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As a larger species, carpenter ants range in size from just a quarter inch to an entire inch in length. Unlike termites, they do not actually feed on wood, but they can cause nearly as much trouble if left to their own devices. This is because wood specifically damp or decaying wood is where carpenter ants prefer to build their nests. Because these nests are actually built inside wood, they can often be difficult to spot. Over time, carpenter ants can inflict serious damage to walls, door frames and moldings all over your house.

The most common variety, the black carpenter ant is found in homes in North America. Youll most likely see them after sunset, and their activity increases greatly in the spring and summer months.

Carpenter ants can be found in any wooden structures that have been moistened or softened by water damage, including:

When inspecting for carpenter ants, it is particularly important to look at the:

Essentially, any spot in your home where moisture meets wood is a potential home for these pests.

In nature, carpenter ants are most commonly found in forests environments where damp and rotting wood are in abundance. Unfortunately, our homes can easily serve that same purpose, as well as provide an ever-replenishing food supply. And while it can be disconcerting to watch a small army of ants cart away the crumbs of your dinner, the trouble they create building their hidden nests behind the scenes is much worse. In extreme instances, one colony creates multiple satellites throughout your homes structure.

The surrounding property is fair game for additional damage. Decomposing tree trunks, stumps, roots and even healthy trees can be infiltrated if the wood is moist. Although carpenter ants are slow to cause harm, over time they can do serious structural damage if they are not adequately controlled.

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