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Philadelphia jumps to second place on Orkin’s 2022 list of cities most infested with bed bugs –

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on January 14th, 2022

Philadelphia residents may want to double check and make sure that no bed bugs have moved into their homes.

The city had the second-most bed bug infestations among 50 others in the U.S. over the past year, trailing only Chicago for the top spot in the nation, according to Orkin. Philly made the biggest year-over-year jump, moving up 12 spots from No. 14 to No. 2 on the pest control company's 2022 list.

The annual "Top 50 Bed Bug Cities List" is based upon data from metro areas nationwide where the company performed the most treatments from December 2020 through November 2021. The data includes both residential and commercial treatments.

Harrisburg also experienced a surge in bed bug infestations over the past year, as Pennsylvania's state capital was a newcomer to this year's list at No. 42.

Below are the top 10 U.S. cities with the most infestations over the past year.

Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed, measuring around a quarter-inch in length. The reddish-brown insects are predominantly nocturnal and take blood from sleeping humans, which is their only food source.

They can reproduce quickly, with females laying as many as five eggs per day and up to 500 in their lifetime. They are able to survive for up to a year without eating and typically emerge from their hiding spots when a food source becomes available.

Homeowners and renters are encouraged to regularly inspect their homes during the day. Bed bugs typically gather in mattress tags, seams and box springs, as well as behind baseboards, headboards, electrical outlets, wallpapers and picture frames.

Experts advise decreasing clutter around one's home to make it easier to spot them. Inspections should be conducted anytime guests stay overnight or when previously-used furniture is brought into the home.

Given how easily bed bugs can travel by latching onto luggage and purses, thorough inspections should be conducted during and after a trip.

Travelers should always check their hotel room for signs of an infestation. Tiny, ink-colored stains on mattresses, in furniture and behind headboards are indications that bed bugs may be present.

All luggage should be kept away from beds and walls and placed in the bathroom or atop counters. Suitcases should be inspected carefully when repacking and returning home. Any clothing that can be dried should go in the dryer for at least 15 minutes at the highest setting upon returning home.

Bed bugs are difficult to remove once they are discovered and infestations can spread quickly. Anyone who finds the tiny insects in their homes should immediately wash all bedding and clothing at high temperatures to kill any bugs and eggs.

Putting sealed cases around mattresses, box springs and pillows will trap any bed bugs and prevent future infestations. Carpets should be vacuumed as well.

Pesticides may also be used to kill any bed bugs that are hiding, but all products should be reviewed before being used in a home. A professional exterminator should be called if a bed bug infestation continues to spread.

"Bed bugs are a concern for everyone because they are master hitchhikers, traveling home with people when they likely don't realize it," said Ben Hottel, an Orkin entomologist. "Their nature of hiding in difficult-to-find cracks and crevices can make them hard to control, which is why involving a trained professional at the sight of an introduction is recommended."

Orkin has also ranked Philadelphia as one of the seven-worst cities for rat infestations for the past two years.

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Philadelphia jumps to second place on Orkin's 2022 list of cities most infested with bed bugs -

If You See This Bug in Your Home, Call an Exterminator Immediately – msnNOW

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on January 14th, 2022

If You See This Bug in Your Home, Call an Exterminator Immediately  msnNOW

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If You See This Bug in Your Home, Call an Exterminator Immediately - msnNOW

Archibald Snatcher | Villains Wiki | Fandom

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on January 14th, 2022

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Archibald Penelope Snatcher

Mr. SnatcherLord SnatcherSnatcher

Leader of the Red Hats

High intelligenceManipulationAdept fighting skills

Capturing Boxtrolls.

Kill the Boxtrolls. (both failed)Usurp Lord Portley-Rind from his position as the mayor of Cheesebridge. (briefly succeeded)Eat high quality cheese. (succeeded, but then backfired)

Genocidal Elitist

Archibald Penelope Snatcher, also known by his female persona Madame Frou Frou, is the main antagonist of Laika's third full-length animated feature film The Boxtrolls. He is an exterminator and the leader of the Red Hats, secretly planning to become one of the White Hats. He is the archenemy of Eggs.

