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Written by Admin, Published on March 30th, 2017

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As the weather begins to warm enticing people to be outside, certain pests are starting to emerge inside.

According to A+ Pest Control Branch Regional Manager Shawn Dickenson, there are many types of bugs that appear in one's home due to the spring weather.

A lot of people see a lot of wasps, spiders, ants eventually fleas and ticks ... as well as termites after a first good rain, Dickenson said.

Before calling for an exterminator, Dickenson said there are ways people can treat a bug problem themselves.

Typically there are some home remedies you can try. Essential oils that will repel certain pests. It wont kill them but it will try and repeal them for about 30 days outside the home, Dickenson said.

According to Dickinson, people can also use organic remedies such as cedar or cinnamon.

At A+ Pest Control, Dickenson said services include treating the outside of the house and the entire interior.

It is common, according to Dickenson for these certain bugs to come out in spring because of the weather and changes in the environment.

Theres just a lot of heat, moisture, pollination things like that. The warmer it gets the more pests youre going to see from the ground up. They never really disappear, Dickenson said.

For Dickenson the most challenging aspect of pest control is maintenance control of a customers home.

We can come in and treat the house but if you have certain things laying out, clutter, debris, food things of that nature theyre obviously going to want to feast on a leftover meal rather than the treatment we put down, Dickenson said.

Woodstone Exterminating Service Manager Ronnie Harris it is important that the public is educated on the best ways to maintain pest issues.

Every home will have some level of insect activity. It is only when these levels interfere with comfort or healthy living do we consider them pests, Harris said.

Harris also said there are simple ways people can exclude pests from their homes.

These methods include caulking cracks and crevices or points of entry, the use of screen or copper mesh, use of glue boards, limiting access to pet food and maintaining lawns.

However, Harris said Woodstone will perform various chemical treatments on a house to exterminate certain pests, as well.

Safe chemical methods are used to eradicate pests existing on the interior of the home and control insect populations on the immediate exterior of the home to prevent future infestations, Harris said.

Harris said that in Oklahoma we have pests all year-round but spring and summer are the most active season in the year because of the environmental changes.

So remember when you are enjoying the outside of your house, that a little maintenance or remedies will help you enjoy the inside without pests.

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