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Flying Squirrel | World’s Weirdest – YouTube

Flying isn’t just for the birds. A stretchy membrane and rudder-like tail help this little mammal sail through the treetops, avoiding land-bound predators with ease. Subscribe: Get More Worlds Weirdest:

About World’s Weirdest:A buffalo with three eyes, an exterminator who eats his days work, an elephant rampage through a restaurantall very bizarre, all very real. These shocking and strange animal viral moments only found on Worlds Weirdest. Each one-hour episode explores the most bizarre in the animal kingdom. Freaky Feasts wets our appetite for the weirdest animal meals ever. Oddities is a showcase for the most unusual animals. Sneak Attacks features the most shocking animal encounters ever. And let’s spread a little shame on those animals that throw the rules away on Animals Behaving Badly.

Get More Nat Geo Wild: Official Site:

About Nat Geo Wild:Welcome to a place so wild, anything can happen. Nat Geo Wild is the network all about animals from National Geographic, where every story is an adventure and your imagination is allowed to run wild.

Squirrel Animal Squirrel | World’s Weirdest

Nat Geo Wild

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Flying Squirrel | World’s Weirdest – YouTube

Elite Pest Control | Exterminator Minneapolis MN

Offering extermination services to Minneapolis MN and surrounding areas including pest and wildlife control. 612-260-8210

Need an exterminator you can rely on? Want to not just eliminate your pest problem but control it over time? Call the experts at Elite Pest Control today! We use green, plant-based products to eliminate your pest problem and control it long-term. Whether you are having issues with bed bugs, rats, mice, bees or wildlife, we can address the issue and come up with a long-term, cost-effective solution. Heat treat for bed bugs? No problem, Elite offers a payment plan to fit your budget!

Pest ControlWildlife Control

Elite Pest Control, in Maple Grove MN, specializes in pest control and wildlife control. We are a licensed and insured contractor. With 15 years in the business, we know all the ins and outs of effective insect and rodent extermination. From pesky and dangerous insects to mice and small rodents, we offer a wide range of services that will have a lasting impact.

The core group of products we use are “Green” products, which are derivatives of plants oils and fossils crushed into fine dust or powders, for you and your family’s health and safety. These products are used to control anything from cockroaches to ants and bees.

We work 7 days, including holidays and offer free pest inspections local customers (there is a small trip charge for those who are 30 or more miles out).

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Elite Pest Control | Exterminator Minneapolis MN

Exterminator’s Of Bugs & Termites – Fumigation Worx – Pest …

Fumigation Worx offer an array of pest control services in Gauteng, we are specialised exterminators of all bugs as well as in the removal of termites. Dont hesitate, Get your free quote today!

The key to Fumigation Worx success is identifying the needs of the Individuals or Business and addressing them to their exact requirement. Our company specialises in providing the highest quality fumigation services and pest control services throughout Gauteng.

We do not subscribe to generalised pest control services (bug and termite exterminations) that may cause environmental damage, threaten or create resistance in other species. All our efforts are directed only at targeted species and all our remedies are registered and approved for targeted use. We focus mainly on the unique needs of all clients, ensuring a clean, safe and healthy working and living environment. Whether it be termite inspection, bug control or rat control, our highly trained, qualified professionals do it all.

Fumigation Worx only employs certified pest control technicians and will always have their Identity and Certification documents available for your piece of mind and security.

All our work carries a minimumtwo month guaranteefor general pest control and a five year guaranteefor termite treatments.

Contact us on011 434 4212/072 641 8808for free advice and a free quotation.

We do not charge a callout fee for quotations on pest control services

Call Us: 011 434 4212 or visit our contact page for our full contact details.

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Exterminator’s Of Bugs & Termites – Fumigation Worx – Pest …

Termite Extermination | Termite Control

Termites are of great value in nature as they help break down cellulose and create rich soil. Fallen trees and old logs are broken down into nutritious soil enrichments. But when termites get near or into our structures, they must be controlled. Termite extermination is a $2 billion industry in the Unites States alone, according to researchers.

Termite extermination methods depend on the type of termite. For subterranean termites, extermination methods include use of liquid soil treatments, wood treatments, or baiting systems. Termite extermination for drywood termites, which live above the soil in warmer climates, includes use of fumigation or spot treatments of the infested and endangered wood.

