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22-year-old Contracted The Often Fatal Hantavirus At State Park – Simplemost

If youre visiting Yosemite National Park in California or the surrounding areas this year, you should be aware of hantavirus. In the past five years,11 people have contracted the often deadly pulmonary diseasewhile visiting Yosemite and surrounding parks.

Spencer Fry, a 22-year-old recent college graduate was working as a park aide at Bodie State Historic Park, just northeast of Yosemite, when he contracted the virus. Fry believes that he contracted the rodent-borne disease through mice in the cabin where he was living.

The state parkwhich is a ghost town that was once a bustling gold mining outpostis about 75 miles southeast of Lake Tahoe, not far from the California-Nevada state line.

Flickr | m01229

Fry was complaining of headaches for five days before he ended up in the emergency room with a 104-degree fever. According to a crowd-funding page set up by Frys family to help pay for his medical bills, the mans lungs began to fill with fluid and he began vomiting while in the emergency room. He was placed on a ventilator and spent 10 days in the intensive care unit. He is now in stable condition.

Although Fry survived, others have not been so lucky. According to the CDC, the virus has a mortality rate of 38 percent.

A spokesperson for the California State Parks told ABCthe investigation is still ongoing and that they cannot yet say whether Fry got the virus from the cabin where he lived.


The health of our employees and the public is our priority, read a statement from the State Parks. As such, we took precautions and worked with the Mono County Health Department. On July 10, a public health officer conducted an inspection of all the areas where employees and the public have access and deemed them safe to remain open.

If you believe you have been exposed to the hantavirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control, you should watch for the following early symptoms:fatigue, fever and muscle aches, especially in the large muscle groups (thighs, hips, back and sometimes shoulders) as well asheadaches, dizziness, chills and abdominal problems, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

RELATED: U.S. State Department Issues Warning About Tainted Alcohol At Mexican Resorts

Advanced symptoms, which appear four to 10 days after the initial phase of the illness, include coughing and shortness of breath as the lungs fill with fluid.

Humans can become infected with hantavirus by breathing air contaminated with the virus from rodent urine or droppings. As the Mayo Clinic notes, because treatment options are limited, the best protection against hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is to avoid rodents and their habitats.

If you have or have had a mouse problem in your house, first manage the infestation by blocking all off possible means of entry and/or using traps to catch the mice. If you arent up to the task, hire an experienced exterminator to help you manage the infestation. Then, be sure to clean any areas with mouse urine or droppings with rubbing alcohol, a household disinfectant or bleach.

If you have been exposed to rodents and are experiencing symptoms, you should see your doctor immediately. The earlier patients are brought into intensive care, the more effective their treatment will be.

According to the CDC, the following U.S.-dwelling rodents carry hantavirus:

1. Cotton Rats

Cotton rats are found in the southern U.S., and, as their name indicates, build nests out of cotton.


2. Deer Mice

Deer mice live pretty much everywhere throughout North America. The CDC says deer mice prefer woodlands and desert.

Flickr | USFWS Mountain Prairie

3. Rice Rats

Rice rats live in the southeastern U.S. and are slightly smaller than cotton rats.


4. White-Footed Mice

White-footed mice can be found throughout much of the U.S. save for the far west and southeastern parts of the country.

Wikipedia/D. Gordon E. Robertson

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22-year-old Contracted The Often Fatal Hantavirus At State Park – Simplemost

Limb Days and election application deadlines approaching – Hays Free Press

August brings some city-related deadlines.

Sunday, August 6, is the last day to place limbs by the street for Limb Days. If the city opts for the same process this year as past years, pickup will not occur until after the city receives bids and selects a contractor. With the usual process, contractors willing to place a bid drive through on Monday morning, August 7, to view scope of work and prepare a bid.

After bids are reviewed, a contractor is hired and the removal of the limbs placed curbside before the deadline.

Nows the time to start your (chainsaw) engines.