He was voiced by Sir Ben Kingsley, who also played Dr. Xavier Fitch in Species, Don Logan in Sexy Beast, The Hood in the Thunderbirds film, Fagin in the 2005 Oliver Twist film adaptation, The Rabbi in Lucky Number Slevin, Nizam in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Trevor Slattery in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and General Woundwort in the 2018 Netflix Watership Down adaptation. While singing and under his Madame Frou Frou identity, he was voiced by Sean Patrick Doyle.

Archibald Snatcher was raised in the town of Cheesebridge, he was enemies with Lord Portley-Rind because he was never accepted to be a member of the White Hats. He then became an exterminator, trying to hunt the Boxtrolls that lived under the town.

Snatcher used to friends with Herbert Trubshaw, an inventor, until one day, he told him his plan to kill The Box Trolls and ask him to build an automaton to achieve it. Herbert, knowing the Boxtrolls were innocent, refused. This led to Snatcher threatening to kidnap his son. During the struggle, Herbert gave his son to the Boxtrolls. Snatcher then knocked him down and imprison him.

Snatcher later tells Lord Portley-Rind that the Boxtrolls have taken a human baby and vows that he will "protect" Cheesebridge by destroying them in exchange for a White Hat. As the days pass, he warns the villagers of the Boxtrolls, setting a curfew on the town and trapping every troll that he comes across with the aid of his henchmen, Mr. Gristle, Mr. Trout, and Mr. Pickles.

Ten years later, Portley-Rind's precocious daughter named Winnie notices the trolls and sneaks out of the house. That is when she comes across the film's hero Eggs. Unfortunately, Eggs runs off and Snatcher discovers Winnie and escorts her home. Afterwards, Snatcher and his thugs capture the Boxtrolls including Eggs' adoptive father, Fish.

Determined to save Fish, Eggs disguises himself as a man and sneaks into the village, where he comes across a fairground where Snatcher disguises himself as a performer named Madame Frou Frou and sings the story of the Trubshaw baby's "kidnapping and murder" by the Boxtrolls. After another meeting with Winnie, Eggs slips into Snatcher's hideout, a factory.

Snatcher tests a piece of cheese by devouring it and his allergic reaction begins, causing his face and hand to swell and begins to hallucinate. Mr. Gristle tosses a bucket of leeches onto his boss, curing him. As Snatcher's henchmen tend to him, Eggs manages to free Fish. The Red Hats discover Eggs and try to shoot him down, but Winnie interferes and Snatcher takes her captive. Eggs swings down on a rope and saves the girl. Both of them run out of the factory and out of the reach of Mr. Gristle.

When Winnie asks Eggs where he came from, Fish tells her that his father, Herbert Trubshaw, was once a famous inventor who cared for the Boxtrolls. When he was a baby, Snatcher ordered the boy's father to build something to help him with his plan. Trubshaw refused and he tried to take the infant from him. The inventor gave baby Eggs to the Boxtrolls for safekeeping and Snatcher supposedly killed Trubshaw by striking him with a wrench.

Eggs and Winnie go to a ball hosted by Portley-Rind. In his Madame Frou Frou costume, Snatcher nabs him and prepares to throttle Eggs until Frou Frou is called to the dance floor, giving Eggs time to escape. As Winnie teaches Eggs to dance, Snatcher tries to grab him, with little luck. Portley-Rind reveals a giant cheese wheel known as the "Briehemoth" and when Eggs tries to convince him that Snatcher was lying, he accidentally knocks the giant cheese into the river. Portley-Rind tells Eggs to get out of his house after our hero tries to expose the exterminator as a fake.

Later, as Eggs (out of humiliation) tells the Boxtrolls that he is not one of them. Suddenly, Snatcher (manning a giant robot) breaks into their home and begins destroying it. As the Boxtrolls' first and only instinct is to hide, they do the sort and Eggs urges them to get up and fight as Snatcher's machine would kill them however to no avail. Eggs tries to get them to the surface but the machine destroys the way out, Snatcher begins stealing the Boxtrolls and Eggs manages to grab Fish. He has backed into a corner by Snatcher and his goons, he tries to plead but Snatcher mocks him as Boxtrolls lost ten years ago and as he orders Mr. Gristle to fire, Eggs is then tied up, catapulted to a rock wall and is knocked out on impact. Trout and Pickles untie Eggs then Gristle knocks out Fish who was trying to scare them off, they capture Eggs and the trolls and leave.

