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Lets be honest, no one likes to find creepy crawlies setting up shop inside the home. However, pests do more than just raise the hair on the back of your neck they can spread disease and cause irreversible damage to structures if not taken care of by a professional. Thankfully, thats where we come in! At Berwick Pest Control, our experienced team is equipped to rid your house of any unwanted guests in a manner thats completely safe for you, your family and your pets.

No matter the size or nature of the infestation, our team has you covered. We have more than a decade of experience eradicating critters of all shapes and sizes with complete efficiency and minimal disruption to your home. Our pest control service in Berwick, Narre Warren, Beaconsfield and Dandenong can take care of:

Whatever the issue may be, our team can resolve it as soon as possible and provide you with a six-month service guarantee. If you want to prevent an infestation happening in the first place, we can conduct thorough inspections of your property and determine the presence or risk of an infestation.

Our business has become synonymous with safe and effective solutions that give you peace of mind when you need it most. Eradicating pests requires an in-depth understanding of the tools, products and methods used in the industry and which will be the most successful under your specific circumstances. Our team is fully trained with all the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure we can provide the best possible result each and every time.

To receive a free, no obligation estimate based on your needs, fill out the form at the top of the page and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Otherwise, give us a call on 0438 292 477 or (03) 9705 8323 and our team will be more than happy to schedule a booking or answer any of your enquiries.

Whether you need termite, spider or ant control, Berwick Pest Control can get the job done!

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Berwick Pest, Ant, Spider & Termite Control | Safe & Reliable

Roaches, dead and alive, shut down 4 Miami area restaurants and get 14 others cited – Miami Herald

As vacations end and the school year starts, roaches are back to work, too. This edition of the Roach Report features 18 Miami-Dade restaurants.

Well start with the places the bugs played a large role in closing for a day or more.

Bice Bistro, 3015 Grand Ave., Miami Bice serves Northern Italian cuisine and Nutella Mousse. Maybe they should serve some Raid around the baseboards. On Aug. 16, the inspector noticed 20 live and 10 dead roaches underneath the salad prep station, 15 live roaches underneath the reach-in coolers across from front cook line, three live roaches under hand wash sink by front cook line, one live and four dead roaches under the three-compartment sink, five dead roaches underneath prep counter at front line, and two dead roaches in reach-in cooler by salad station. That topped the 27 total violations, six of which were High Priority. And the restaurant also was shut down for the day over food kept at improper temperatures: cheese, chicken wings, cooked pasta, risotto, fish and butter. Getting shut down also gave managers the chance to deal with Clean pots and pans stored on dirty rack by three-compartment sink and water dripping from cooling unit onto lemons stored directly below. When the inspector returned the next day, there were 10 live roaches and 10-15 dead ones spotted underneath reach-in cooler, the prep area, and the main cook line at the front of the kitchen.

Novecento, 18831 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura Among the 24 total violations, including six High Priority violations on Aug. 8, were approximately 14-16 live roaches around back food prep area and inside ovens. The inspector also issued a stop sale on Moldy onions. Handwashing, a basic of food safety, was also imperiled, with no soap at the sink.

Paseo Catracho, 824 SW Eighth St., Miami The Aug. 9 inspection turned up 23 violations, but only two High Priority violations. One of those two was approximately five live roaches inside non-working cooler in the food preparation area and approximately two live roaches on floor under non working cooler in the food preparation area. Also, somebody might need a new water heater: Hot water not provided/shut off at employee handwash sink, service area handsink and men’s restroom.

Rigaud Adeline, 8427 NE Second Ave., Miami Six live roaches under the three-compartment sink in the kitchen drew the inspectors notice on Aug. 8. There were 26 other violations, four of which ranked as High Priority. Clean hands at Rigaud were wet hands, apparently: No paper towels or mechanical hand drying device provided at handwash sink. Observed in restroom, no paper towels. Also, theres an implied invitation to anything that crawls in the neighborhood: Outer openings not protected during operation and vermin and/or environmental cross contamination present. Observed windows on the south side of the restaurant with gaps. Front door is not a solid door, it has a screen. Front area has some gaps to the outside. And holes or wall damage were spotted in several places, such as underneath the three-compartment sink, behind a stand-up reach-in cooler next to the stove, in the dining room and electric room. Rigaud didnt tighten up well enough to reopen on Aug. 9, but did on Aug. 11.

READ MORE: Go to the Dining Advisor for reviews and inspection reports.

Now, to the nebulous Administrative Complaint Recommended, which leaves a restaurant open, but does earn them a next-day re-inspection.

El Taquito, 1380 SW Eighth St., Miami We last heard from this restaurant on this month’s Rodent Report. It wont make a second straight appearance. As for bugs, Observed one live roach by cook line. But youve got to have more problems than that to get a second consecutive Administrative Complaint Recommended. There was all manner of food not stored at a proper temperatures, but no Stop Sale orders were issued. Also the cooked tacos and beans inside the reach-in cooler lacked a date.