Scientists estimate that Americans spend millions of dollars every year treating termites and repairing the damage that they cause. Because of the amount of money involved, most homeowners want to

Scientists estimate that Americans spend millions of dollars every year treating termites and repairing the damage that they cause. Because of the amount of money involved, most homeowners want to

For many years termite control involved a chemical barrier around the foundation and underneath a home. This approach did not always work because termites found gaps in the barrier. The

The Formosan subterranean termite, Coptotermes Formosanus (Shiraki), has been called the “super termite”. It is probably the most aggressive subterranean termite in the United States. One Formosan termite eats about

Drywood termites get their name from their habit of attacking wood that is above the ground. Drywood termites do not ever go into the soil. There are several species of

Every year Americans spend millions of dollars to treat termites and repair the damage that they cause. Because of the amount of money involved, many states have regulations that govern

Many homeowners as well as commercial building managers wonder if it is possible to perform termite control work without the use of a professional pest control company. While generally a

Americans spend billions of dollars every year treating termites and repairing the damage that they cause. Because of that, homeowners take termite control very seriously. There are several types of

For most American homeowners, their home is their biggest investment. For that reason, they get very upset when they think termites might be attacking their home.There are aboveground termites that

Every year termites attack thousands of homes in the United States. Because of this, homeowners spend billions of dollars treating termites and repairing the damage that they cause.For many years,

Commercial termite control can vary dramatically from residential termite control. Due to the nature of commercial building construction, the types of activities conducted, and the general landscaping, commercial termite control

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Termite Extermination | Termite Control

The Best Bed Bugs Exterminator in Queens, NY

Are you waking up with itchy welts on your skin, or are there brown spots on your sheet that you cant explain? Perhaps youve noticed bugs that resemble apple seeds in or around your bed. If any of this is true there is a good chance that you have a bed bug infestation, and if so its important to contact a bed bug exterminator in Chicago as soon as possible.

Bed bugs may be small, but they are very hearty, and theyve been bugging humans and other warm blooded animals for thousands of years. The bed bugs in your home continue to be just as resilient. Each one can live for more than a year, even without food. Females lay 4-7 eggs every day, which add up to 500 through the course of their life. They are also excellent at hide and go seek, hiding in sheets, mattress crevices, baseboards, electrical outlets, They may congregate together if they find a good spot, but there are usually stragglers hanging out somewhere by themselves as well.

If youve just discovered bed bugs in your home, youre probably wonder where they came from. The answer? Just about anywhere. They may have climbed onto your jacket when it was hanging up at a restaurant, or there may have been a couple that decided your luggage looked like a good home when you went for that get away weekend last month. Bed bugs move fast and can be very discrete when they set their minds to it. They dont care whether your home is clean, dirty, or cluttered. An infestation is something that can happen to anyone.

Whats important is that you act quickly as soon as suspicions arise by contacting a bed bugs exterminator as soon as possible. Professional exterminators are not only trained to spot adult bed bugs, but they can also get to any eggs that have been laid, or newly hatched bugs which are difficult for a novice to spot.

Calling a professional is the best way to take care of an existing bed bug problem, however you can do your part in reducing the amount of bugs and making them easier to find. Sheets need to be washed in hot water on a regular basis, and when staying in hotels, it is a good idea to check the seams of the mattress and other furniture to prevent stowaways in your luggage.

Even if you dont suspect bed bugs in your home, it never hurts to check for them periodically around all their typical hiding places its better to catch them before they bite you or your children. And its best to get the help you need to make sure they are gone.

Call us today (718) 683-5181

How did bed bugs get into my home?Although a cluttered home will offer better hiding spots, the reality is that bed bugs possess a high affinity for blood, CO2, and warmth and will most likely not get into your home due to the dirt. If you live in a hostel or an apartment complex, they can walk between rooms. You can also introduce them into your home if youve ever bought used furniture. Alternatively, if you use public transport, theyll hide in purses, luggage, and backpacks.How can I get rid of bed bugs in my home?Cleaning everything from bedding, linen curtains to clothing. Scrub all the mattresses with a brush. Vacuum the bed and all the furniture in your home or a regular basis. Remove any clutter where the bed bugs can hide. Contact Bed Bugs Exterminator Queens and will offer you free bed bugs inspection.What are the signs there bed bugs in my house?Aside from seeing live bed bugs, youll discover rusty or reddish stains on your bed sheets from crushed bugs. Its also possible to spot eggs and eggshells or even dark spots from their excrement. For home bed bugs inspection and removal, contact Bed Bugs Exterminator Queens for a quote.How can I identify bed bugs on a mattress?Bugs hide in the folds, turfs, along the seams, and inside the mattress. Look out for any cracks and crevices that may act as hiding spots for bed bugs, eggs, and eggshells. You may discover rusty reddish stains on the mattress.What methods are applied in bed bugs extermination?

