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Hiring a bed bug exterminator can be very expensive, but we sell the exact same professional bed bug killer and control products that pest professionals use. Continue reading below the products on this page to learn how to kill and control bed bugs on your own.

Doing your own bed bug control is a decision you have likely made after experiencing the frustration that comes from living with a bed bug problem and learning of the immense cost involved with hiring an exterminator. This guide will help you get rid of bed bugs on your own, step-by-step.

*When it comes to Bed Bugs, there is no fix-all, easy solution. Complete control requires a carefully planned and designed integrated approach.

Bed bugs can be harder to treat than other household pest insects for a few reasons. The #1 thing that sets Bed bug control apart from other pest insect management programs is that you have to treat personal items such as clothing, shoes, picture frames, beds and furniture in some way but most other pests allow you to spot spray or apply a perimeter spray around the room. Bed bugs are not attracted to baits like roaches or ants so you must take the treatments directly to them. Another challenge bedbugs present is their ability to quickly become resistant to synthetic pyrethroids. While other insects may build up resistance to this chemical group, bedbugs seem to be able to do so exceptionally fast. These means you must use a variety of products and techniques to control bedbugs.

In most cases you can do your own bedbug elimination treatments. It really takes three components to be successful:

First and foremost, you must be willing to commit to the labor that is involved which include preparations prior to the treatment, the initial application and the needed repeat applications. Next, it is very important to choose products that are specifically labeled for bedbugs and labeled for use in the areas you intend to use them. Last, you must be thorough. There are no shortcuts when you are dealing with bedbugs. Every item, every crack and crevice and every void in the infested room must be treated in some way. Failure to be thorough will almost always lead to treatment failure.

There are several benefits to doing your own bedbug treatment.

1.You can do the treatment at your own pace and when you have time vs a company that will set a specific time frame for you to be home which could mean you will miss work.

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Bed Bug Control Guide - Bed Bug Extermination & Killer ...

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