Fritanga Nica El Castillo, 18710 SW 107th Ave., West Miami-Dade This restaurant racked up 10 High Priority violations and 46 violations on Aug. 16, but managed to say open. The roach issue was limited to a live roach inside the mop sink. On the re-inspection, there was a live one by the kitchen entrance near the front counter and one in front of the three-compartment sink. Bigger problems seemed to be food storage. When your reach-in cooler has a temperature over 80 degrees, its a heater. Fritanga had 34 raw eggs, day-old cooked pork and friend plantains stored in that cooler. Cooked shredded chicken, cooked yuca and cooked shredded beef also werent kept at temperatures that would discourage bacterial growth.

Hermanos Mendoza Fritanga Restaurant, 1356 Palm Ave., Hialeah The inspector peeked in a kitchen wall gap (one violation) and saw about three live roaches (another violation). And can you spare a square? Lack of toilet tissue at each toilet. Women’s bathrooms.

La Provence South Beach 1629 Collins Ave., Miami Beach Approximately six live roaches behind front display counter in chemical drawers under table. Also, tuna salad prepped on-site more than 24 hours before and not properly marked.

South Garden Chinese Restaurant, 10855 SW 72nd St., #10, West Miami-Dade The inspector saw 10 live roaches in a food storage room that included flour packaging,open and unopened, wheat starch and dried mushrooms packaged.

Caribe Cafe, 7173 W. Flagler St., Miami A total of 42 violations, six High Priority ones, werent enough to close this restaurant that had one live roach crawling at the side of the oven.

Sammis Cafe, 5200 Blue Lagoon Dr., #130, Miami A live roach under the prep table and another in the front reach-in cooler.

Now, to this reports Dead Roaches Society

Bird Bowl, 9275 SW 40th St., West Miami-Dade You get a Basic violation for two dead roaches in ice machine room but the eight High Priority violations and 40 total violations is usually enough to get the rest of the day off.

One Stop Only Corner Catering, 4546 NW Seventh Ave., Miami Six dead roaches on premises behind the unused shelf in preparation area.

Palace Cafe & Dairy, 1300 NW Seventh St., Miami The owner said the exterminator came three days before the inspector did. Maybe thats why the inspector found five big dead roaches on premises.

Paraiso Cafe, 2156 NW Seventh Ave., Miami Approximately six dead roaches on light covers and five under the front counter.

Sabor of Latin America, 1880 79th St. Causeway, North Bay Village Approximately three roaches on premises in a non-working reach-in cooler.

Sunset Cafe, 10300 SW 72nd St., Miami Two roaches found in a sticky trap.

Wynwood Cafe, 450 NW 27th St., Miami One big dead roach behind the dishwasher machine.

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Roaches, dead and alive, shut down 4 Miami area restaurants and get 14 others cited – Miami Herald

‘The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature’: You know what I’m saying? – Flayrah

“Somehow, my job now requires me to sit and watch THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS.”- Guy Lodge, Guardian film critic, via Twitter, Nov. 9, 2016

“So much for peaceful protest.”- Surly, squirrel

Currently, this movie sits at a paltry 11% at Rotten Tomatoes, from 47 reviews (not a big number of reviews for a wide release movie). A grand total of five professional reviewers found enough decent in the movie to muster “fresh” ratings there. This 11% percent matches the original’s score, though it had double the positive reviews with 10 of its 89 reviews finding something nice to say about it. So, obviously, not the most critically beloved movie franchise ever.

However, I didn’t exactly follow the critics’ consensus with the first movie, what with giving it a spot on my annual top ten list. Fred liked it too, in his review of the movie for Flayrah. And I won’t be agreeing with the critics again for the sequel (you’ll have to ask Fred if he’s even seen this second one, though).

But, you know what, who cares? I mean, as I write this, the top story on Flayrah Lamar’s article on the alt-right, while Equivamp’s take is a little bit below it. Who cares if the cartoon squirrel movie is good or not; it’s not like it has anything to say about the real world and the things that are happening in it right now.


I’m going to be honest with you, before I watched this movie, I read a mock review on a non-furry website calling “The Nut Job 2 the best political film of the year!” (put that on the poster). While the post was mostly meant facetiously (and was written by someone calling themselves “Goofy Gorilla”), and it certainly is not the best political film of the year, there is something there. It’s right there in the poster; apparently I’ve developed a fetish for film posters featuring anthropomorphic animals flashing ironic peace signs. The hand gesture is a bit trite nowadays, but it is most famous as a counter-cultural anti-war protest symbol.

