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Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on August 14th, 2017

Congrats to Stephen McDonald and Amie Cherrington who were married in Pickerington on Saturday, August 5th.

Congrats to my Reds buddy, Garrett Browning, who wed Jordan Downey in Destin, Florida.

I misspelled Denise and Jim Badgleys name and called them Batchly! Sorry. Old womans syndrome hit me!

The Limerick Grange 1917, 44 Savageville Road, Limerick Community, Jackson will be hosting its 120th Annual Bean Dinner, Sat., Aug. 19, noon to 3 p.m. The menu includes beans (white or brown), cornbread and coffee, adults $4, children under 12, $2. You can also get beans to go (bring your own container.) There will be a Chinese Auction and a 50/50 drawing. Other concessions available.

Saw on Facebook that Lynn Denney has a new granddaughter who weighed nine pounds and two ounces!

Looks like Triple Crown is coming to Wellston - no more kids parties in Chillicothe now!

Mick-eau de skunk doesnt smell good on you! I hear you bought all the tomato juice in town! Thats what happens when you try to help Dewey find his dipstick!

Get well wishes to Peggy King who had surgery to remove a hernia and her appendix. John Buzz Stephenson had his appendix out also!

Shirley Wyant having health problem and needs your prayers.

Jane Marietta has to have cancer surgery and four weeks of radiation. Prayers needed.

Get well wishes to Janet Brown who had a hospital stay. Sandy Stevens Bobo had a hospital stay.

One radiation treatment and Marsha Baisdens lump is much smaller - keep praying for this wonderful woman.

I read on Facebook that Noah Cox of Athens was killed in a farming accident this summer. His friend showed his steer at the Athens County Fair as well as showing his own. The boy got Grand Champion Steer and it went for $65,000! The boy showing the steers got second and his went for $10,000! Such a touching story of human kindness.

Talked to an exterminator and he told me spiders and bees are coming out more than a month early, and the ants are ridiculous.

Thoughts to ponder I do not snore - I just dream I am a motorcycle!

Another thought Give us the same health care as Congress or give Congress the same health care they give us! And do away with the donut hole where meds cost more after $3,000! My Xarolta costs $465 for three months and my Zedia cost $376 for three months.

Another thought I really dont mind getting older, but my body is taking it badly.

Happy birthday on Sept. 3 to my step-daughter Tonya Davis, Lisa Boggs, Sharon Needham, Juanita Smith, Heather Hagen, and Stephanie McLin, and happy 74th anniversary to Harve and Jackie Newman; on the 4th is Tami Smallwood (my adopted daughter), Melissa Davis, Stephanie Bush, Mary Jackson, Kevin Henderson (26), Lyn Speakman, my sister-in-law Libby Wyant, Glenn Potter, Debbie Roberts, Corbie Miller, Denise Corbman, and Jenny Taylor, and happy anniversary to Terry and Marsha Lloyd, Mike and Kelly Alford (18), and Rick and Karen LeBow; on the 5th is Steve Lanier, Todd Yates, Garnet Duncan, Randy Farley, classmates John Wright and Bob Faught, Bob Kight, Christine Cox, and Susan Downey, and happy 53rd anniversary to Gerald and Nora Seitz and happy 12th to Shannon and Nathan Riley.

Celebrating on the 6th is niece Mindy Barry, Estacy Adkins, Todd Barker, Thabiha Russell, Nathaniel McDowell (11), Lorenda Oberholzer, Brice Stepp, and classmate Mike Martin, and happy 48th anniversary to classmate Gary and Nancy Argabright; on the 7th is Lloyd Perry, Wayne Tilley, and Lisa Clarkson, and happy anniversary to Kris and Bryan Carter (16); on the 8th is Ed Yates, Kim Mercer, Hannah Chapman (12), Moriah Davis, Wayne and Bill Hamilton, sister-in-law Barb Farley, and Mary Dale Montgomery; on the 9th is Donnie Proehl, Angie Hale, Joshua Clary, Lee Bowling, Alayne Speakman, Brenda Nicholson, classmate Bruce Conley, Jo Lewis, Carson Evans (18) and Charlie Jane Evans is 5, and happy 57th anniversary to Peggy and Bob Reed, Marsha and Tom Perry (53), Russ and Dale McLelland, Joyce and Tom Slater, Ed and Patty Yates, and Fred and Glenna Bierhup.

Until next time, stop and see me at the Maytag Store on Main, write me at P.O. Box 94 or e-mail me at

Column: Round the Town with Karen Wyant - Jackson County Times-Journal (blog)

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