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Learn about Bed Bug detection and how Bed Bugs can travel on luggage an enter your home, and must see bed bug information about treatment methods, bites, and what Bed Bugs look like. Bed bugs are most active at night; they are extremely shy and wary so their infestations are not easily located. However, when bed bugs are numerous, a foul odor from oily secretions can easily be detected. Other recognizable signs of a bed bug infestation include excrement left around points of entry and exit to their hiding places and reddish brown spots on mattresses and furniture. Good sanitation and having a qualified bedbug exterminator is the first step to controlling the spread of bed bugs. However, upscale hotels and private homes have also noted bed bug infestations, suggesting that good sanitation is not enough to stop a bed bug infestation. When faced with a bed bug infestation, contact Dependable Exterminating Pest Control, we are your bed bug exterminator serving Manhattan. We have the best bed bug control professionals in the industry. We cover NYC, Westchester and Rockland County.

If bed bugs are located in bedding material or mattresses, control should focus on mechanical methods of control, such as vacuuming, caulking and removing or sealing loose wallpaper, to minimize the use of pesticides. The effectiveness of using steam cleaners or hot water to clean mattresses is questionable. Heat is readily absorbed by the mattress and does no harm to the bed bug in fact the moisture may produce favorable conditions for house dust mites. Pillows should be removed and dry-cleaned or replaced. For severe infestations, however, pesticides may be used. Care should be taken not to soak mattresses and upholstery with pesticides. Allow bedding and furniture to dry thoroughly before using. Due to the difficulty in controlling bed bugs, the use of a professional pest control company is recommended. Dependable Exterminating offers bedbug control in Manhattan throughout the Upper West Side, the Uppder East Side, Times Square, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, East Village, Little Italy, China Town, Lower East Side, the Financial District and more. Call A Dependable Bed Bug Exterminator to eliminate Bed Bugs.

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BedBug Exterminator | BedBug Control | Bed Bug Information

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