The movie’s villain is a mayor, and this is not the first movie I’ve reviewed featuring villainous mayors. Or even the second. They’re easy politicians for our heroes to topple. But why are politicians always the villains? I mean, it’s almost like we don’t trust those guys …

Anyway, this villainous mayor (Bobby Moynihan) wants to bulldoze under the park where Surly (Will Arnett) and his woodland critter friends live. It isn’t profitable to the mayor, just sitting there, being a park. No, he wants to turn it into an amusement park, where he can charge people absurd amounts of money to ride his cheaply constructed rides. The woodland critters at first are able to sabotage the bulldozers, but when the mayor calls in professional exterminators, the tide begins to turn against the fauna of the park.

There are various subplots introduced here, as Surly’s pug dog friend Precious (Maya Rudolph) is “rescued” by the mayor’s daughter (Isabela Moner) which causes Surly and his rat buddy, Buddy (Jean Dujardin), to attempt their own rescue mission. Meanwhile, they meet Mr. Feng (Jackie Chan), the leader of a gang of kung fu mice, who were exiled from a different park across town by the mayor, who turned it into a golf course.

So, just to be clear here, the villain is a real estate businessman turned politician who really likes to golf. Get it? GET IT?

So, is this some sort of hidden propaganda piece, like that post I read on that obscure forum which claimed The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature is in fact a left-leaning call for an open revolution overthrowing our capitalist overlords, which is exactly what Surly decides must be done for the climax? Maybe? I mean, the point of the post I keep vaguely referring to was to parody how easy it is to make these kind of readings, even in dumb kid’s cartoons about squirrels. But on the other hand, it’s not not a story of a repressed underclass taking the fight to their oppressors.

See, sometimes a movie is about something. Sometimes a movie really wants to seen as about something, even if it really isn’t. And sometimes, a movie isn’t about anything at all. I think The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature is ultimately the third. There’s something in the air right now, if you haven’t noticed, and our entertainment, even our most insubstantial, reflects our reality. It isn’t a counter-cultural statement; I mean, it may look to be an anti-capitalist screed, if you are looking for that, but it’s a multi-million dollar budget CGI cartoon sequel. On one hand, how mainstream capitalism is that?

Of course, on the other, don’t the most effective revolutions come from the inside?

Still wavering, aren’t I? Oh, well, the real reason I really liked the first movie was because of the great use of slapstick and the wonderful furry character designs of the squirrels, two things a furry reviewer might appreciate more than your mainstream critic. This one has all that, plus a surprisingly great joke about parking out of nowhere, and it even leaves out the fart jokes that marred the first one (I will not pass judgement either way on the absence of Psy’s “Gangnam Style”, which provides this review’s lyrical headline, over the credits as in the first movie). Also, if you want to look at it in a maybe unintended fashion, it’s a call to arms. Hey, cult movies are made of these slightly cock-eyed readings. So are revolutions.

As Goofy Gorilla put it:

“Fantastic movie that I am not surprised to see panned by the capitalist press.”

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‘The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature’: You know what I’m saying? – Flayrah

The most bed bug-infested cities in the US named –

Image: via AFP Relaxnews

Students preparing to return to college dormitories and last-minute holidaymakers looking to book Labor Day breaks may want to consult a new list ranking the most bed bug-infested cities in the United States.

Ohio fares poorly, with Cleveland and Cincinnati occupying the top two spots on the list released by exterminator company Terminix. Rounding out the top five spots are Detroit, Las Vegas and Denver.

The ranking was compiled by looking at the number of service requests the company received during the first half of 2017.

According to Terminix, bed bug infestations have increased significantly since the late 1990s, with increased international travel and insecticide resistance.

Theyre also notoriously difficult to eradicate as theyll hitch rides on clothing, handbags, suitcases and taxis.

Before you crawl into bed in these top-ranked cities, look out for reddish-brown blood spots on sheets or mattresses, a strong musty odor, or signs of the creepy-crawlies themselves which are the size, shape and color of an apple seed.

Here are the top 20 most bed bug-infested cities in the U.S., says Terminix:

1. Cleveland, Ohio2. Cincinnati, Ohio3. Detroit, Mich.4. Las Vegas, Nev.5. Denver, Colo.6. Houston, Texas7. Phoenix, Ariz.8. Indianapolis, Ind.9. Oklahoma City, Okla.10. Philadelphia, Pa.11. Baltimore, Md.12. Pittsburgh, Pa.13. Washington DC14. Tucson, Ariz.15. San Francisco, Calif.16. St. Louis, Mo.17. Atlanta, Ga.18. Tampa, Fla.19. Memphis, Tenn.20. San Diego, Calif.JB


Yikes! A Study Has Found that More Bed Bugs Live In Dark Sheets

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The most bed bug-infested cities in the US named –

New California law aims to stop spread of bedbugs – San Francisco … – San Francisco Chronicle

A new state law designed to battle bedbugs requires California landlords to provide tenants with written information about these blood-sucking, tenacious pests and how to report suspected infestations to the landlord.

The disclosure requirement took effect for new tenants July 1 and will apply to existing tenants Jan. 1.