Nows the time to file for an alderman position. Three at-large positions will be up for election in November. Seldom does Mountain City have an election because seldom do more than three candidates file. Filing goes through our city decretary, Ellis Craig. Contact Ellis for details,

Biting ants invaded our kitchen last week. Out came our Terro Ant Bait. Years ago, an exterminator suggested Terro Ant Bait, a bottle of liquid that comes in a small orange box. Ron wrote ant bait on tiny labels on bits of cardboard and placed them on our counter. Within minutes, the bait beckoned some ants.

We did not remember whether we should kill those that did not die on the spot, on the dot of poison. We discovered the same missing strip that had the original cardboard squares for the bait had the instructions in English. We summoned, with FaceTime, our daughter Tami, who majored in Spanish. Tami referred us to Google Translate. Google Translate gave us the gist.

We needed to allow the worker ants to leave, taking the poison bait home to the queen. Within a few hours, dozens of ants came around the big drop of liquid. This provided great entertainment at our house.

Within a day, we saw no more live ants, although Googles Translate said it could take two weeks.

Not many of us in Mountain City have sunset viewing vistas. Sunday we got a peek at a magnificent sunset through our backyard trees and tried hightailing it out of the city for a full view. We didnt make it in time. Keep your ears attuned to the weather forecasts, which include sunset forecasts following sandstorms in the Sahara.

Ill be viewing my inbox, watching for tidbits. Please send to (subject: TIDBIT) or 512-268-5678. Thanks! Love, Pauline

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Limb Days and election application deadlines approaching – Hays Free Press

Advantage Pest Control Ltd. North Vancouver – Metro …

Advantage Pest Control Ltd. North Vancouver – Metro Vancouver – Pest Control Specialists – Squamish Pest Control – Pest Inspections – Animal Problems – skunks – raccoons – exterminator – West – Cove – Lower Mainland

Now is the time that youll be finding racoons, skunks and porcupines making themselves at home in your home! Call us today for a preventative perimeter inspection so we can pest proof your property (chimney openings, ducts, window wells, etc) and keep the mammals where they belong, outside your property! If you believe you have current 4 legged tenants, then please give us a call so we can humanely evict and relocate these burrowing buggers!

Photo credit: nal from miami

Dont let these bacteria laden insects into your home. Call us or email to book an appointment and let these be a bug of the past.

Home infestation example

These pests can cost you thousands of dollars if they infest your premises. They can cause structural damage to your home or properly in little as one season, wood framed homes especially. Call us to inspect and carry out a full insect perimeter treatment and keep your property safe, sound and pest free:

604 780 5310

With spring approaching ants begin to build there summer nests and commonly do so in building foundations, in the woodwork, window frames and other low lying areas of your property. When they penetrate into the property, repair costs can be substantial.

Contact us to book a full scale preventative ant treatment today!

Providing Detailed Inspections

With more than a set of spectacles, we use the latest in technology to find pest problems big and small.

We use non-invasive methods to treat animals. We dont exterminate, we treat, trap and relocate!We also use eco-friendly products to treat insects.

Very reliable and friendly staff. There were able to remedy my problems and did the job sooner than expected. Pest free since 2003!

Debbie R; North Vancouver

Polite and to the point. Very fair pricing and willing to go the extra yard without question. Highly recommend them.

Pam M; Deep Cove

Happily pest-less!

Daniel W; Vancouver

Got rid of our initial pest problem and made us aware of other rodents we didnt even know we had. APC fixed the future problem at little additional cost.

Natalie D; Richmond

Designed by

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Advantage Pest Control Ltd. North Vancouver – Metro …

Ammi Midstokke: Beauty of nature indisputable sometimes – The Spokesman-Review

When I moved back into the woods, I had this impression that I would be traipsing around the wilderness in a flowing dress singing old Disney tunes while birds and squirrels perched on my arms.

