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If you have scorpions or black widows, which can be dangerous, call a pest control professional to get rid of them.

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Question: How can I get rid of crickets in and around my home?

Answer: If youre seeing crickets inside your home, then more serious predators are sure to follow. Get rid of those crickets fast.

Heres what not to do: Dont empty a can of Raid on those creepy crawlers. Sure, youll drown the ones you can see, but their friends will simply sidestep the chemicals when they come out of their hiding places.

A better strategy is to find out where theyre hiding and lure them out with a granular food bait that will trap them. You also can use sticky traps or concoct your own traps using a jar containing some water and molasses.

Q: How can I get rid of ants around my house and yard?

A: We have compiled a list of recommendations from the hosts, listeners and Rosie on the House extermination partners.

Small apple slices (kills the queen ant due to digestive problems)

Corn meal (may harm bird digestion, use with caution)

Grits (safe for bird digestion)

Cinnamon (deterrent only)

Avon Skin So Soft in a spray bottle, diluted with water (also helpful to keep mosquitoes off your skin)

Rosie on the House: Rid your home of pests - Arizona Daily Star

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