The law also prevents landlords from showing or renting a vacant unit with an active infestation, and from retaliating against tenants who report bedbug problems. It does not require them to inspect rental units for bedbugs if they have not seen them or received a tenant complaint. But it does require them to notify tenants within two days of a pest inspectors findings. It also requires tenants to cooperate with the detection and treatment of bedbugs.

The law does not say what landlords must do when tenants complain. In California, however, residential leases have an implied warranty of habitability that requires landlords to maintain rental units in a condition fit for humans. That includes keeping it free of rodents and vermin, said Whitney Prout, a staff attorney with the California Apartment Association, which represents landlords.

Why bedbugs have their own law is that they are a harder pest to treat, Prout said. It requires early detection and integrated pest management between the landlord and tenant, because of how pervasively they can take over.

Bedbugs feed on blood, mostly human and usually at night. Adults are the size, shape and color of an apple seed. Eggs are the size, shape and color of a sesame seed, said Tami Stuparich, a vice president with California American Exterminator Co.

A baby bug, called a nymph, looks like an adult, but is pinhead-size and lighter in color. They turn reddish and elongated after a meal. Nymphs shed their exoskeleton five times before they become a breeding adult.

Unlike lice, bedbugs dont stay on people; they eat and run. Nor do they jump like fleas or fly. They can crawl or be carried from place to place on objects or people. Bringing in furniture from the street is a good way to get them. Because they are flat, they can hide and travel in cracks and crevices. (See article on one couples bedbug saga in San Francisco.)

They can move easily from unit to unit, and unless all affected units are treated together, theyll come back. Most places require more than one treatment.

Telltale signs include small red or brown fecal spots, molted skins, white, sticky eggs or empty eggshells. They are often found on mattresses, box springs, headboards, nightstands, linens, upholstery, walls and carpet edges.

Bedbugs do not carry disease, but some victims develop itchy red welts that could be mistaken for mosquito or flea bites. Others have no reaction, which makes them even harder to detect until theyre rampant.

Jennifer Brass found bedbugs in her San Francisco apartment in 2010. Their bites were extremely itchy and they lasted for a very long time in a very intensive way, she said. I still consider it one of the worst experiences of my life, more uncomfortable than childbirth without medication, said Brass, now a professor at Indiana State University.

Bedbugs were common in the United States before World War II, but essentially vanished in the 1940s and 1950s, thanks to DDT and other potent, long-lasting pesticides that could be bought over the counter, said University of Kentucky entomologist Michael Potter.

They persisted elsewhere in the world, and decades after those pesticides were banned, made a comeback here. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, they started appearing in big-city hotels, stowing away in the clothes and luggage of international travelers. They soon spread to homes, offices, schools, libraries, anywhere they can find a meal.

They dont care about filth, like a cockroach. They feed on us, Stuparich said. Equal opportunity diners, they show up in single-room occupancy hotels and posh apartments.

Los Angeles ranked fourth and San Francisco ranked 10th on a list of U.S. cities where Orkin, a pest control company, performed the most bedbug treatments last year.

San Francisco has had a bedbug ordinance since 2012 that, in some ways, goes beyond what the state law requires.

If a prospective tenant asks about bedbugs, the landlord must disclose in writing the unit’s bedbug infestation and abatement history, or lack thereof, for the previous two years.

Within two days of getting a bedbug complaint, the property owner or manager must hire a licensed pest control operator to investigate that unit and the ones above, below, next door and across the hall.

Its one of the few pests where we dont want any kind of do-it-yourselfer dealing with it, said Larry Kessler, principal health inspector with the citys Department of Public Health.

The San Francisco ordinance requires landlords to make available to tenants information on the signs and symptoms of bedbugs. Under the new state law, they will have to provide it. Many landlords have voluntarily included in lease agreements a bedbug addendum put out by the San Francisco Apartment Association. The California association has published a similar addendum for member use that complies with state law.

There are various ways to kill bedbugs. The lowest level is treating the affected areas with steam or pesticides, said Darren Van Steenwyk, technical director with Clark Pest Control. Another option is heating an entire room, apartment or house up to lethal temperature. Extreme cases might require tenting the building and fumigating.

The cost of each treatment depends on the labor involved but can range from hundreds to many thousands of dollars, Van Steenwyk said.

William Meyer, whose company WM Properties manages apartments in San Francisco, had to treat about 10 units in two buildings, one on Nob Hill, a couple of years ago. The cost was about $1,000 per unit. Some required up to six visits over six months.

Tenants are often required to vacuum thoroughly; put their clothes, linens and stuffed animals in the washer or dryer on the highest heat possible and store other belongings in airtight containers for extended periods.

State law requires landlords to repair, at their expense, damage or problems that compromise habitability, unless they can prove that it was the tenants fault.