I thought that moving into nature demanded a sort of meshing with the animal kingdom the kind where the deer visit and you name the domesticated family of raccoons that live under your porch.

Instead, I find myself fantasizing about creative ways to destroy critters one at a time.

In the beginning, I considered it my rookie backwoods skills. I must have failed to seal off the house appropriately and mice were getting in. I figured I ought to catch them and put them back in the forest where they belong.

It only took a short while before I realized the mouse nation was making a methodical and coordinated effort to conquer my home and claim it as their own country. I snap their little necks now.

There was a woodpecker that I thought was just helping me get rid of my stink bug problem.

Look how amazing it is that nature keeps all things in balance, said my naive city-girl brain. That was until the sunrise jackhammer noise drilled a hole the size of a baseball in the most inaccessible part of my third floor exterior.

A few BB gun pellets and we had an understanding. Maybe thats all it would take set boundaries with the animals so they could go do their animal things at a safe distance from my house. Yeah.

Now there is a family of squirrels living in the wall of my third floor. The woodpecker managed to make a gorgeous room-with-a-view suite for them including a French door entrance and spacious south-east facing windows for excellent morning light.

There is plenty of pine cone storage space for year-round eating and I think I may even occasionally hear a tiny little boudoir flushing.

Naive as I am, I refused to put traps in my garden for whatever was eating my peas and chard. If I lived in the forest as an animal and found peas and chard, Id munch them too.

I reinforced my fencing and hammered those little peeping gopher deterrents into the ground. My spacious garden sounded like a video arcade until some other critter got tired of it and dug a series of trenches tearing them out of the ground. Then it ate the last of my peas and chard.

Even my brown cow dog, who is only still alive because of her cuteness, chomped down my entire patch of Brussels sprouts and nearly a complete row of broccoli. Its like she is siding with them.

And at 5:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, as the sun began to creep over the hills, the daily squirrel brawl outside my window was all I could take. I think the squirrel family has a loose cannon, maybe a squirrel with anger management issues.

He just sits in the tree a few feet away from my pillow and chatters like a psychotic, rabid, over-caffeinated varmint until my brain threatens to explode.

For the last hour and a half of my broken sleep, I had dreams in which I was a renegade exterminator, laughing madly with flame throwers and rat poison, and all the nature ran screaming from my granite mountain top like the animals from a forest fire. Behind me laid destruction as artillery explosions rose into the sky, my house unscathed, the wisteria in full bloom.

When I got up, cranky and tired, and wandered downstairs for coffee, the squirrel stopped chattering and there was a hummingbird stuck in my window. I reached out, cupped him in my hand, and took him onto the deck to fly away.

But he didnt. He just sat there in my palm, sipping nectar from the flowers while I sipped my coffee. A half hour later he finally took flight. Maybe I shouldnt have started singing.

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Ammi Midstokke: Beauty of nature indisputable sometimes – The Spokesman-Review

Common Eastern Garter Snake – Control & Removal

Facts, Identification & ControlLatin Name

Thamnophis sirtalis

The common garter snake is long and slender with a colorful and extremely variable appearance. The snakes average length is 18-26 inches, but can grow up to four feet long. Its upper body can range from black, brown-grey, olive or red and there are normally three light stripes running along its length. These stripes can vary from yellowish to brown, green, blue, orange, gray or whitish, and are normally well defined, although they may occasionally be indistinct or even absent. The under parts of the common garter snake are usually cream or white.

Common garter snakes are one of the first snakes to appear in spring and can be seen throughout the year, even on very warm winter days. Unlike other snakes, garter snakes do not lay eggs. Instead, they give live birth to up to 50 young. The common garter snake is an excellent swimmer and frequently hunts by swimming slowly along the margins of pools, often sweeping its open mouth from side to side and seizing its prey. It may also track prey on land by scent and by sight, or catch earthworms by locating and thrusting its snout into the worm tunnel below the soil level.