Is it possible to find bed bugs during the day?Generally, bed bugs are active during the night. They hide in the crevices and cracks during the daylight hours. Their best attacking time is at dawn when youre sound asleep. Therefore, it can be painstaking to spot them in broad daylight.Do I need to prepare my home for bedbug inspection?Be sure to move a few items from the house as possible. Whatever you move should be thoroughly checked. Wash all the linen and bedding with hot water. Make sure that all the items are dried. Get free bed bugs inspection for your home from Bed Bugs Exterminator Queens.What measures can I take to prevent bed bug infestation in my home?

Do I need to call a professional bed bugs exterminators?Beg bugs infestation is a crisis, and its always advisable to call an expert who can offer free home bed bugs inspection and come up with ways of eliminating them. At Bed Bugs Exterminator Queens, were experts in bed bugs extermination. For free bed bugs inspection and removal, contact us at (718) 683-5181.

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The Best Bed Bugs Exterminator in Queens, NY

Home – Balance of Nature, Inc

Mosquito-borne virus sickens 20 in NJ

Posted: Jul 29, 2014 12:46 PM EDT Updated: Aug 05, 2014 12:49 PM EDT By KATHY CARVAJAL, Web Producer Click Here to View Article and Video MYFOXNY.COM/AP Twenty New Jersey residents have tested positive for a mosquito-borne virus that has spread through the Caribbean. The state Health Department says the residents who came []

Skunks are becoming active. Phone calls are coming in of people and pets being sprayed. The most common areas for skunks to take up residence are under decks, sheds and crawlspaces. We will remove the skunks, seal the entire perimeter and warranty our work. Skunks are also on the rabies vector list. Call us to []

There are two really big Pest Control issues in New Jersey in January and February. Balance of Nature, Inc, provides services for both Mice Removal and Squirrel Removal from your home or business. Rodent problems (which include rats and mice) are most common during the winter months. Also this winter, be aware that squirrels will []

Announcing! Balance of Nature is now offering updated Pest Control Coupons For 2014! Our New Jersey residents will be happy to see that we are offering a General Service Coupon for 10% OFF any service. First Time Customers also receive this discount. Click the image at right to print your pest control coupons for 2014. []

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Home – Balance of Nature, Inc

Spider Killer – Insecticide Spray, Repellent Traps, Poison …

Spiders and other arachnids are in general very helpful for your garden, but they are unfortunately NOT so helpful in your home. However, you dont have to call an exterminator to kill spiders. Getting rid of and controllingspiders is just a few simple steps away with our products.

Spiders probably arent on the top of everyones list of annoying pests, in fact they probably rank below most of the other common pests such as rats and roaches; however they can cause many of the same problems that other pests do and have some traits that make them even worse in many respects than other insects and rodents.

Most species of spiders arent likely to cause huge infestations, but even having a few in your home can present an issue if you are bitten by them. There are even a couple of species such as black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders that are a serious threat to your health and have been known to cause fatalities with their bites.

Here at the best do-it-yourself pest control storeyoull find all the spider killer products includingrepellent, spray, traps, poison, and bait you will need to exterminate them. And of course we also offer the free expert advice you have come to expect from us. Well have your home spider-free in no time.

1. Spray a liquid insecticide concentrate such as Suspend SC, Cyper WSP, or Demon WP around the perimeter of the building, and around windows and doors and other entry points. You can also spray inside along the baseboards and in the upper corners and bottom corners of walls. This is especially important in the garage and/or basement.

2. For heavier infestations dusting with an insecticide dust such as Delta Dust may also be needed. Dust in attics and under baseboards and in wall voids.

3. We also recommend using acobweb dusterto knock down spiders webs as you see them. This will help discourage spiders from building webs in those areas.

Generally speaking spiders arent as troublesome as other pests in a day to day living environment. They usually only cause issues when there are large numbers of them or they intrude on your daily activities. Other than just being super freaky, one of the bigger threats they pose is biting you while you sleep, as they are usually nocturnal and will occasionally go out searching for food at night.

Should they happen to come across a sleeping person they might feel threatened and bite, leaving that person with a painful red welt, or worse. They are usually content to lay in wait for prey to come to them. This in and of itself can present a problem, as their webs are often an eyesore in the form of cobwebs, and reveal the fact that there is a not insignificant spider population in the house.