Inside the factory, Eggs is locked in a cage and notices a crazy man hanging from chains. He realizes that the prisoner is his long-lost father and Snatcher crushes the Boxtrolls in a giant machine before vowing to kill the last one.

The next day, Snatcher seizes power over Cheesebridge and tells Lord Portley-Rind that he has exterminated the Boxtrolls and is ready to off the last one. Eggs is bound, gagged and stuffed into a Boxtroll costume while the Red Hats dangle him above a furnace. Snatcher is about to place Portley-Rind's hat on his head when Winnie stands up to him and convinces Mr. Trout and Mr. Pickles to redeem themselves, which they do.

Unfortunately, Mr. Gristle grabs the controls and prepares to finish off Eggs when Trubshaw and the Boxtrolls, who have slipped out of their boxes before being crushed, attack Mr. Gristle, lower Eggs and untie him. Winnie then reveals the truth about the Boxtrolls being docile creatures and that Snatcher lied to everyone about Trubshaw being killed by the Boxtrolls when he is still alive. Trubshaw then reveals himself to everyone, making them realize that Snatcher has deceived them all those years. Despite his plot being exposed, Snatcher dons his machine in an attempt to get the White Hat to himself, causing havoc around the city.

Eggs, Winnie and the Boxtrolls make an attempt to bring down the machine while Winnie and some of the trolls distract Snatcher with the White Hat. In a fit of rage, Snatcher tries to finish off Eggs by striking him with his wrench, but Winnie, Trubshaw and the Boxtrolls (aided by Mr. Pickles and Mr. Trout) sabotage the robot and it falls down on Mr. Gristle, crushing him to his death. Eggs and Snatcher fall onto the Briehemoth, which has been fished from the river. This triggers Snatcher's cheese allergy and he grows into a monstrous and amorphous blob. He takes Winnie hostage and forces Portley-Rind to give him the White Hat.

Declaring that he has finally won, Snatcher enters the tasting room, where he forces Eggs, Fish and Portley-Rind to introduce a new brand of cheese that he wants to taste. Winnie manages to wriggle out of his grasp by biting him on the hand. Just as Snatcher is about to taste a small piece of the cheese, Eggs tries to convince him to let go of his lust for power, telling that getting everything he wants won't change who Archibald Snatcher is and that he has the power to make himself into what he wants to be. Snatcher is taken aback by Eggs's words and appears to consider them, but ultimately the fiendish exterminator refuses and eats the given sample. At first, Snatcher finds the taste of the cheese to be delicious, but then seconds later, his allergy to milk finally sets off and he immediately explodes to his death in a yellow slimy mess, though Eggs, Fish, Winnie and Portley-Rind survived the entire ordeal.

With Snatcher's plot finally exposed and foiled, the citizens of Cheesbridge agreed to live peacefully with the Boxtrolls, and Winnie tales the tale of Snatcher's death to the crowd, earning an outstanding ovation from both the Boxtrolls and citizens; even Portley-Rind happily compliments Winnie for a good performance.

Archibald Snatcher is a self-stylized, conniving and manipulative exterminator who is hell-bent on eradicating the Boxtrolls, a peaceful race of friendly monsters who have adopted an orphaned boy, Eggs. Leading a band of ragamuffins called the Red Hats, his grand scheme involves ridding the city of the trolls to seize power over the town. Snatcher dreams of being part of high society and fancies himself a connoisseur of fine cheeses, despite his allergy, eating cheese can cause him to swell up. Determined to get the respect he feels entitled to, he will do anything (no matter how ruthless he is) to get it, even if that means leaving destruction in his wake. He is shown as completely evil in nature as he will stop at nothing to get what he wants: the respect and power from everyone in Cheesebridge. That is the two only things that matter for him. Trying to exterminate a race of peaceful creatures and sacrificing children or anyone he considers a threat to his plans is no problem for him and he shows no remorse for his crimes. He takes even sadistic delight when Eggs discovers his father alive and driven crazy by spending 10 years hanging upside down. He is also extremely uncharitable and ruthless in nature, being willing to exterminate an entire group of Boxtrolls with a giant smashing machine and attempting to kill Eggs and Winnie, two young children, with his robot. He is also a very charismatic and persuasive actor, posing as an opera singer named Madame Frou Frou to tell everyone the story about the Boxtrolls being mindless monsters and dressing up Eggs as a Boxtroll to execute him in front of the citizens in order to gain a White Hat. Also, he is relatively polite in public and he has some comedic moments. However, his acts are not comedic in the slightest. His goal and acts seems to stem from the fact that his father always told him that if people work hard enough, it deserves a white hat, but said father found himself without anything before his death despite all his hard work. This makes Snatcher despising the White Hats for looking down at him and people like him and has spent his entire life plotting in the hope of reaching the top. But despite that, there is no extreme act he would not do to win his White Hat.

