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Bar Rescue Episode Transforms Bug-Infested Liquid Lounge Into The Tidal Bay Beach Bar – Long Beach Post

Image taken from Google Streetview, pre-Bar Rescue.

The infamous Liquid Lounge of Long Beach is no more as of February when Spike TVs Bar Rescue dropped in to give the struggling dive bar a makeover.

The episode, Silence of the Ants, which aired Sunday featuring Liquid Lounge owner Rob McCarthy and his loyal staff, Lola, Tomas, Raemone and Stacy, follows the shows host Jon Taffer as he uncovers the bars health hazards and disrepair and attempts to stoke a fire in its mostly passive ownership.

The true state of the joint pre-Bar Rescue was made undeniably apparent when Taffer took a pool cue to poke at a crack in the wall, and out poured a stream of confused ants. Exterminators later said the tiny insects were attempting to infest the entire establishment.

Your building is coming down in front of us, Taffer practically shouts, as the owner, Rob McCarthy and his employees stand and watch, seemingly dumbfounded.

Following the ant extermination, a stress test (where Taffer brings in a typical Friday night crowd to find out what the employees can handle), a training at Alexs Bar courtesy of mixologist Rob Floyd (as the Liquid Lounge is being remodeled) and a few dramatic attempts to get McCarthy to actually care (its tough to be in debt), the Liquid Lounge is given the TLC it has desperately needed for the past three years.

New cocktails are brought in to replace the lounges haphazardly thrown together drinks, such as the Long Beach Tea, with lemon juice, sweet tea and Jack Daniels Old Number 7, garnished with an orange wedge, and The Weekender, with lemon juice, orgeat syrup, and Jack Daniels garnished with a lemon peel.

Panko-crusted shrimp poppers replace the shrimp skewers Taffers daughter attempts to try pre-Bar Rescue, where a dirty kitchen and distracted chef throw McCarthys operation into serious question.

Its a heartwarming end to the makeover, as the Liquid Lounge family sees Taffers vision for a beach-themed and classier watering hole replace what was proclaimed as a run down, bug infested eyesore, with three months to go before closing.

However, Long Beach locals certainly cherish their dive bars, and its yet to be seen whether this change in brand will both please the lounges original patrons and attract new regulars, or end up back the way it was, accruing debt.

Bar Rescues makeover team transformed the Liquid Lounge in February, so lets give it a good year for Long Beach to get used to the new look.

For more information about Tidal Bay Beach Bar, visit the Facebook page here. Check out the episode on Spike TV here.

Tidal Bay Beach Bar is located at 3522 East Anaheim Street.

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Bar Rescue Episode Transforms Bug-Infested Liquid Lounge Into The Tidal Bay Beach Bar – Long Beach Post

Bed Bugs Exterminator & Bed Bugs … – – RTC Pest Control

NESDCA stands for the (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association) and is a third party certifying organization assuring the highest quality standards for Scent Detection Canines. NESDCA was formed by Pest Control Professionals to ensure the highest standards for only Entomology Scent Detection Canines.

NESDCA is Committed, to improving the image of Entomology Scent Detecting Canine teams.

NESDCA is also committed to Educating, the consumers about the benefits of using properly trained Entomology Scent Detection Dog Teams, in the process of locating and eradicating pest problems.

NESDCA evaluation process sets the highest standards by which Bed Bug Detection Canines Teams are held.

Round the Clock Pest Control has been anticipating the highly increased outbreak of bed bugs for a few years now, and we have been able to develop an effective and aggressive bed bug treatment to eradicate bed bugs where they hide.

For that reason, Round The Clock Pest Control utilizes highly trained, Bed Bug detection Canines. These specially Trained Canines can detect Bed Bugs when humans cannot, and with greater efficiency.

Did you know that Bed bug dogs are over 90% accurate, and that the accuracy of a human technician finding a bed bug infestation is approximately 30%, that leaves a 70% chance that a clean room is actually invested. With the use of our NESDCA Certified Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs and our aggressive treatment methods. Our Seek and Treat programs are much more effective, as opposed to a spray and Pray Methodology, affected areas can therefore be treated before infestations spread from room-to-room.

At Round the Clock Pest Control, we understand the frustration involved in finding a reliable company to perform quality pest control services. Over the years, weve proven our expertise by always keeping our clients informed of the issues affecting their structures, applying the best methods for treatment, providing quality service at affordable rates and ensuring their complete satisfaction.