We find that landlords claim they are not responsible, for bedbugs, said Deepa Varma, executive director of the San Francisco Tenants Union. In multifamily dwellings, its almost impossible to prove it was the tenants who brought in the bedbugs. Because of that, generally speaking, landlords are not able to pass those costs on to tenants if tenants know their rights and fight back.

Tenants in San Francisco who think their landlords are not cooperating should contact the health department. We will make sure the landlord does what is necessary, Kessler said.

Since 2012, the department has received 1,079 complaints about bedbugs in apartments and 1,104 about hotels, including single-room occupancy hotels.

Prout, of the California Apartment Association, said that if a bedbug issue comes up and there is a dispute as to whose fault it was, our recommendation (to landlords) is to treat first and deal with the issue of who is responsible later.

The question of who is at fault is one reason neither the state nor city bedbug laws will stop the spread of bedbugs, Potter said.

The holy grail of bedbug management is proactive inspection, he said. If you rely on tenants, you can have have ticking time bombs. People dont want to report them; theyre afraid of reprisal or having to pay for eradication.

New York City requires landlords to pay for bedbug extermination, Potter said, but no city or state requires them to do periodic inspections. If you are going on a complaint-based way of dealing with bedbugs, thats how we get into these horrific problems, Potter said. Some tenant has the mother lode, never reports them, and they disperse throughout the building.

Kathleen Pender is a San Francisco Chronicle columnist. Email: Twitter: @kathpender

New California law aims to stop spread of bedbugs – San Francisco … – San Francisco Chronicle

Couple’s horror as plague of rats infests their car and EATS the engine while their other motor is littered with … – The Sun

A COUPLE’S car was gutted by a horror plague of rats that chewed through wiring and nested in the engine.

The Citroen C2 was written off as it sat parked in a communal garage underneath its owners’ flat.

The Sun

The Sun

The Sun

The Sun

IT worker Chris Cooke, 24, couldn’t get girlfriend Aimee McAllister’s 1,000 motor started ahead of her return from university this summer.

He opened it up to find dozens of rodents and a mountain of droppings over the engine block.

“It was like something out of a horror movie”, he said. “It was completely beyond repair”.

And his car, a Renault Megane coupe, was riddled with decomposing rat carcasses after the creatures got trapped in the wheel arches.

Aimee was left in tears when she was showered with maggots which fell from the top of the door when she shut it.

She had to borrow the car after hers was scrapped because of the infestation.

The Sun

The Sun

The Sun

‘YOU CAN’T SCARE ME’ Porn star reveals ISIS have threatened to BEHEAD her and mocked up sick execution pics

‘A FAMILY HAS BEEN DESTROYED’ Eight dead in M1 horror pile-up after two lorries collide with minibus ‘with kids on board’ leaving it flattened – as two are arrested

Y-ORA FIRED Stunning Virgin air hostess forced to quit job after telling her partner that Rita Ora was ‘flawless’ and ‘a beautiful oil painting’ in flirty Facebook posts

MUSCLE MAN DIES Who was Rich Piana and how did he die? Bodybuilder in a coma who had admitted taking steroids

BUY ONCE, PAY TWICE Aldi customers have been DOUBLE-CHARGED as store urges out-of-pocket shoppers to check their statements

‘I’M HEARTBROKEN’ Elite bodybuilder Rich Piana dies aged 46 after two weeks in a coma following ‘overdose’ – as his estranged wife pays tribute

The gross larvae had crawled up from underneath the front wing and bumper, which were taken off to reveal the source of a disgusting smell.

Stomach-churning photos and footage shows maggots festering in the bodywork and crawling on the carpet in the driver’s side footwell.

“I literally threw up”, Chris said. “I have never gagged and wretched so much in my life. The smell was unimaginable”.

The couple are complaining to their landlord and the manager of their block of flats on Shankill Road in Belfast.

“No one has helped or admitted blame for this biblical rat attack at all”, Chris said.

“We’ve lost a 1,000 car and taken time out of work to try to get this sorted, but nothing is happening”.

The Sun

The Sun

The couple pay 525 a month rent for their one-bed flat, which includes the cost of maintenance and car parking.

But despite rat traps being laid and efforts being taken to fill in cracks in masonry and brickwork, the invasion has been going on for months.

Fuming Chris told The Sun: “We’re worried about our health. These rats have been nesting in peoples’ cars for God-knows how long, and maggots have been feeding on their remains. It’s revolting.”

The couple are so badly out of pocket because of the rat menace that they can’t afford a new second-hand car, so have to share Chris’s despite their clashing work patterns.

They were only given 20 for scrapping the old Citroen, while they have had to fork out on expensive cleaning products to scrub away the rat remains on the other motor.

The Sun

“Every time we call them, the letting agent can’t get off the phone quick enough”, Chris added.

“We had an email from the building manager offering their ‘deepest sympathies’ but that doesn’t help much at all.”