The common garter snake takes a diverse range of prey, including fish, tadpoles, earthworms, leeches, insects, slugs and crayfish. However, earthworms and amphibians often make up the majority of its diet. Large adults also prey on immature voles or mice.

Common garter snakes are found from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast, except for the dry deserts in the southwest. They are found in a wide variety of habitats, including meadows, marshes, woodlands and hillsides where they tend to prefer moist, grassy environments close to water. They are among the most commonly encountered snakes in suburban areas, provided there are protective locations such as debris piles, vegetation, logs or rocks nearby.

Although common garter snakes are not considered venomous, they have a gland above the upper jaw on either side of the mouth (corresponding to the venom gland of vipers and other venomous snakes) that produces very mildly toxic venom. In general, bites from garter snakes are harmless because these snakes lack fangs and thus cannot efficiently inject secretions. However, prolonged bites by western terrestrial and common garter snakes have caused swelling and localized bleeding in people, presumably because unusually large amounts of venom seep into the bite.

When snakes are a problem, the best course of action is to call a pest management professional (PMP) who has the tools and knowledge to address snake problems.

Eliminating or reducing their food supply and cover can discourage common garter snakes. Since vegetation and debris are major snake attracters, mow closely around homes and outbuildings, store firewood and lumber away from residences and reduce piles of rocks, leaves or other items that give snakes shelter. Seal cracks and crevices in buildings and around pipes and utility connections. Small areas where children might play can be protected from most snakes with a snake-proof fence. Use of ultrasonic sound emitters (snakes cant hear, at least in high frequencies) or fake owls or hawk decoys do not work to repel garter snakes.

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Common Eastern Garter Snake – Control & Removal

The Strain recap: ‘One Shot’ – (blog)

In my recap of last weeks episode, I applauded the absence of Zach and the return of Gus and Dutch. So naturally, this week reversed that winning equation, resulting in a subpar outing that isnt inspiring confidence in a memorable final run.

While the Goodweather boys continue to bore, the adventures of the ultimate odd couple Fet and Quinlan provided the sole bright spot. One Shot begins with Fet hunting with his other partner: Charlotte. As they hunt in the snowy North Dakota woods, the duo spot a deer in the distance. On her first shot, Charlotte hits the target, prompting Fet and me to both say damn at the same time. Back at camp, the men are enjoying the results of Charlottes kill when Quinlan expresses frustration over the fact that the base theyre headed to isnt on a map. It would kind of defeat the whole secret base thing, wouldnt it? responds Roman. He insists the men there wont mind letting the warhead go. Who gives a s? he quips.

Back in Philly, Eph and Alex are moving forward with their new plan by cooking up some rat poison to mix into the strigois blood supply. The budding relationship between these two continues to blossom as all great romances do: over a dead son and meatloaf. Thats nice that you can remember the good times, says Eph. I remember the events, but the feelings Ive lost them. That might be for the best.

Speaking of his human-trading, strigoi-loving son/worst person ever, Zach is feeding a rat to his snake. (He wouldhave a pet snake and I say that already bracing for hate mail from all the snake lovers out there.) When his new cleaning girl is harassed by his even creepier pet feeler, Zach proves what a man he is by keeping the feeler in check, but the girl rightfully scurries away. And the award for worst wingman goes to this feeler. After chasing her down in the streets and offering her some fruit, Zach continues to prove why hes clearly a catch: You dont have to worry about them when youre with me, he says as he stands up to a strigoi, who backs off. I do anything I want, go anywhere I want. What a baller! He knows a place where they can go to be alone. My suggestion to this nameless girl: Run.

Fet, Quinlan, and Charlotte arrive at the base to discover dead men and strigoi, leading Fet to throw a grenade down the silo to kill any possible munchers. Finally, some good news, says Quinlan as he takes a look. Not so fast, sir! Hes hit with a shot from above, causing him to violently fall to the bottom. Luckily, hes not human, so he survives. Not so luckily, hes still being shot at. Following no verbal response from the shooter, Fet decides to go in alone. Tunnels are my turf, he declares. When is The Exterminatorgetting its big-screen adaptation?