Our dedication to service excellence coupled with our high ethical standards has helped us build a great reputation in our area.

Our mission is to provide the highest degree of quality and professionalism while protecting the health and property of your environment. Through intelligent and state of the art service, we will develop a plan that will eliminate pests from your environment.

Our philosophy towards pest control, is total elimination by finding the source of the problem and treating the problem at its root source. Whether you have a commercial, industrial, or a residential property Round The Clock Pest Control, considerable experience will help you find a cost effective solution, custom tailored to fit your specific needs.

Round the Clock Pest ControlUsing Modern Pest Control MethodsWith Old Fashioned Service

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Bed Bugs Exterminator & Bed Bugs … – – RTC Pest Control

The difference between fearing, hating bugs – Maryville Daily Forum

Let me be clear. I am not afraid of bugs. My freshman bug collection earned an A and Ive caught tarantulas for fun. My issue with creepy animals begins when they leave their sphere and enter mine.

Before moving into my first apartment, Id only spoken with my roommate over the internet. She told me her English was limited, so when she warned me of the little animals all around the floor, I had no idea what to expect. When I got there in early August, I opened the door to find swarms of crickets. The bodies of dead ones my roommate had killed and swept to the corner stunk.

Within a day, I noticed a few open areas that could use some weather proofing and insulation to keep the unwelcome guests outside. The problem was solved.

If Id been able to solve the bug issues in my second apartment so easily, I might not be so skittish about finding other little animals in my living spaces now. My spouse and I hadnt been there long before the Germans invaded the German cockroaches, that is. It didnt matter how much we bombed, which products we used, how many exterminators came, or how clean we were, they infested everything. We even moved across the hall, thinking the conditions would improve.

My skin still crawls when I think of how long we put up with that substandard living situation. After a while, I found myself crushing roaches that crawled up from between the keys in my computer keyboard with my bare fingers while I wrote my masters thesis. The management spent much of its time gaslighting, convincing us that they didnt have any problems in their apartments and that we were obviously not cleaning enough. There was nothing wrong with the building. When we told them our neighbors who shared our wall were struggling with substance abuse had more but wouldnt allow anyone into their place, they told us they couldnt do anything.

Workers from the health department came and our neighbors were eventually evicted. I passed while the inspector was there with her mouth agape, staring at the dark corners of the walls throbbing with roaches. Thats what it took for someone to believe us.

Ive never been happier to move. In the next place, I found one roach, and it was less than 24 hours after we moved. It was a stowaway in the frame of wall art. I killed it, and that was the last thing I found for almost three years.

A few years later, while I comforted my sick infant, I noticed something so small traveling across the bed. Id seen pictures of bed bugs in the news and knew right away. I caught it, put it in a mason jar, and put it outside until I could take it to the management to prove that we needed pest control services. We were lucky that the property managers took the problem seriously, and that we never found evidence of more. The exterminator told us we might have taken it home with us from the doctors office and were lucky to catch it early.

That didnt change how I worried, or how my mind instantly flashed back to the guilt I felt of being branded unclean at the previous place even when I knew it was untrue. I had flashbacks of the morning after my senior prom, when my dad woke me up to tell me I had head lice. My sister had found it while she was doing my hair and theyd let me go anyway, because it was the first year I was excited about going to a school dance. I had a boyfriend, a pretty dress, and a mess of curly red hair full of bloodsucking parasites. I didnt get over that for months. I checked myself every chance I got. Several other members of the family had it, too, and no one knows exactly how it all started. But I felt like it was my fault, like I was being punished by God with a plague.

When I moved to an apartment in New York, I was scared Id be putting myself back in the danger zone. For months, things went well. Then came the water bugs. People call them that to make themselves feel better, but when I look at comparisons on pest control websites, theyre just another species of cockroach. I could be wrong, but I dont want them in my apartment, or landing on my arm while Im sleeping. My landlord thinks Im neurotic because everyone gets them for a season Ive asked other neighbors whose houses Ive seen are clean and its true they only come when its rainy, they dont breed inside, and they go away when its cold outside. I insisted we seal all the areas underneath the radiators leading outside anyway.

Bugs are part of life, but I dont have to like them or put up with them in my home. Im a pretty peaceful person, but when I find any little animals in my home, they dont stand a chance.

Jennifer Ditlevson Haglund is a former news reporter for the Maryville Daily Forum, now living and writing in New York City.