Here are some spider pictures:

Image courtesy of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Image courtesy of Virginia Tech

Image courtesy of Jim Sawtelle

Image courtesy of the University of Michigan

Image courtesy of the University of Georgia

Image courtesy of the University of California – Irvine

Image courtesy of Michael Hasson

Images courtesy of Mandy Howe from

Image courtesy of the University of New Mexico

Image courtesy of Mike Saville

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Spider Killer – Insecticide Spray, Repellent Traps, Poison …

Termite Control Products – Termite Treatment | Do My Own …

A professional micro-encapsulated water-base insecticide for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor areas.

A professional termiticide that is a “repellant” termiticide that controls subterranean termite infestations with a 5 Year Residual in the soil.

Broad-spectrum insecticide provides excellent control of subterranean termites in pre-and post-construction applications.

A professional termiticide and the most effective termiticide and ant control product available today.

A professional termiticide insecticide that kills termites and other insects in commercial & residential indoors and outdoor perimeter.

A professional insecticide that controls insects in commercial & residential and indoor & outdoor area including turf & ornamental plants.

A professional insecticide that controls insects for commercial & residential indoors & outdoors including lawns and landscape ornamentals.

Non-repellent termiticide with Imidacloprid. Kills termites by direct contact and the transfer effect, eventually wiping out the entire colony.

A professional insecticide for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor insects and wood-destroying insects including ornamental plants.

A professional termiticide insecticide for subterranean, drywood, dampwood termites and carpenter ants with outdoor perimeter treatments and contains 21.4% Imidacloprid.

A professional oil base termiticide insecticide that is residual and water resistant for outdoors on turf-grass, ornamentals and termites.

A professional insecticide that controls insects for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor areas including lawns and landscaping.

A professional termiticide with a reduced-risk termite control product on the market.

A professional residual insecticide that controls insects for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor areas including lawns, shrubs and trees.

A professional termicide insecticide that kills termites and insects for residential & commercial outside perimeter applications.

An insecticide that controls over 75 insects for residential indoors & outdoors in turf-grass, ornamental plants, shrubs and trees.

A professional termicide insecticide that kills termites and insects for residential and commercial outside perimeter applications.

A professional insecticide that controls insects for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor areas including turf-grass and ornamental landscaping.

Taurus SC contains the same amount of active ingredient as Termidor SC (9.1% fipronil) for excellent termite and pest control.

A professional insecticide that controls insects for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor areas including lawns and ornamentals.

A professional micro-encapsulated insecticide for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor applications including lawns and ornamental shrubs & trees.

A professional insecticide that controls over 30 insects for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor applications including lawns & landscaping.

A professional Insecticide that is a wettable powder to control insects for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor areas including landscaping and turf-grass.

Premise Pro Insecticide provides superior protection for pre construction treatment against subterranean termites

A professional insecticide that controls insects for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor areas including lawns, ornamental shrubs and trees.

A professional termiticide insecticide with 2 active ingredients for outdoor perimeter applications for commercial & residential sites.

Totality Wood Treatment provides pest management control for all wood treatment programs.

A professional termiticide insecticide for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor applications including lawns, ornamental plants and fruit & nut trees.

A professional insecticide for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor applications on lawns & ornamental landscaping and interior plantscapes.

A professional insecticide with residual control for commercial & residential indoor & outdoors applications including lawns and landscape shrubs & trees.

A professional suspension insecticide with two active ingredients that kills mosquitoes, bed bugs, spiders, fleas and other hard to kill insects.

See Also: How to do a termite treatment

Termite killer products are available asliquids, termite bait systems, or both. Liquid Termite spray products are fast acting, can be applied closer to the infestation, and require less maintenance. Termite Bait Systems are less intrusive, no drilling or trenching is needed, no expensive equipment is required, and bait systems can help you identify a problem before the termites reach your home. You can do your own termite control, and we carry all the termite killer you’ll need.Continue reading below the products to learn more about termite protection.

Termite pest control can be costly but with the expert advice and professional products at, you can find everything you need to do it yourself. This video provides an overview of do-it-yourself termite control products and methods.

Termites can be one of the most destructive insects to your home. Theyre not just annoying, but they can actually damage the structural integrity of your most important investment. In the southern United States it is estimated that there can be anywhere from 15-25 active termite colonies in any given acre of land. The question is not if your home will get these wood-eating monsters, but when. You have invested a lot into your home and theres no reason why you shouldnt invest in some good termite control to keep them away. At Do My Own Pest Control we have all the different pest control products you need to live pest free, even from termites.