While Quinlan draws out the shooter, Fet tells the man, who seems to be losing it, that his friend will kill him if he doesnt stop. My friend is telling the truth here, confirms Quinlan, who distracts the shooter long enough for Fet to sneak up and take him down. But it isnt enough for Quinlan that the man is injured; Quinlan kills him with a shot to the head. When Fet asks why, the vampire responds, Because I said I would. I mean, you have to admire his commitment to his word.

They arent able to celebrate their victory for long, considering Roman soon discovers that the nuke is missing the pit assembly, which is essential. They posit that The Master had his minions collect them to prevent their use, so they decide to go searching for a strigoi convoy they recently passed.(Recap continues on page 2)

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The Strain recap: ‘One Shot’ – (blog)

15 recognized by Rochester city manager – News – … – Foster’s Daily Democrat

By Kyle Stucker

ROCHESTER City Manager Dan Fitzpatrick issued celebratory citations to 15 city employees who went beyond the call of duty to help the public during two very different recent efforts.

The citations were issued last week in connection with a June 2 act of goodwill and with a June 23 call involving unsafe living conditions at a home on Blueberry Lane.

Ten Rochester firefighters and two non-employees were recognized last week for building a wheelchair ramp on June 2. They built the ramp at the Davis Boulevard home of Raymond Olson, who was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer on the same day his leg was amputated above the knee due to a blood clot.

Olson and his fiance, Carolyn Hyde, originally called the Rochester Fire Department to ask about resources in the area. Instead, members of the department turned out en masse on their day off to build a ramp for Olson free of charge.

Fitzpatrick thanked those who helped build the ramp for going above and beyond to make someones life a little easier, recognizing captains Paul LaClair and Joe Burns, Lt. Michael George, and firefighters Matt Furtney, Chris Stevens, Devon Pageau, Brian Snyder, Kaitlin Taajtes, Sam Morrill and Micah Ruel. Non-employees Tyler Kraytenberg and Chris Edgecomb were also recognized for their involvement.

Hyde handed out the citations during a ceremony at last weeks City Council workshop, a ceremony that received a boisterous round of applause and a standing ovation from members of the audience.

It was completely amazing and were forever in their debt, Hyde said before handing out the awards last week.

During the same City Council workshop, Fitzpatrick also recognized five city employees who helped remedy one of the worst rat infestations the city has ever seen.

Code Enforcement Officer Joe Devine, Health Inspector Bob Veno, Police Officer Liz Turner, Police Sgt. Marc Cilley and Animal Control Officer Sue Paradis were honored for their efforts during a June 23 call at 7 South Blueberry Lane.

The call stemmed from a rat complaint from a neighbor, and when city employees arrived on scene, they found nine months of trash covering the majority of the manufactured homes floors, in addition to animal feces and the worst rat infestation a local exterminator says hes ever seen.

Fitzpatrick said efforts to mitigate the rat and trash issue required nearly an entire day and that by the time members of the interdepartmental team had finished, they were covered head to toe in filth.

This was very much extraordinary, said Fitzpatrick.

Police have said the Division of Children, Youth and Families removed two children from the home a teenage boy and a preteen girl because of the conditions in the home, while a dog and cat were also removed.

Keni-Lynn Mone, 38, the resident of 7 Blueberry Lane, was charged with two counts of child endangerment and one count of animal cruelty due to the conditions. She is scheduled for arraignment in Rochester District Court at 8 a.m. on July 31.

In addition to awarding citations for the ramp and the Blueberry Lane incident, during the same City Council workshop last week, Fitzpatrick thanked Assistant Recreation Director Lauren Krans for her involvement in the creation of the citys new red Rochester R logo.