Follow us on Twitter @TheDailyForum.

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The difference between fearing, hating bugs – Maryville Daily Forum

‘Boy, they itch like crazy’: Bedbugs bother Whitehorse visitors and residents –

John Langdell said he had some unexpected visitors in his hotel in Whitehorse. An American tourist on a motorcycle trip with his friends, he said he was bitten by bedbugs in his hotel.

“The first night, I thought I’d been bitten by a mosquito, I had a couple of bites on my hands and my arms,” said Langdell. He said they swelled to be about the size of a dime.

“The next night I got bit even worse. Boy, they itch like crazy.”

He said he wasn’t sure what the bites were from, mosquito, spider or bedbug. But he has since spoken to a doctor who told him they were bedbug bites.

Despite the bites sticking around for a week, he said, Langdell wasn’t put off by Whitehorse. For him, those creepy, crawly hitchhikers are almost anticipated while travelling.

A recent visitor to Whitehorse reports he was bitten by bedbugs at a hotel in the city. (CBC)

“It’s just one of those things that happens,” he said, “part of travelling, and you can’t really avoid it.”

The summer months are the peak for spread of bedbugs, explained Whitehorse exterminator Nolan Newman with Orkin pest control.

With many people travelling, he said there is a greater chance of someone staying in a place that has bedbugs, and picking up bedbugs unknowingly.

“A lot of people when they check into a hotel, the first thing they do is throw their luggage on the bed and they leave their clothing around the bed,” said Newman.

“Bedbugs are very attracted to body odours and they will crawl into the clothing or into the suitcase.”

It isn’t just hotels that are grappling with this pest. They even crawl their way into private residences.

Arthur Johnston said his downtown apartment building has an infestation of bedbugs.

“For the last two months now I haven’t been able to stay there at all due to my little bedbug buddies,” said Johnston.

Though he is still paying rent, Johnston said he has been living elsewhere due to the bugs. The landlord of the building said they have spent thousands of dollars dealing with bedbugs.

Despite the fact that they make just about everyone feel itchy just to mention them, bedbugs are not actually considered a health concern, explainedCraig Vanlankveld, a public health officer with Yukon’sEnvironmental Health Services.

Bedbugs have not been known to transfer diseases, so they are considered a nuisance rather than a public health issue, he said.

Because of this, cases of bedbugs are not officially tracked. According to Shane Hickey with the Residential Tenancy Office, the responsibility typically falls to the landlord or property owner to deal with the bedbugs, and pest control companies like Orkin are the go-to to get rid of them.

While there are some acute cases of bedbugs in the city, Newman said this year has fewer than previous years.

“We’ve had some cases where we do almost daily calls for bedbugs,” said Newman. He says Orkin is currently receiving a couple of calls a week in Whitehorse about bedbugs.

“This year hasn’t been too bad.”

Newman said education and early detection is key to preventing bedbug infestations. Listen below to his suggestions on how to curb the pests.

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‘Boy, they itch like crazy’: Bedbugs bother Whitehorse visitors and residents –

Flea Control, Treatment, and Prevention – Victoria Advocate

By Shana Bohac

Flea allergies in our furry friends are a very common problem that we come across starting during the springtime and extending well into the fall. Since South Texas does not have a true winter, it is important to keep your pet on a flea preventative year round.

During the warmer times of the year it is critical to treat your home and yard for fleas. These areas are a perfect environment for a flea infestation and can lead to re-infestation of your pet.

Here are some tips about flea treatments for your pets. Flea shampoos are only effective for a day or less. They leave little if any chemical residue on your pet. Flea dips contain harsh chemical and only last one to two weeks.

Over-the-counter flea collars are only effective for adult fleas and are mostly effective around the head and neck. Flea powders or sprays offer short-term protection (two to three days).

Spot-on treatments are effective for a month and some contain ingredient that prevent larvae from hatching or developing. Oral medications move systemically through your pet and kill when fleas ingest the blood from your pet. There are oral medications that last anywhere from one to three months.

Not only is flea control for your pet important, but environmental treatment is a imperative in flea prevention. Outside your home in shaded areas such as porches, decks, and around doghouses fleas can reproduce and overwhelm your yard. It is also important to remember that fleas are very resistant and can survive in a wide range of temperatures. There is no guarantee that you will not see fleas during the winter, especially here in south Texas where our winters are very mild. Flea eggs can lay dormant for weeks to months, just waiting to hatch and infest your yard and home.