Termites are a huge problem and a serious threat to the value and structural integrity of your home. However, due to their reclusive nature, it can be hard to tell whether or not your house is troubled by these insects. Therefore you should know the following termites signs that might indicate a problem in your home and be ready to act to get rid of them if they are present.

There are three different types of termites that are likely to infest your home: Subterranean termites, drywood termites, and dampwood termites. Here is a brief description of each type.

Termite Behavior

Here are some termite pictures to help you identify them:

Termite pest control services can be costly and thats why we sell everything you need to do it yourself. DIY termite control is so much cheaper than hiring an exterminator. On average, the cost to do it yourself isonly about 10%of what it would cost you to hire a company. When you consider that most companies will charge about $1,500 to do a treatment, you can easily see how much you can save with our help.

There are several different kinds of methods that you could use and we have the right experience to help you know which one is best. Our highly trained staff of termite control experts can help you implement the right protection so you never have to deal with termites again.

We sell all of the best professional products likeTermidorandBora Careto help you take control of your termite infestation and get rid of them for good. A fully matured termite queen can lay up to 2,000 new eggs per day and an aggressive approach to killing termites is often needed to completely exterminate them from your home. With these products, you’ll never have to wonder how to kill termites again!

If you would like to know how to get rid of termites, and the most effective treatment methods available today, you can give us a call at 1-866-581-PEST. We have termite extermination specialists standing by ready to help you get rid of these destructive pests for good!

1. How to Choose a Professional Termite Company – You have decided to call in the pros or maybe you have started your own treatments but needs some back up. These pointers will help you choose a company you can trust.

2. Do Your Own Subterranean Termite Inspection at Home – Every good termite treatment program begins with a thorough inspection to determine trouble spots. Find out how. This article includes a list of the most common signs of termite infestation.

3. Termite baiting is a fairly simple process and can be used as a tool to monitor termite activity early on before infestations flare up. Installing bait stations around your home provide excellent control when combined with a barrier/soil treatment. The following articles will assist you in successful termite baiting: Termite Baiting Systems,Firstline and Advance termite baiting systems, Do Your Own Termite Baiting.

4. Barrier/ Soil Treatments for Termite Control- Discusses how to do your own preventative barrier and soil treatments both pre- and post-construction, using products like Timbor, Termidor, and Cyper WP. Soil treatments form a barrier to prevent termites from entering your home through gaps, cracks, crawl spaces, or wooden elements in the foundation.

5. What to Do When Termites Infest Your Furniture- Hey, wait a second! That’s YOUR armchair! – What you can do to reclaim your recliner when Drywood Termites or other wood-destroying insects take over the sitting room.

Learn more about your pesky opponents’ savvy ways by reading up on some basic identification and biology:

1. Subterranean Termite ID & Biology

2. Drywood Termite ID & Biology

3. Dampwood Termite ID & Biology

There are three common termite species, and each is slightly different. Refer to our specific termite control pages for detailed information on how to control and get rid of the ones that plague you.

1. How to Get Rid of Subterranean Termites

2. How to Get Rid of Drywood Termites

3. How to Get Rid of Dampwood Termites

Recommended Products for Soil/ Barrier Treatments:

Termidor SC Termite Treatment – How to Apply Termidor SC

How To Apply Dominion 2L Termiticide – Dominion 2L Termite Treatment

Recommended Termite Baiting Systems:

The answer to this question will be different for everyone, and the right answer for you will depend on several factors. Termite treatments can be challenging and tedious, requiring specialized training and equipment. Many homeowners have successfully performed their own termite treatments using liquid treatments and/or baiting systems, while others have found it more prudent to pay a professional in order to save time, money, and potential frustration. Before you decide, you may want to consider the following:

I. If You Have an Existing Infestation:

The most effective treatment for active termite infestations is a combination of applying a barrier/soil termiticide treatment, and installing a termite bait system. Keep in mind that a baiting program requires a lot of time, effort, and energy on your part to install the stations and then monitor them on a consistent basis, over a period of years. If monitoring is not done properly, the baiting program will fail. If you feel that you are not up to monitoring your bait stations, call in the professionals!

How to do your own barrier/soil treatment.How to do your own termite baiting.

II. Preventative Treatments:

The same combination of termite treatments used for controlling an active infestation will go a long way to prevent future infestations.