Fitzpatrick and the city have been using the logo for a few months for a number of purposes, often in conjunction with the citys official seal. Krans worked with Ace Your Image, of Berwick, Maine, and its owner Nikol Ciccarello to develop the logo.

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15 recognized by Rochester city manager – News – … – Foster’s Daily Democrat

Intensive Pest Control Service Offers Free Termite Inspections In Long Beach – Digital Journal

Local Pest Control Offering Free Termite and Pest Inspections to Long Beach and Orange Counties, We Recommend Yearly Inspections to Help Protect Your Property From Damage

Local Pest Control Service Offers Free Termite Inspection

Intensive Pest Control, a locally owned and operated family business which is touted to be one of the best in the region is now offering free termite inspections to all residents of Orange County, no strings attached.

Termite infestations are particularly invasive. They tend to chew out wood from the inside and often go unseen for a majority of their life inside walls till it is too late. That is why it makes sense for all those who live in regions that are particularly vulnerable to termite attacks to make it a point to get their homes fumigated and protected. Termites live and eat through almost all kinds of wood. In fact, there is only a handful of wood that offers natural anti-termite protection. They are also rare, so it makes sense for those with houses made of normal wood, even if it has the anti-termite or termite protection tag on it, to have it checked.

The recommendation is that termite check ups are done once in two years. If there are any noticeable signs or if there is an extraordinary amount of insect activity, an inspection should be done right away. Intensive Pest Control, the company that offers a high quality of service at rates that are competitive, are renowned for the way in which they handle their customers. Over 25 years of service in the local community, they are well integrated into peoples lives and are the go-to exterminators and they have been always been at the top of their game.

Making use of the best in the business in terms of tools and methods, they are known to be always updated. All their technicians are well experienced. With 1000s of hours on the job, they have worked on virtually every type of building, from public to private and from commercial to residential. They can be contacted at 562-366-8207 or at their website ( and a free home inspection can be setup at any time. They are prompt and there are no strings or commitments attached to the free inspection.

About Intensive Pest Control

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Intensive Pest Control Service Offers Free Termite Inspections In Long Beach – Digital Journal

Jaxon Social to remain closed after more live roaches found –

Updated: Jul 28, 2017 – 9:19 PM

STORY: Disabled Jacksonville woman sues 40 Jacksonville businesses for discrimination

Jaxon Social will not reopen Friday night as planned after inspectors decided to keep it closed.

They found more live roaches, inspectors said.

The Jacksonville Beach restaurant has been shut down because of a roach infestation since July 18.

Jaxon Social’s owner told Action News Jax’s Jenna Bourne on Thursday that they planned to reopen Friday night.

Exterminators were on the property on Wednesday to address the roach infestation.

The restaurant’s owner said they plan to re-brand after opening up again.

The story of the roach-plagued restaurant has made national news, with Fox News and the New York Post picking up the story.

Jaxon Social tried to cover up a health inspectors yellow sign temporarily shutting the restaurant down, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation said earlier this week.

“The restaurant establishment is not allowed to cover up or remove the sign. During a recent follow-up inspection at the below establishment, a division inspector discovered the sign had been covered.

The handwritten sign said Closed for technical difficulties.

“The inspector applied a new sign to the door and explained the potential consequences of removing the sign to the operator. Since that time, the sign has been visible at each follow-up visit,

DBPR Deputy Director of Communications Kathleen Keenan said in a statement.

Inspectors forced the restaurant to close on July 18 when they found 23 live roaches and 35 dead roaches in the kitchen.

A former cook, Brian Lee, said the kitchen was full of roaches, saying, “If you open one of the refrigerator doors and pop open the seal, they fall out like, its like youve torn the corner off a bag of Skittles. Its disgusting.”