In your home, fleas can be found in pet beds, under furniture, and buried deep in carpets or around base boards. Daily vacuuming is very important in flea eradication. It helps to get rid of adults, eggs, larvae and pupae before they can further develop and hatch. You will want to dispose of the vacuum contents or bags into an outside garbage can to prevent contamination of your home garbage can. Keep all baseboards clean and consistently wash your pet’s bedding, clothing, and removable furniture covers. Ideally this should be a weekly process. You can use foggers, flea bombs, insecticide sprays, or a professional to help eliminate fleas in your home.

Some tips to prevent flea infestations begin with keeping your yard tidy. Avoid large brush piles and excessive amounts of weeds, as these are great breeding grounds for the pesky flea.

Keeping grass routinely cut can also cut down on the flea population. Prevent rodents from coming into your yard and home since they can carry fleas into your yard and home.

Treat your yard on a regular basis so that adult fleas and their eggs are killed. You can use non-toxic diatomaceous earth, sprays or a professional exterminator.

When using insectide sprays, follow all directions carefully. Remove all pets and people from the environment for the recommended time specified by the pesticide label.

Dr. Shana Bohac is a veterinarian at Lakeway Veterinary Clinic in Edna. She works on both small animals and equine patients. Submit questions to also visit target=”_blank”>

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Flea Control, Treatment, and Prevention – Victoria Advocate

How to Get Rid of Mice in the House – PEST KILL

How to get rid of mice in the house effectively? There are several ways. Lets consider how to get rid of house mice when they have already settled in your house.

To fight with mice you will need:

It is useful to say, that mice appear in the places where they feel comfortable. That means that only a master can welcome mice.

Appearance of mice proves that the master didnt pay much attention to hygiene and sanitation. So, the only way out is to keep your rooms, basements and cellars in order. It takes you a weekend to put to rights these housings, but you will be saved from mice for a long month and years.

So, to prevent mice invasion you need:

Here are the most proven ways of how to get rid of mice in the house. Do not provoke mice to come back. Pack products carefully and close them tightly. Keep a bin clean. In such a way you will be saved not only from rodents but from insects as well.

You can find further details of Mice Control here.

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How to Get Rid of Mice in the House – PEST KILL

Terrifying ‘half-spider, half-SCORPION’ creature that eats BIRDS filmed inside family home – Daily Star

A CREATURE from hell related to both spiders and scorpions sent shivers down a familys spine after it was spotted inside their home.

Thomas Acosta couldnt believe his eyes when he found the eight-legged beast with scary-looking pincers.

It was in fact a camel spider a cousin of the common spider yet its menacing jaw also makes it a close relative to a scorpion.

And while the insect found by Thomas at his home in Arizona was relatively small, they can eventually grow big enough to feast on small rodents, birds and other insects.

ABC 15

It also has the largest jaws compared to its body size than any other animal on Earth.

I didnt know they are native to Arizona, I have seen camel spiders, but I heard of them in Iraq, Thomas told KGun9.

We do have a small pet, and I wouldnt want anything to hurt her, shes kind of old.

ABC 15

Chilling images reveal false widow spiders crawling across UK towns

1 / 15

This scary false widow was found in Southwest England, July 2017

Luckily for the terrified home-owner, the camel spider is non-venomous and rarely causes harm to larger animals or humans.

Thomas said he planned to hire an exterminator to make sure no more nightmarish creatures appear.

It comes just days after another family were trapped inside their home when a monster spider the size of a dinner plate clung to a glass door.

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Terrifying ‘half-spider, half-SCORPION’ creature that eats BIRDS filmed inside family home – Daily Star

LOOK: Freaky spider-scorpion found in man’s house – MyPalmBeachPost

Floridians are used to seeing some creepy crawlers, but this half scorpion, half spider creature found in Arizona puts everything to shame.

Thomas Acosta, of Arizona, came face-to-face with the freaky scorpion-spider hybrid in his home. Its known as the camel spider, wind scorpion or sun spider, according toABC 15.

>> Worm with toxic slime found in Florida

I didn’t know they are native to Arizona. I have seen camel spiders, but I heard of them in Iraq, Acosta told ABC 15.

The camel spider is non-venomous, but can grow big enough to eat small rodents, birds, lizards and insect.

