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As your Buffalo bed bugs expert, we use an array of treatments to attack your infestation, adapting which techniques we utilize depending on your specific circumstances. We know the safety and wellbeing of your family is your main priority, and, therefore, we will talk through our various approaches with you to ensure you are comfortable with our treatment plan. In most instances, we will use various methods on a single property to eliminate 100% of your bed bugs. Of course, the bed bug pest Buffalo exterminator cost can vary depending on which treatment you need.

One of the most effective methods we use is bed bug heat treatment for Buffalo homes. High temperature steam is applied to the entire mattress and bed, specifically focusing on seams, creases, and small gaps where bed bugs hide. The bed bug heat treatment will destroy the bed bugs and their eggs on contact.

Our specialized steam machines produce a dry steam, which will leave less moisture in your air and on your furniture than standard steamers. Our thermal approach is especially popular because it gives immediate relief to the homes inhabitants. It means that your family or your tenants can go home to the property on the same day. It also requires no use of chemicals, making it incredibly eco-friendly and safe for the environment. Call our Buffalo bed bugs exterminator to find out more.

Another treatment method we use alongside other methods is high-power vacuuming. We vacuum all areas where bed bugs are typically prevalent. This will remove live bed bugs, their skins, eggs, and excrement from your furniture and upholstery. Our specialist vacuum filters ensure an efficiency of over 99% of particles in the exhaust air. Vacuuming will not remove all bed bugs, so it is used amongst others in ridding your home of bed bugs. The plus point of high-power vacuuming is that it is a quick and effective way to physically remove a large part of the infestation from your home. We can vacuum before and after other treatments for added efficiency.

Freezing bed bugs is another environmentally friendly way to eliminate an infestation in its entirety. This non-toxic treatment destroys the insects and their eggs after contact with a snow-like substance. It can be used alongside heat treatment, with heat being more suitable for some surfaces than the dry ice.

Encasements can be used for bedding, mattresses and box springs. This treatment traps any newborn bed bugs in casing, in which they cannot survive.

A bed bug dust application can be applied to various areas of your home, such as cracks in the floor, near baseboards, and other hard to reach areas where bed bugs may be residing. This special dust is made from diatomaceous earth, and is popular because it is eco-friendly. However, it is not a solution on its own to remove bed bugs and must be used in conjunction with vacuuming, heating, or freezing.

We will thoroughly treat all areas of your home, which will involve removing outlet covers and light switch covers, and lifting up the edges of carpets to find any well-hidden insects. Any bed bugs we find will be frozen or treated with heat or dust.

Pesticides can also be used, though they are generally less successful for our Buffalos bed bug pest exterminators than thermal or freezing methods, and take much longer to completely destroy your bed bug infestation. While bed bug heat treatment will give you immediate relief from bed bugs, pesticides will take around thirty days to take full effect. This is because pesticides will only kill the live bed bugs and not their eggs, meaning the eggs will continue to hatch and you must then wait for them to ingest the pesticide for it to destroy them. The bed bug pest Buffalo exterminator cost of pesticide is lower than other treatment methods, so it may be an attractive option for those with a lower budget.

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