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Greece, N.Y. - With all the rain and flooding, we're seeing an unprecedented amount of standing water - and that is leading to concerns, for many, about bacteria and bugs.

With the weather warming up, many folks around Goodwin Park want to take walks and be outside. But when they look around and see all the standing water, they worry if it's safe, and what they would do with a possible surge of bugs.

Fields now look like little ponds, and yards are completely underwater.

Its pretty unprecedented to have this level of flooding for this long, John Ricci of the Monroe County Department of Public Health said. As the water leaves the lake and ends up in your backyard, certainly, it's going to pick up some bacteria.

Experts say this lake water is generally clean, but they are still urging folks to avoid it.

It's not meant to be drank or even played in. I would discourage parents from letting their kids frolic around in it, Ricci added.

Ron LaMagna has a creek in his backyard and is now seeing more and more bugs drawn to the standing water.

We're worried about the kids, he said. We have had ant problems because of moisture, and we have had mosquito problems. Were very concerned again with ticks, mosquitoes, Lyme disease and bees. Worried about ground bees, too.

Experts tell 13WHAM the standing water in yards forces bugs that usually nest in the ground to build new nests in homes.

Homeowners may see more spider activity or ant activity in their homes, Chris Hahl, Vice President and General Manager at The Bug Man, said.

As for exterminators like The Bug Man, even they have to wait until things dry up before they can spray.

We can't spray in the rain. If at all possible we're going to, but our technicians are certified by the state; they know if it's going to be acceptable to spray," he said.

If you have a property that has a drinking water well, be sure to monitor it and make sure it's running smoothly.

If you use a septic system, be sure to report any problems.

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