Neighbours at the city-centre new-build block say that an annexed corridor connecting their building with the next door unit is where the rats had been nesting before.

Pest exterminators laid down poison to wipe out the nasty rodents but the sealed up area is now riddled with their corpses.

A hairdresser who uses a neighbouring unit told Chris that she can’t allow her customers to use her toilet because the smell in the room is so bad.

Chris said: “Everyone is so fed up with the rats nothing seems to be getting done about them at all”.

“It’s a huge health risk and they’ve really hurt our wallets too”.

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Couple’s horror as plague of rats infests their car and EATS the engine while their other motor is littered with … – The Sun

Cleveland Tops Terminix’s Newest ‘Top 20 Bed Bug Cities’ List – PCT Magazine

MEMPHIS, Tenn. Just in time for late-summer vacations and students returning to college campuses, Terminix released a list of the top 20 bed bug-infested cities in America, based on service requests the company received during the first half of 2017

The list includes cities across the United States and features the following five top cities: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Las Vegas, and Denver. Four states scratched their way onto the list with more than one city: Ohio, Arizona, Pennsylvania and California.

The top 20 cities for bed bug infestations in the United States* are:

1. Cleveland, Ohio2. Cincinnati, Ohio3. Detroit, Mich.4. Las Vegas, Nev.5. Denver, Colo.6. Houston, Texas7. Phoenix, Ariz.8. Indianapolis, Ind.9. Oklahoma City, Okla.10. Philadelphia, Pa.11. Baltimore, Md.12. Pittsburgh, Pa.13. Washington, D.C.14. Tucson, Ariz.15. San Francisco, Calif.16. St. Louis, Mo.17. Atlanta, Ga.18. Tampa, Fla.19. Memphis, Tenn.20. San Diego, Calif.

The bed bug experts at Terminix say that bed bug infestations have significantly increased since the late 1990s, and while researchers are unsure of the exact causes, factors such as increased international travel and insecticide resistance likely bear some responsibility.

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate, said Paul Curtis, director, technical services at Terminix, and they can travel to new locations very easilyhitching a ride on clothing, handbags, suitcases and taxis, which can create substantial infestations in no time.

Without the help of a professional, bed bugs can hide undetected for months. Signs of an infestation include reddish-brown blood spots on sheets or mattresses, a strong musty odor, or sightings of the pests themselves, which are the size, shape and color of an apple seed. Home or business owners who suspect a bed bug problem should contact a pest control company as soon as possible to schedule an inspection.

*This list was created by compiling actual services data from more than 300 Terminix branches across the country. The rankings represent Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) with the highest number of actual services between Jan. 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017.

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Cleveland Tops Terminix’s Newest ‘Top 20 Bed Bug Cities’ List – PCT Magazine

Indy ranks eighth-worst for bed bugs – Fox 59

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.Dont let the bed bugs bite!

That old adage might be sage advice for people living in Indianapolis. According to national pest control company Terminix, Indianapolis ranks number eight for cities with the most bed bug infestations. In previous years, Indianapolis has come in at number 12.

According to local exterminators, the ranking does not come as much of a surprise.

Jamal Shah, owner of The Bug Boss Termite and Pest Control, said he gets between two and three calls a day for people dealing with bed bugs. According to Shah, many of the infestations are spread through schools, where one child brings a backpack to class that is contaminated with the critters.

Those then easily spread to other bags and on to other homes.

Shah said in almost all cases, it takes a professional to clear out an infestation of bed bugs. According to Terminix, the worst city for bed bug infestations is Cleveland, Ohio.

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Indy ranks eighth-worst for bed bugs – Fox 59

Confirmed case of bed bugs at Parma Senior High School – News 5 … – News 5 Cleveland

An exterminator is set to take care of a confirmed case of bed bugs at Parma Senior High School Thursday evening.

The district reports the affected area is closed and secured from the rest of the school population.

An exterminator will come in and heat the area to a specific temperature in an attempt to kill all of the bugs. The room will be re-examined after 24 hours to make sure all the bugs are gone. Once the area is determined to be bug-free, it will reopen.

The district says the heat treatment method is the most effective to treat bed bugs and no harmful chemicals or pesticides need to be used.

The school will remain open tomorrow.

RELATED:Cleveland tenants fight bed bug infestation, city ranked in top 15 for bed bug issues

Below is the transcript of the call sent out to parents Thursday afternoon:

Based on a search conducted by a trained K9, it was confirmed that Parma Senior had an isolated area with bed bug presence. The area was immediately secured and locked to isolate possible bugs. The area will be treated this evening, Thursday, August 24 using a technique of heating the area to an appropriate temperature to eliminate the possibility of live bugs. We will remain open tomorrow and throughout the week as neither the isolation of the area nor the heating of the area interferes with education. We area also working closely with the pest control contractor and with district health officials to monitor the building.