In spite of his intelligence, he is shown to totally disregard his allergy to cheese, since he actually loves the taste of it, which, of course, along with his lust for power, contributed to his demise.

He is also shown to be very arrogant, narcissistic and self-centered; the most obvious trait is Snatcher's desire for power, respect and entitlement, which shows how he would have killed the entire race of Boxtrolls and burning alive a disguised Eggs only to get Lord Portley-Rind's White Hat. Although it is not really obvious, Snatcher does not have a lot of respect for his employees, by calling them "Stooges" and he threateningly confronts Mr. Pickles after mentioning his allergy to cheese.

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Vancouver Pest Control and Exterminator | Pest Detective

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on January 14th, 2022

A severe pest problem can cause significant property damage and great harm to your business reputation. For that reason, you should not wait until you have a pest problem before you consider commercial pest control services.

At Pest Detective, we can help you prevent pests from taking over your place of business with our superior pest control services.

If youve already noticed signs of an infestation, it is not too late. Our pest control experts can help you remove bothersome creatures and prevent them from returning.

Whether you have a problem with rats, mice, ants, beetles, cockroaches, or flying insects, our pest control experts will provide effective pest control solutions.

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Vancouver Pest Control and Exterminator | Pest Detective

Ronin Pest Control Los Angeles area pest control

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 29th, 2021

Ronin Pest Control specializes in one thing: COMPLETE PEST CONTROL SATISFACTION.

In order to provide the best los angeles pest control services available to businesses and residences, we keep up to date with modern techniques, new developments, and product effectiveness. The result: We know how to effectively end your pest infestations of 23 different kinds of property-invading animals. Need an exterminator Los Angeles trusts? Call Us!

Our Pest and Termite Control Practices

Our family-owned pest control company has operated near Los Angeles for years, and we work under only the most professional standards. On our first appointment, well appraise the pest situation on your property and provide a free consultation about the treatments, safety steps, and expected results. Well answer all your questions about the products and alternatives, as well as explaining how our Quality Assurance team works to ensure you get what you paid for: speedy control over your pest problem. Choose us as your exterminator and watch your pest problems go away.

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Ronin Pest Control Los Angeles area pest control

Black Widow Spiders: Facts & Extermination Information

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 29th, 2021

What DoBlack Widow SpidersLook Like?

Black widow spidersare typically black with two reddish triangular markings usually joined to form a reddish hourglass shape on the underside of their abdomen their most recognized feature. Females are occasionally brownish black. Mostblack widow spidersare 3 to 10 mm long, with females being larger than males.Black widow spidershave eight legs and eight simple eyes, including two lateral pairs that almost touch.

Youngblack widow spidersare primarily orange and white but acquire more black color as they mature. They have markings that are very similar to male adults with one or two reddish markings on underneath side of abdomen.

One of the most obvious signs of a spider infestation is the presence of webs in the home or on the property. Black widow spiders usually construct messy and irregular webs located near ground level. Finding a silken sac which holds eggs in the doorway is another sign that a spider infestation is underway.If you see any of these signs, professionalblack widow spider exterminationservices may be necessary.

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Black Widow Spiders: Facts & Extermination Information

An apology to the daddy longlegs in my shower – WCAI

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 29th, 2021

Im feeling guilty about the daddy longlegs in my shower.

She was living peacefully in the upper southwest corner but started tip-toeing down the tile as I stepped in and turned on the spray. I flicked a few drops of water her way so she would stay in her penthouse, but apparently I created a wave that was the insect equivalent of a tsunami. She was washed to the shower floor, where first she seemed to land successfully. She began to skitter away, but then she stopped moving and collapsed, her long, threadlike legs akimbo.