So what are those huge prongs on its head? Thats the spiders mouth, which is also used to transfer sperm, according to ABC 15.

Acosta told ABC 15 that hes calling an exterminator. Can you blame him?

Read more atABC 15.

>> Giant snail that looks like a rabbit gets mixed feelings from Twitter users

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LOOK: Freaky spider-scorpion found in man’s house – MyPalmBeachPost

Life at The Par 3 motel: ‘It’s no mansion’ –

Marvin Cherry leaned back in his chair inside his hotel room off Jefferson Davis Highway, chewing his half-wrapped beef jerky.

Its Wednesday, his only day off for the week from his cooking job at Friendlys, where he earns $12 an hour. Gunsmoke is playing on the television.

Tomorrow at about 6 a.m., the 59-year-old will climb into a cab and pay $20 round-trip to work his eight-hour shift.

He used to have a Honda Accord, but Hurricane Matthew washed it away when he traveled to Portsmouth to attend his brothers funeral last fall. Someone then found the license plate to run through tolls, and Cherry said he received more than $1,000 in fines.

You get ahead 10 steps, you fall back 100, Cherry said.

But it isnt tomorrow yet, and Cherry still has hours before he has to think about work again. He beats the 90-degree afternoon heat by shifting his chair near the new air conditioning unit between the powder-blue curtains, and he watches the same old Western movies that his mother used to switch on after her shifts at a laundromat. Next up is Bonanza.

The AC unit is a blessing and a curse because here, at The Par 3 motel, the owners insisted on increasing the rooms weekly rent from $190 to $200 for the benefit, though other tenants at the hotel have said they are paying less even with AC. Cherry shakes his head at the situation, then extends his long legs out from the tiny hotel table chair.

From the other side of the room, Staci Austin shuffles from the bathroom in a T-shirt and shorts. She is sick, coughing and unable able to keep anything down. She climbs into bed and tucks under the sheets because she feels her fever is coming back.

Happy Birthday rainbow balloons sway over the dresser full of orange pill bottles Austin uses to treat her schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, diabetes and panic attacks. She turned 45 last week.

She said her cough has gotten worse during the four years that she and Marvin have been living at The Par 3 motel. She believes its exacerbated by the black mold under their clothes rack across from the bed and the corners of the yellow motel room walls. The carpet on the right side of the bed has dark spots with a smell Austin likens to a dirty mop.

When it rains, water runs from cracks and small holes in the walls near the bed and above their hanging clothes. Austin said the motel owner insisted there wasnt a roof leak and nailed a wooden square over a hole a plumber drilled into the wall near the bed.

Small brown footprints are scattered over the door leading into the kitchen because the previous tenant had pet squirrels, Austin said. After a rat got through a space between a back door and its frame, Austin put up plastic bags to seal the room from the outside.

The motel owners are a nice couple, Austin said, but they ignore it when something is going to cost them money.

They do good things, but they do need to fix things. Its their business, she said.

The motel owners didnt respond to multiple requests for comment.

Later, Cherry decides he will fry chicken winglets on the hot plate for dinner. His mother taught him how to cook when he was a teenager so he could be self-sufficient, he said.

When he got out of the Army after 13 years, he moved to Chesterfield County to get away from trouble in Portsmouth and started working at Friendlys. He has worked at the restaurant for 25 years, first at the Colonial Heights location as a manager until it closed down and he lost his benefits. Now, he is a cook at the Chester location.

He will fry the winglets on the hot plate later because the stove in the room has never worked.

Their next-door neighbor knocks. She lives alone in a much smaller room, and she is one of the few Austin and Cherry let into their room because of a fear of bedbugs. The owners do have an exterminator come to the hotel once a month, they said.

All three remember the smell when a leaking septic tank left a pile of sewage not far from their rooms last year. That was the only time they remember inspectors on the property. Until just a few weeks ago in that same grassy area behind the motel rooms, a pile of mattresses dotted with mold were thrown against a shed, along with some old televisions.

The neighbor checks to see if Austin needs anything, if she is feeling better, then she leaves for work.

Austin sifts through the collection of orange pill bottles on the dresser. Monthly disability payments of $784 help her pay for the medication and also for the rent and groceries. She and Cherry split everything down the middle.

She said her symptoms related to anxiety, depression, panic attacks and schizophrenia set in after she watched her biological father die in her early 30s from cancer.

I just broke, she said.

