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As much of Kansas dries out from heavy rain, insects and other reptiles are emerging, too. Many of them are trying to escape the wet conditions by going inside of homes.

The worst example may be in Andover, where Katie Bair got quite the shock as she stepped outside her home this week.

"We saw a giant 4-foot snake on the ledge right here," Bair said.

She admits to seeing plenty of pests inside of her home but not reptiles, yet.

"Flies, spiders, a lot of recently ants, too, she said.

What concerns her and her family the most the snake just disappeared, and with various possible opening for a reptile or insect, it could easily slip into their home.

"The garage area can be a little open or if the seal to the garage isn't all the way down, it could get in here," she said.

Exterminators in Wichita said they have been swamped with business. They attribute it to recent temperature swings and the massive amount of rain that has swept the state.

"I've noticed a lot of ticks around the yards and wooded areas," said Ron Ferguson, owner of Ferguson Pest Control. I look for spider season to be above normal."

He recommends spraying the base of homes, nearby trees and watching pets for ticks.

"Not very comforting. While we have a dog, he's not very large or the biggest one," Bair said. She said shes keeping an extra eye on the front porch, worried that unexpected visitor will return.

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Exterminators see boom in business thanks to weather - KAKE

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