Applying a liquid termiticide to your foundation soil will create a barrier to protect your home that can last up to 5 years if undisturbed.

Termite baiting systems are all the talk on the pest control market as an effective means of managing and preventing termites. Baiting is not a barrier, so it should not be used as a stand-alone treatment, but baiting will drastically reduce the chances of termites making their way into your home.

Recommended Termiticides for Soil/ Barrier TreatmentsCyper TC (Demon TC) Termiticide

Phantom Termiticide Insecticide

Taurus SC Termiticide


Recommended Termite Baiting SystemsAdvance Termite Monitor Bait StationUsed to hold the Advance termite monitoring base and wood base to detect subterranean termites.FirstLine Termite Defense System KitComplete Starter Kit for the Firstline Termite Defense System. Everything is included to provide your own Termite Control.

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Termite Control Products – Termite Treatment | Do My Own …

Arizona Pest Control | Tucson Termite Control Experts

Even though Tucson features adobe structures along with her majestic, soulful Saguaro cacti without many hardwoods in sight across her picturesque desert landscape, our termite team at Arizona Pest Control Company warns business and homeowners that four termite species currently terrorize Tucson and Southern Arizona structures. These termite species include:

In our committed quest to prevent and treat Southern Arizonas termite problems, AZ Pest Control termite inspectors receive ongoing training to ensure our residential and commercial customers receive the quality of service they deserve. Leading the termite inspection industry for almost 70 years, our termite team has earned a reputation of getting the job done right since 1947.

Utilizing one of the most advanced, effective and efficient termite elimination procedures, Arizona Pest Control Company offers the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. As one of the only authorized operators in Southern Arizona, our authorized termite technicians use this innovative, Presidential Green Chemistry Award winning baiting system to eliminate subterranean termite colonies by going to the source of the problem. Learn more about Sentricon.

We will utilize Termidor, the most effective termiticide available to the Pest Control Industry. Termidor is a termiticide that has revolutionized the industry. It is a non-repellent, so a termite cant smell, see, or feel it, as it forages freely in a treated zone. With a single application, Termidor delivers 100% control, and delivers results in 3 months or less. For more information about Termidor, visit

In conjunction with the Sentricon system, AZ Pest Control offers a wide variety of practices and techniques to control drywood and dampwood termites, as well. Our excellent standing with the Arizona Structural Pest Control Commission and our A+ Better Business Bureau rating confirms Arizona Pest Controls reputation as the indisputable source for comprehensive termite control in Tucson and Southern Arizona.

For more information on termites, to schedule a termite inspection, or to inquire about termite defense, termite removal, and how to tell if you have termites, call our office today at (520)886-7378!

Click to download the coupon.

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Arizona Pest Control | Tucson Termite Control Experts

Kingston, NY Exterminator | Insect & Rodent Pest Control

Pestmaster Services of Kingston, NY was founded in 1999, with the vision of providing the most effective pest management service possible while maintaining a sincere concern for our environment and safety. We provide a variety of pest control solutions throughout the greater New York area, includingtreatment of insects and rodents,nuisance wildlife,and pest bird control. We also offer weed control; aquatic pest management; tree, shrub, and lawn care; termites, bed bugs, squirrels, bats, and so much more. We even offer green and eco-friendly solutions, making us the right choice for residents, businesses, government agencies, school districts, and other sensitive locations interested in Pest Management with Environ-Mentality.

Pestmaster Services of Kingston, NY offers pest control throughout an expansive section of the New York area, from Albany County to Lower Westchester County and all points in between.

We provide specialty pest management plans to get jobs done safely and efficiently, with services that include the use of our Toro for golf course applications and our bed bug detecting K9’s Sophie, Fern, and Midnight! We also offer green options for bed bugs with our Eco-Freeze treatments!

Our Pestmaster Team believes it is more important than ever to be environmentally safe and eco friendly, which is why we offer and practice green pest control if and when needed. Visit our Facebook page to learn more about our community involvement and our dedication to making New York a great place to live, work, and visit!

Alleymor, Inc., dba Pestmaster Services of Kingston, NYPaul & Amy Alley, Franchise Owners pestmasterNY@aol.comCustomer Service Representative pestmastercsr@aol.com75 Lucas Ave. Kingston, NY 12401Bus (845) 340-9700 | Toll Free (877) 559-PEST 24 Hour (845) 629-4061 | Fax (845) 340-1888 | CONNECT

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Kingston, NY Exterminator | Insect & Rodent Pest Control

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