2017 Cox Media Group.

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Jaxon Social to remain closed after more live roaches found –

Philadelphia train station has a spider infestation – KNSS

I like stuff about football because he’s huge Obama fan fantasy leagues that Spiezio. And receiver Roy you know it is always always on the next on. Controversy in. It plays a talk about. Pirates of the Caribbean has come into the school. It is 746 with Stephen 10 in the morning in 97 and thirteen 38 and as as a Wichita bank involved a case state project. Find out details on that story coming up. From bill Roy editor at the Wichita business journals which business journal updates. I’m three big things with Stephen says. Multiple pass disturbances reported by guards at the prison in elder radio city. Late last night the senate blocking a wide ranging proposal replacing obamacare and nine Republicans voting no including Kansas senator Jerry Moran line. Heat advisory in effect today in the area triple digit temperatures again. This afternoon three big things this deed instead on 987 and thirteen thirty KM SS. Traffic accident near upon me and rock road watch for a slowdown in that area again that’s a crash near Bonny and rock. Traffic update from cape and SF radio on gas chambers. And take a look at the weather forecast here on this Wednesday at heat advisories in effect through this evening’s. Looking for a partly cloudy day with a gusty southwest wind and high of 102. Degrees in front comes through. And there is a 40% chance for showers and thunderstorms by late tonight and overnight load and 75 it’s. And not nearly as hot tomorrow high Thursday 89. Mostly sunny tomorrow. Right now on which it’s all we have a breeze out of the south it is partly cloudy and eighty degrees forecast high today 102. Take an SS weather is brought to you by the monarch. Explore your love of America’s native spirit every winners day hey that’s today was four dollars select suburban and whiskey and now located at. 579. West Douglas an historic delay no great place to hang out the monarch. 748 with Steve intent on Kate and it’s that you know there are some people that you know wish that. The shock yours and the jayhawks and wildcats can come together and all play each other in basketball every year yeah well. That’s not going to happen but a note well the three universities are working together on a project now OK the National Institutes of Health. Is awarding a case state. It’s this is of the team led by K state psychological sciences researchers. Its prestigious five year ten and a half million dollar. Centers of biomedical research excellence grant largest grant in the history of K state says physiological sciences department. The team will also include collaborators from Wichita State and the KU. And that will establish the cognitive and zero biological approaches to plaster city center. At all has to do with the brain’s ability to grow and change its connections. You go so we’ve got our best minds. Of all three of the big universities here in the state. Talking about brain power getting a huge grant to do it are that’s good you’ll. Make sure that that all gets done and no. Use that. Eleven million dollar grant to put to good use. 749 with Stephen said on eight and SS. Philadelphia folks in the transit agency there are dealing with a problem at one train station in the city. And it is creepy crawl and the problem is spiders. Yes they’ve already hired an exterminator to battle the spiders that. Apparently keep dropping down onto waiting passengers. Want the stations which you know cue up the the Alan fund. And make candid camera folks. The agency is also been cleaning the light fixtures. Apparently it’s where a lot of the spiders have been hiding must be nice and warm in there and will crevice they just hang out there. Other station says it is noticing the cleaning the fixtures. And they are noticing fewer dead spiders at the station. However a fair number of lives fighters are still coming out at night and dropping down the passengers at the train station. One person says the spiders are quote really bad and that if your quote sitting there are not paying attention. Nobody in your face before you know it. There you go problems at the one train station in Philadelphia. Path. Is spiders just Canon dropped an end to say hi to spy idea. I hey spiders spiders reduce the numbers of other insects that you have and that’s true that is true gas spiders are so bad Wonder Woman to. We already have a date really yet it’s going to be in theaters on December 13 of 2019. We’re still almost two and a half years out at at a book. Same director and otter I’m not saying that inform I’m sure they just only announce the date via rob of course gal developed. Is set to reprise her role as Diana. No director yet. Policy. Course the first one was directed by patty Jenkins it’s still chugging along the box office where it’s it’s it’s nearly