She was a daddys girl, she said. Her mother left her and her sister on a curb when she was 3. In the months that they were in the foster system, she said she saw a woman try to drown her sister in the tub. Her sister was wearing packaging for a loaf of bread as her diaper when their adoptive parents came to pick them up. Austin stayed close with her father even after being adopted, but eventually both her foster parents and her biological father died.

Thats the question that always runs through me. How come every time I love someone, they leave? she said.

She was in between homes when she met Cherry, who offered to let her sleep in his hotel room in Colonial Heights 13 years ago. The two have been together since.

Thats just in me. My mom taught me that you help anyone you can. Anything is better with a roof over your head, Cherry said.

Austin gets a text from her 16-year-old son, who lives in Alabama with his father. Her son is thinking about using about $50 for a car wash, but she encourages him to save that money for college. He is an honor-roll student, she said.

Her son has never visited her here. He owns a BMW and has nice things, she explains.

It would break my heart if my son had to use the bathroom here, she said.

A rusted monkey wrench hangs from one of the shower knobs. The cracked yellow bathroom tiles are sunken and splotchy with dark stains.

Eventually, Cherry and Austin hope to move out. They dont know exactly when that may be.

Me and Marvin dont have money for a deposit, first months rent, Austin said. It was the only place we could afford with our income.

Youve got to have $2,500 just to walk into the door, Cherry said.

So for now, this is home.

This isnt no mansion, but its home. Its our mansion. Its the best we can do, Austin said.

Life at The Par 3 motel: ‘It’s no mansion’ –

News Center 7 investigation uncovers history of insects at Dayton restaurant – Dayton Daily News

A News Center 7 investigation uncovered a history of insects at a Dayton restaurant.

Tiffany Warner, a former employee at ‘Golden Fish and Chicken’ next to the RTA Hub on Main Street, took cell phone video in June which she says shows dirty conditions inside the restaurant. There’s also a container of insect spray sitting next to bottled drinks on the floor.

“Nobody should be eating the food from that restaurant,” Warner said. “I saw roaches crawling on a spatula.”

Warner only worked one day at ‘Golden Fish and Chicken.” She claims she left because she was disgusted, but restaurant managers said she was asking for more money than they could pay.

News Center 7 went through inspection reports from Public Health Dayton & Montgomery County dating back two years. Complaints started in February 2016 when a customer says they saw bugs. Inspectors checked, but they didn’t find any.

(Byron Stirsman/Staff)

In June 2016, they found a ‘live pest’ during a standard inspection. Two weeks later, the restaurant’s owner brought in proof he hired an exterminator.

Another complain shows up in May 2017, when a customer says they found a bug in their food. Two days later, inspectors found two live bugs in the kitchen and food areas of the restaurant.

A follow-up at the end of July 2017 turned up no violations. The owner told inspectors he will regularly hire an exterminator.

News Center 7 was asked to leave by RTA security when we took those inspection reports to the restaurant. Later on the phone, the manager of ‘Golden Fish and Chicken’ told us the bugs came from the RTA Hub, not the restaurant. He also stressed the most inspection report showed no signs of insects. The manager said the employee who shot the video was disgruntled.

RTA CEO Mark Donaghy responded to our request for comment.

“RTA’s tenants are responsible for maintaining the areas they lease in our facilities as well as compliance with health department regulations if they serve food. Tenant space at Wright Stop Plaza is in the new section of the building with no direct connection to the American Building tower and RTA regularly maintains our areas of responsibility. If our tenant is unable to meet the obligations of their lease we will consider releasing them from it or terminating the relationship as necessary if the problem is not resolved,” Donaghy wrote.

Public Health Dayton & Montgomery County Public Information Officer Dan Suffoletto said inspectors check restaurants as soon as possible after a complaint.

“It does happen, just like it happens in your home. Bugs get into your home, bugs get into a restaurant,” Suffoletto said. “We don’t want bugs in food. We want to make sure everything people eat in a restaurant is safe for them to consume.”

Suffoletto said if inspectors find bugs in food, they require restaurants to throw it away immediately. If inspectors find bugs in the restaurant but not in the food, “No food needs to be thrown away at that time,” Suffoletto said.

The restaurant would not be shut down. Instead, inspectors teach employees about pest control. Unless they get another complaint, inspectors would then return in six months for another unannounced check.

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News Center 7 investigation uncovers history of insects at Dayton restaurant – Dayton Daily News

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