Go here to see the original:
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Hotel promised to rehabilitate residents. Instead, they faced bedbugs, drugs, vermin. – Charlotte Observer

For more than two years, city inspectors have documented unsafe and squalid conditions at a weekly hotel near uptown that houses low-income families with children, the disabled and others with nowhere else to go.

Inspectors found rooms with no heat or air conditioning, piles of garbage, bedbugs and broken windows among other problems at the Airport Parkway Inn and Suites. Former tenants and a neighboring business complain the building on Wilkinson Boulevard is a magnet for drugs and crime.

Now, Charlotte officials are taking steps that could lead to the demolition of the hotel, a rare move the city has not taken in at least seven years against a lodging establishment.

The building is part of a virtually unnoticed housing sector in Charlotte, where hundreds of people suffering from addiction and mental illness or simply with few other options depend on weekly hotel rooms for permanent shelter.

While tenants avoid sleeping on the streets, they often stay in decrepit and vermin-infested buildings across the city because they cant scrape together enough cash for a deposit, utilities and other expenses to move into an apartment.

Advocates for the poor say the businesses can thrive financially because Charlotte doesnt have enough affordable housing, homeless shelters are almost always full and some hotel owners are not held accountable for substandard conditions.

The Airport Parkway has been cited for more than 20 violations since the beginning of 2015, but authorities did not appear to escalate action against the hotel until a county commissioner complained in July. The latest violation came Wednesday, when city officials cited the hotel for trash and debris on the property.

Interviews with former and current tenants at the Airport Parkway Inn and Suites found that they paid as much as $1,000 a month in some cases nearly all their monthly income for a building where inspectors have found faulty plumbing, inoperable smoke detectors and blocked exits.

The hotel operator has promoted the Airport Parkway online as therapeutic housing for the homeless and people recovering from drug addiction. She once promised a safe, drug free, and stable living environment.

But in December, a 65-year-old man wasnt discovered for three days after he died in his room near a suspected crack pipe, according to a state medical examiners report. He died from cocaine toxicity and the use of oxycodone and diazepam, an anti-anxiety drug, the report says.

One former tenant said she relapsed while living in the hotel earlier this year because drug dealers operated inside the hotel, sometimes going door-to-door.

These people were desperate and they were exploited, said Trasha Black, clinical director for Genesis Project 1, a nonprofit that is working to move former hotel tenants into apartments. It was horrific. I have no idea why this place was allowed to operate.

Commissioner Pat Cotham said she complained after visiting the hotel earlier this year and meeting with a tenant who said she suffered from bedbug bites. Cotham said she cant understand how inspectors could have seen the hotel conditions and not moved to impose stiff sanctions sooner.

That part is dumbfounding to me, Cotham said. It is a failure. A lot of people knew about this but didnt speak up. Why did you wait?

Piles of trash sit at the end of a hallway on the third floor of the Airport Parkway Inn and Suites. For more than two years, city inspectors have documented unsafe and squalid conditions at a weekly hotel near uptown that houses low-income families with children, the disabled and others with nowhere else to go.

Alex Kormann

In the coming days, code enforcement inspectors will look throughout the three-story building for possible sanitary and safety violations under the citys minimum housing standards ordinance. Officials will decide whether to order repairs, take the property owner to court or recommend that City Council order the structure demolished.

Code Enforcement Division Manager Ben Krise said city rules prevented his office from taking aggressive steps before now.

For example, Krise said, inspectors received complaints only about individual rooms. The conditions in the common areas and the exterior of the building did not warrant additional actions, he said.

Cothams complaint encompassed the entire property, which Krise said allowed the city to go through every room.

In the past, when inspectors cited violations in individual rooms, Krise said, the Airport Parkway has fixed the problems.

But on recent visits by reporters, roaches crawled on the front-desk counter and lobby floor. Insects hovered around trash piled at end of the second floor. A bathtub in a vacant room held a dead bird.

City records show four code enforcement complaints against the property from 2016 and 2017 remain unresolved, including one for dilapidated condition of premises.

Asked why the city has not shuttered the hotel for repeated violations, Krise said I cant shut down anything. City code doesnt allow it.

Under current rules, he said, code enforcement inspectors have the authority to fine repeat offenders $50 for health and sanitation violations. The office also can hire private contractors for services such as garbage removal or grass cutting and seek repayment from the property owner. In at least two cases in 2016, records say the city hired contractors to cut grass or clean up the building.

The documents do not say how much the city paid or whether the hotel reimbursed the city for the costs.

Krise said officials are considering a proposal that would stiffen fines for repeat and chronic offenders. Inspectors would be able to impose fines of $150, $250 and $500, he said.

Delores Jordan, who operates the Airport Parkway, said her business operates like any other motel where customers can rent rooms.

She said she and her staff are doing their best with a difficult population.

Jordan acknowledged the building has bedbugs and roaches, but said that she has hired an exterminator and provides bug killer to tenants. Some tenants, she said, bring bedbugs or other insects to the hotel when they move from homeless shelters or the streets.