If I went before the judge, I think I could argue accidental death rather than murder but I still felt that I had let down the universe. Daddy longlegs, sometimes called cellar spiders, dont bite, according to local bug expert and Barnstable County entomologist Larry Dapis. Mine was possibly feeding on the algae in the shower (ick), although Larry says no one really knows what daddy longlegs eat, since they are so benign no one has taken the time to study them deeply. They are related to spiders although they dont have silk glands for weaving webs and they have only one pair of eyes instead of four pairs.

Mine was certainly harmless compared to some of the other wild critters that have shared my Cape houses over the years. If you live on here, you know how relentless wildlife can be at getting inside, particularly if you live in an old house that is not, shall we say, airtight?

For example, here are some things besides spiders Ive had in my various houses: fleas, ticks, hornets, bees, termites, birds, mice, rats, bats and raccoons. Of course there have been deer in the backyard and fox at the birdfeeder but they knew their place. And a possum once peered at me through the deck slider but we each kept to our side of the glass.

The flea infestation happened when we were first married and returned from a trip. My husband went to the emergency room because he had so many bites on his legs. But he was too embarrassed to tell them it happened in his own home on Cape Cod so he said hed been at a hunting cabin in New Hampshire.

The mice occasionally got into the kitchen snack drawer in our 1840s house but were particularly obsessed with the Q-tips in our master bath, which they would shred for the cotton. The rats found the birdseed that, in a rookie mistake, we stored in a plastic container in a closet near the backdoor. I called the exterminator right away but lived in fear until he got there that they would leap out at me whenever I opened a kitchen cabinet door. The termites ate the front steps, a fact we discovered after I fell through them and broke my leg.

The raccoon had her kits in our second-floor laundry room that was in a gabled attic-like space with badly installed paneling. We were never sure how she got in maybe through the dryer vent but she made a nest using the insulation between the ceiling panels and the roof and gave birth before we discovered her. I dont even know how to describe the smell but imagine the lion pen at the zoo on a really, really hot day.

We had mice last summer who sneaked in through a hole in the pantry wall and went wild on a Reeses cup. Hey, who wouldnt? Some old-fashioned traps took care of the problem, which shows Im not above being cold-hearted when it comes to things that are more threatening than a daddy longlegs. But, I aim to be judicious and, whenever possible, live a peaceful co-existence with the wild things around me.

I suspect that within a couple of weeks there will be another daddy longlegs in the shower, since the last one was not the first. For whatever reason, that corner is prime real estate. This time I will just try to ignore her as she picks her way around, simply looking for the comfort, peace and security that we all crave.

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Hi-Tech Pest Control Offers Over 3 Decades of Experience in Bed Bug Extermination and Pest Control – Digital Journal

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 29th, 2021

When a person notices that their home may have bed bugs, the first action they should consider is contacting the services of a professional that has quite a bit of experience in this field. This is because, in most cases, it can be difficult to resolve the problem without the aid of the right tools and products. A professional team brings both the knowledge and the expertise needed to ideally remove all kinds of bed bugs and pests from ones home. Michigan-based Hi-Tech Pest Control is one such bed bug and pest control extermination service that has retained their spot as the top option for the people of the area since 1986.

The company has managed to cement their position among the community through their strong focus on quality and consistency. They offer all customers a 6-month long warranty, showcasing the sheer belief they have in their work. In addition to their high quality, Hi-Tech Pest Control believes in offering a cost-effective solution. The pest control company provides some of the markets most affordable offers while also being one of the fastest and most responsive names in Michigan.

As the leading bed bug exterminator in the area, Hi-Tech Pest Control has largely streamlined their methodology and follow a tried and tested process to uncover all affected areas. They begin by carefully inspecting any areas of the house or facility that they think may be infected with bed bugs. After this, the treatment process begins which leads to the eradication of eggs and hidden bugs. Finally, with the use of modern technology, they can cleanse the entire premises.

The companys worthwhile services have become a consistent option for people of Southeastern Michigan. As someone that has spent over 3 decades in the area, they have succeeded in cementing their position as the top name amongst the community.

About Hi-Tech Pest Control

Hi-Tech Pest Control is an experienced Bed Bug and Pest Control Exterminator Serving Southeastern Michigan and surrounding areas. They have Pest Control and IPM programs available. Hi-Tech Pest Control has been Southeastern Michigans leading residential and commercial bed bug removal since 1986, successfully eradicating pests in tens of thousands of homes using a combination of experience, knowledge, and the latest and greatest in bed bug extermination technology and approaches.

