsBrown marmorated stink bugs are a familiar seasonal pest to Chicago homeowners. The flat, shield-shaped insects overwinter in walls, attics, and other indoor places. People often see them in the fall as the pests search for places to hunker down, or in the spring when they emerge. These stink bugs dont bite or hurt humans, but a stink bug gives off a foul smell if crushed and they can become a serious nuisance.

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Chicago IL Exterminator, Pest Control, Termite Inspections

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