Jordan leases the building from the owner and she said that he was responsible for some problems, such as faulty plumbing. The building owner, Sammy Cheema, disputed that account. Cheema said he and Jordan had reached an agreement to pay for repairs and renovations.

Mecklenburg Countys Health Department regulates hotels and hotels and has the power to close establishments that pose a risk to public health.

But the Health Department does not consider Airport Parkway a lodging facility.

The county did not make officials available for interviews to explain their position.

In a written statement, the county did not say how the Health Department categorizes the property. It said it does not have authority to inspect the building and has referred complaints to the city.

Cotham said the Health Department defines the property as transitional housing, where customers pay to sleep in rooms for weeks or even years longer than a traditional hotel stay.

The Health Department regulates swimming pools and an inspector looked into a complaint about the one at Airport Parkway. A worker secured an unlatched gate with two zip ties to prevent anyone going into the pool, which had no operating permit and contained only about 12 inches of water.

County authorities said they later cited the property owner for failing keep a gate entrance to the swimming pools secured when the zip ties were found missing during a follow-up visit.

The Airport Parkway has been cited for more than 20 violations since the beginning of 2015, but authorities did not appear to escalate action against the hotel until County Commissioner Pat Cotham complained in July. Here, Cotham sprays bug spray on the bed of a tenant in an effort to combat the bed bug infestation.

Alex Kormann

Social workers from Genesis Project 1 began counseling tenants earlier this year and helped relocate more than a dozen families and individuals. Black, clinical director for the agency, said her agency complained to hotel management but was unsatisfied with the response.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have filed 50 reports of crimes at the Airport Parkway since the beginning of 2015, a number police said was more than typical, but not among the highest totals in the city. Reports included drug offenses and assaults.

People cant stay clean in that environment, Black said. There is too much crime and too many drugs.

Faith Jones, 59, lived in the hotel from February to July. Jones said was she was homeless and recovering from a hip replacement when her daughter rented her a room.

She said she was attending substance abuse treatment and each morning had to walk past a room where a tenant sold drugs. Sometimes, she said, dozens of roaches would cover the walls and floors.

Roaches out of this world, Jones said. There would be 60 or 70. I would get overcome with disgust. I would sit on the edge of my bed and cry.

She shared a room with her daughter, Toni Moore, 42, who also attends drug treatment. Moore said she relapsed and bought narcotics in the hotel.

Both have moved to another hotel with the assistance of Genesis Project 1 and plan to eventually relocate to an apartment.

The Airport Parkway Inn and Suites has been cited for more than 20 violations since the beginning of 2015, but authorities did not appear to escalate action against the hotel until a county commissioner complained in July.

Alex Kormann

Jordan, the Airport Parkway operator, said that without the building, the people who live in 20 rooms would have nowhere to go. The building has 40 other rooms, but Jordan said plumbing problems prevent her from renting those rooms.

Average rent in Charlotte for an apartment is about $1,100 a month, more than some who stay in the Airport Parkway make in monthly income.

The federal government says renters typically should put no more than 30 percent of their income toward housing. Higher costs can leave people without enough money for food, medicine, transportation and other basic needs.

It sounds like everybody needs a scapegoat, Jordan said. I dont know why you are questioning me. You cant have five-star conditions when you dont pay five-star prices.

A city report says Charlotte needs about 34,000 affordable housing units to meet the need, more than double a decade ago. At the same time, rent prices are rising faster than wages, according to federal estimates.

Advocates for the poor say that means more people must rely on homeless shelters and weekly hotels.

A Childs Place, a nonprofit that serves homeless school children and their caretakers, says nearly a third of its 800 families stay in hotels, where rooms costs $200 a week and up.

The costs are often high and this expense takes away from a family trying to save enough money for a security deposit on a more stable housing situation, said Art Gallagher, former interim executive director.

In July, a woman stood in her second-floor room at the Airport Parkway and held out her arms to show visitors what she believed were bedbug bites.

The woman, who asked that her name not be published because she feared retribution from the hotel management, said she had moved to the hotel because the room cost $800 a month. Another hotel where she said she previously stayed cost $1,400 a month almost as much as she receives in monthly Social Security disability benefits.

On a day when temperatures reached into the 90s, the rooms air conditioning unit did not appear to be working.

The woman looked around the room and choked back tears. If I would have known my life would turn out like this, I would have killed myself, she said.

Interviews with former and current tenants at the Airport Parkway Inn and Suites found that they paid as much as $1,000 a month in some cases nearly all their monthly income for a building where inspectors have found had faulty plumbing, inoperable smoke detectors and blocked exits

Alex Kormann

Alex Kormann and Maria David contributed to this report.

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Hotel promised to rehabilitate residents. Instead, they faced bedbugs, drugs, vermin. – Charlotte Observer

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