Media ContactCompany Name: Hi-Tech Pest ControlContact Person: Media RelationsEmail: Send EmailCity: TroyState: MichiganCountry: United StatesWebsite:

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Hi-Tech Pest Control Offers Over 3 Decades of Experience in Bed Bug Extermination and Pest Control - Digital Journal

Wild things: What to do if you encounter local wildlife –

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 18th, 2021

As the weather moderates in Maricopa and Pinal County, the wild animals are sure to become more active. Heres a look at some animals that are common around the city and what to do if you encounter them:

JavelinasWhile javelinas look like wild pigs, they are members of the peccary family, a group of hoofed mammals originating from South America. Javelinas are common in much of central and southern Arizona. While javelinas can be somewhat aggressive and damage vegetation, the biggest danger they pose are the other animals they can attract, including wild dogs, coyotes and even mountain lions, as those are animals that prey on javelinas.

WHAT TO DO: If you find yourself near javelinas, you should never feed them. This will cause them to return and to lose their fear of humans. Javelina have poor eyesight and sometimes bite humans who feed them. While the danger is minimal, you should avoid all contact.

CoyotesCoyotes are common in rural and urban areas statewide. They are clever and will take advantage of any food source. Yards with fruit on the ground, pet food and unsecured garbage cans and even pets can attract these wild animals. Coyotes may see larger or loud dogs as a threat to their territory and may lure and attack dogs that are off leash.

WHAT TO DO: If you see a coyote, take notice. Make loud noises. Keep eye contact. Shout and bang pots and pans or rattle empty soda cans with pebbles in them. Do not turn and run away. They may chase you down. Be aggressive. Wave your hands or objects like sticks and brooms. Throw small stones, or if you have it on hand, use mace if you come across a bold animal that refuses to leave.

RattlesnakesThere are two main varieties of rattlesnakes you are likely to encounter in and around Maricopa. The Western Diamond Backed Rattlesnake and the Sonoran Coral Snake. The Western Diamond Backed snake can get aggressive if angered enough. The Sonoran Coral Snake is very shy but is still highly venomous. Both snakes are attracted by shelter, water and a supply of rodents.

WHAT TO DO: Move away slowly and deliberately when you find yourself near a rattlesnake. Back away until you get to a safe distance. Usually, the snake will hold its ground or back away from you at the same time. A rattlesnake isnt likely to chase you. If it moves toward you, its looking for a safe spot thats in your direction. Pets should be restrained until the snake has moved on.

ScorpionsAccording to the Arizona Poison and Drug Center, there are 30 different species of scorpions in Arizona and only one, the bark scorpion is considered deadly. At full maturity, its only an inch and half in length. Its small but climbs well. Scorpions are dormant during the day. During the warm months most stings reported to the poison center occur at night.

WHAT TO DO: If you come across a scorpion inside your home, its time to contact an exterminator and get on a routine maintenance plan. In order to keep them away, make sure your grass is cut short, and keep any trash or debris away from your home. In the off chance you are stung, clean the site with soap and water, and use a cold compress while you position the affected limb into a comfortable position. Most bites can be medicated with an over-the-counter pain reliever.

Gila MonsterThe Gila Monster is the largest lizard in the United States, weighing in about 2 pounds and sometimes reaching a length of 20 inches, including its tail. It moves slow and spends most of its time underground. They are most active in the spring. They burrow into the ground during the hottest months of the year but emerge during the rainy season in late July and August.

WHAT TO DO: If you encounter a Gila Monster, stay out of its path and give it room, and it will likely move along. If you encounter one in the yard, move away, alert anyone in the vicinity, and restrain pets. If a Gila Monster is left alone for a couple of hours, it will likely move on. If it does not leave after several hours or even after a day, you can contact your local Game and Fish Department office for advice. This reptile is venomous, but very few people have been bitten by a Gila Monster.