the 400 million dollar mark in North American theaters. Well recently surpassed guardians of the galaxy volume to what. It’s the top domestic Lerner of the summer. It’s the second highest of the year behind Beauty and the Beast and nice Wonder Woman to circle it on your calendar which you have even bought yet yet two years two and a half years from now Wonder Woman to. And will be Christmas time released 2090. What’s really the only spoke on the obvious some are blocked. It’s really the only. Successful one of the the DC Warner Bros. Movies since menace steals of course they’re gonna go ahead and every night it is. Only one that’s been in the gets to a happy years of any back in today and they are chugging out the Star Wars movies it was three years in between each of them right. Thought they were able to do a little faster these. Now men maybe I don’t know depends on if you wanna try and make them good they’re on and a half years. You haven’t locked down the same I read and it is a lot of things that could go wrong between now. Now a long way off I can’t handle what two and a half. Days ahead much less two and a half years it is 752 ST intent on KN OSS a Wichita bank involved an AK state related project. Let’s find out what that is editor bill Roy a witness from the Wichita business journal hello bill. Hello Ted you asked the leading institution on financing for part of the case to an office park in Manhattan. Interest bank partnering with central bank of Kansas City and the national community investment fund on a package valued at ten point three million dollars. Interest as to Manhattan branches the money will be used as part of a fifteen point eight million dollar expansion. Adding 59000. Square feet to the park. Jack Pelton says privatizing the American air traffic control system is unsafe and could bring events like tier venture Oshkosh Wisconsin to an end. Well as a former CEO of Cessna aircraft he’s now CEO of the experimental aircraft association. That group’s annual air show is being held this week Pelton says can be difficult to get all the controllers are privatized system would need. At a college hunting got has been sentence for violating state and federal hunting laws 26 year old Jared streets and employee of the eagle had outfielders. Outfitters rather. He pleading guilty to placing corn wheat and soybeans round pond is paid for waterfowl. Hope hunters exceed their daily bag limits and failed attack process and transport birds as required by law he got five years’ probation a 5000 dollar fine. Local breaking business news everyday on can’t assess and Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I’m dual role like. Villa where do you stand on the subject of scary clowns. Are you guys that are you want an illegal aliens yet you get creeped out are you not. I generally not but he is there are some that are purposefully. Creepy and so we have those you’re kind of weird look and then. You know they show that video of them you know running out of up. In a wooded area herself. Liked. Well this this this this could be just disturbing there’s a clown motel. That is now I believe it’s for sale in Nevada. It’s located between Vegas and Reno so it’s already up the middle of nowhere. It’s on main street between a strip mall and an old miners graveyard in the tiny town on a pop at at. In his voice okay. The motel itself is an attraction visitors are posing with the hundreds of clown that Dole’s in the lobby. There are clown paintings in the rooms. Clown murals on the walls and all over the property. It’s only hey bill it’s only forty to fifty a night for a single room. I think we’re due for a road trip and now now that’s twelve dollars and fifty cents cheaper than the national nine. Which is think the other hotel in town. And I like you know it it’s a clown theme it sounds like rather than a place for clowns to spend the night although I suppose clowns to spend my. Then hotel is for sale for 900 grand. Yeah I this I I kind of misled you on the scary clown thing it’s not it’s not scary it’s just a clown themed place although some people might find that disturbing. It outs some people are not that I’m not pleased to be around clowns that’s for sure there is caddie not if you by the hotel yet keep the clown that’s part of the deal. The at the owner says quote oh I’m going to miss the clowns I’m going to come back I’m going to come back and visit my clowns unquote. Now that’s a little scared yet I could sounds like Norman Bates the the music Cindy and lagoon at at all right now well I’ll let you get back to business and ponder that and we’ll just ask you being with you again one hour from now. Another local business update from Gilroy editor at the Wichita business journal. And voting on health care in the US senate a late night vote last night’s. Concerning Obama care those results next Steven did in the morning on Kate in as fast.

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