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Wild things: What to do if you encounter local wildlife -

How to Get Rid of Spiders and Keep Them Out of Your Home – Bob Vila

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 18th, 2021

You can try to focus on the fact that spiders can be beneficial to the home and garden, being that they snack on the other insects that might otherwise go unchecked. But for many, the truth about spiders doesnt make it any easier to sleep at night, when you know there are a plethora of spiders under the same roof as your bed. Fortunately, there are many methods for how to get rid of these arachnids, with approaches ranging from the all-natural to the chemical-laden. Though spiders are persevering pests that do not go down without a fight, its well worth trying the technique outlined below. With luck, you can get rid of the spiders and save the cost of an exterminator.

As is the case with other pests that enter our homes, getting rid of spiders is a multi-pronged process that involves eliminating eggs and adults, and then doing what we can to prevent them from returning. Follow these steps carefully to rid your home of spiders.

If youve spotted any spiders already, their egg sacs are likely lurking in the darkest crevices of your home. First things first: Vacuum the entire house top to bottom, including under the living room sofa to the corners of closets. As you go, eliminate any spider webs or spiders you come across, and promptly dispose of the vacuum bag.

Your next goal is to discourage spiders from entering your house in the first place. You already know that light attracts bugs, and its no different with spiders. So it can only help matters to switch off some of your outdoor lighting, or to swap out the regular bulbs for yellow sodium vapor lights. While youre at it, remove nonessentials from the immediate perimeter of your home. As spiders are attracted to warmth and shelter, things like leaf piles and firewood stacks are best kept away from the house.

Back inside, place dozens of sticky traps throughout your residence. While these squares alone are not likely to eradicate the problempartly because they do not contain any pesticidesthey are laced with a spider-luring aroma. That means, based on which traps end up with the most activity, you can identify which rooms are most vulnerable and proceed accordingly.

The next step is to address the problem area, or areas, with the spider killer of your choice. Nontoxic, natural pesticides are preferable, particularly in homes with pets and children, and many such products are available at your nearest home center. No matter which product you select, expect to apply the solution more than once to get rid of spiders completely, as these pesticides work only upon direct contact. Follow the manufacturers instructions closely.

After applying a pesticide, follow up with a spider repellent. Its easy to make your own repellent, since many essential oilsincluding rosemary, lavender, citrus and peppermintare thought to be effective.

In a spray bottle, mix:

Now spritz any area where a spider might potentially enter your homewindow frames, for instance, or the gaps around exterior doors. It may take a bit of experimenting to find out what works best.

The final step is to seal all openings in your home, whether its a crack in the foundation or a drafty window. And because spiders can sneak through small holes, its by no means overkill to place mesh screens within vents. As long as theres a way for spiders to gain entry to the home, you can never truly consider the problem solved. The silver lining here is that warding off spiders is one of many good reasons to seal your home, so its well worth the trouble and expense.

Follow these steps carefully to get rid of spiders in and around your home. Start with a thorough vacuum cleaning, being sure to look for egg sacs as well as adult spiders. Make a habit of turning off outdoor lights, and clean up leaves and other matter that would provide a home for spiders or their prey. Use sticky traps to identify areas of infestation, and apply repellants or pesticides as desired.

For long-term control, carefully check your home for any areas of spider ingress and seal up these spaces, which, of course, can be quite tiny.

Because theres simply no such thing as too much knowledge about spidersspecifically, getting rid of themcheck out these FAQS for even more information.

To immediately kill spiders, spray them with either a chemical-based commercial formula, or a homemade mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water. Or you could, er, squash them.

What keeps spiders away? Spiders are repelled by a number of natural scents that humans generally find pleasing, including eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, peppermint, tea tree, cinnamon, citrus, cedar, marigold, horse chestnut, lemon, and vanilla.

In a spray bottle, mix essential oils or extracts of any of the above scents with water or white vinegar and apply to areas you have seen spiders, as well as to doorways, windows and other places where the creepy bugs may find a way into your home.

Actually, spiders are not particularly attracted to your bed. They dont like humans any more than we like them, and are likely to concentrate their energies seeking prey in the form of light-attracted insects, rather than carousing through the darkness of your sheets. However, if you are partial to snacking in bed, you might want to rethink that habit, as prey and their attackers might be attracted to crumbs.

A dead spider doesnt inherently attract other spiders, though the occasional arachnid may be drawn to the carcass as food or be interested in snacking on other bugs that show up to feast on the dead spider.

Pest problems?

Find licensed pest control experts in your area and get free, no-commitment estimates for your project.

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How to Get Rid of Spiders and Keep Them Out of Your Home - Bob Vila

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