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Urban Wildlife Control Atlanta GA – Atlanta Animal Control …

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Urban Wildlife Control provides professional Squirrel Removal and Bee Exterminator services. We are the premier Atlanta animal control business and are proud to offer our clients Atlanta’s most comprehensive expert animal control services.

Our company specializes in control and removal of all animal and bee problems. We practice responsible animal control in Atlanta using the latest animal removal technology. This allows us to provide excellent customer service that protects the safety of your home and family.

Squirrels chew shingles, soffits, fascia boards and the insulation on electrical wiring leaving bare wire exposed. The resulting damage poses significant hazards from fire and water getting into your home. For this we provide Squirrel Removal Atlanta service to help you get rid of squirrels.

Our Rodent Removal Atlanta service help you get rid of rats which are prolific breeders. One female is capable of producing more than 200 offspring over the course of her life. These animal pests live inside buildings and will continue breeding and damaging your property.

Bats can be difficult to exclude from your property. A creature of habit, bat droppings pose a serious problem to homeowners. A detailed step-by-step procedure is needed to successfully remove bats from your home and prevent further infestation.

Bats can destroy roofing shingles, damaged siding and chimney caps to get into your house. They also pose a serious health risk because bats are the number one carrier of rabies and Canine Distemper. Our specialized Bat Exterminator service in Atlanta can help you in getting rid of bats safely.

Wasps can pose a serious health risk to people with sting allergies. Every year hundreds of fatalities occur in the United States as a result of wasp and bee stings.

Snakes inside your home are usually an indication that you have a rodent infestation. Professional animal control Atlanta experts should be contacted to deal with snake and rodent problems.

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Urban Wildlife Control Atlanta GA – Atlanta Animal Control …

Snakes | Catseye Pest Control

There are thousands of species of snakes throughout the world, found everywhere, but Antarctica. Most species are non-poisonous, and snakes that are — use their venom primarily to paralyze or kill prey, not for self-defense.

Snakes will always try to flee a scene, or hide before attacking. In the rare occasions that someone is bitten, its usually because the snake feels threatened. If you are bitten, remove yourself from the area you found the snake and seek medical attention immediately. Remove anything that may prevent blood circulation near the bite area, like clothing or jewelry. Then wash the wound with soap and warm water.

If bitten on your leg or arm, immobilize the extremity and make sure to keep it below your heart. Make note of the time you were bitten and the symptoms you experienced. Share every detail with the medical staff that arrives.

No matter what, do not try to suck the venom out, ice the wound, or use a tourniquet. None of these methods work effectively. If youve been bitten, focus on getting medical attention and following the steps above. Dont worry about trying to catch the snake or identifying it. It could lead to more bites.

Many people are terrified of snakes, especially when they find them in their home. Though most snakes wont seek refuge in your house, they may end up in your garage or basement by accident as they follow prey like mice and rats. They wont cause any structural damage to your home, but can certainly pose a health risk if the snake is venomous. If you are unsure if the snake in your home is venomous or are uncomfortable removing it from your home, contact a pest control company to get rid of the snake.

Snakes vary is size and color all across North America. Though most arent poisonous, its important to be able to identify possible species that can cause harm if you stumble across and scare them.

Perhaps the easiest snake to identify, this venomous family of snake is well-known for its rattler. There are several species in the United States that range in size from the foot long ridge-nosed rattlesnake to a 7 or 8ft long eastern diamondback rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes also have triangular heads.

The family Colubridae is sometimes known as common snakes. The largest group of snakes, with more than 2000 species, includes recognizable snakes like the milk snake, eastern hognose snake, or garter snake. Most species are small to medium sized.

Because of their venom and how its delivered to their prey, vipers are considered to be the most evolved family of snakes. In North America, these venomous snakes fall under the subfamily of pit vipers (Crotalinae). They have heat sensing pits that allow them to locate and strike prey even in the dark. The most common species of pit viper in the United States is the rattlesnake. Areas of Florida find the copperhead, cottonmouth and eastern diamondback rattlesnake to be most common. These snakes can be identified by their triangular heads, and of course, their distinctive rattler at the end of their tail.

Snakes are a great form of natural pest control as they love to eat rodents. This however may lead snakes into your garden, home, or garage because they are following their prey. Some snakes love to sun themselves and can be found on your driveway or out in the grass. Others will seek refuge or hide under rocks or in bushes in your yard.

Most snakes in North America are non-venomous, but families of snake like the cobra or coral snake (Elapidae), and pit vipers (Crotalinae) are poisonous. Regardless, being bitten by a snake can be very painful and can cause permanent tissue damage. If bitten, seek medical attention immediately. Most snakes, even the poisonous species, arent known to attack unless provoked. Snakes prefer to hide themselves with camouflage techniques, or flee the situation. Snakes usually only attack if they feel threatened. If you stumble across a snake, be sure to stay away as far as possible. If you find a snake in your home, remove yourself from the area and call a pest management professional immediately.

A pest management professional provides the proper expertise and experience to identify snakes in your home or yard and determine the best way to remove them safely.

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Snakes | Catseye Pest Control

Pest Control Long Island | Exterminator Long Island | Bug …

Do you need top-notch pest control? Long Island residents can always trust The Bug Stops Here for the best in pest control services. For twenty years, our team at Pest Control Bohemia has been comprised of professional exterminators who provide high quality pest control services for both commercial and residential properties throughout New York. Our team of extermination professionals can get rid of a variety of pests, ranging from squirrels to bed bugs. Our goal is to provide you with the best pest control services that exceed both your standards and those of the industry as a whole.The Bug Stops Here, Inc was established in 1994 by President, CEO and founder Steve Free. Since its inception in 1994, this company has grown to service over 2,000 monthly commercial and residential accounts per month. Our footprint goes from Manhattan to Montauk Point. We have been voted Best of the Best three years in a row. Steve has built this company on customer service and integrity.To date, Steve Free serves on various boards, including the Long Island Advancement for Small Business (LIASB), as well as being a board member for The Long Island Pest Control Association (LIPCA), and is a vested member in Vista.

The Bug Stops Here Difference

What makes The Bugs Stops Here different from other exterminating businesses is the concept of integrated pest management (IPM). Not only do we educate our exterminators on the insects they will be eradicating, but we also educate you, the client. We want you to fully understand the pests that were residing in your home. IPM is one of the most important factors in solving pest control problems.Not only do we include IPM in your pest control services, but our exterminator professionals fully inspect and evaluate your house or business to develop a specific pest control plan designed to meet your needs. At The Bug Stops Here, we look for any open entrances for pests to enter your home or business. During the inspection process, we decide if we need to apply a protective band around the outside of your home or specifically target pests already living in your home. Our exterminators in Bohemia always ensure that their treatment plan is specific to your needs.Both business owners and homeowners prefer The Bug Stops Here to solve their pest control issues on Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and the 5 boroughs.Our most prized tool is our intelligence and understanding of the insects we are treating. Educating not just our technicians but you, the customer, is the best solution in solving your pest control issues. Integrated Pest Management is the strongest possible approach in our industry.

What is IPM?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a variety of common-sense practices. IPM programs use current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment. This information, in combination with available pest control methods, is used to manage pest damage by the most economical means and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.The IPM approach can be applied to both agricultural and non-agricultural settings, such as the home, garden, and workplace. IPM takes advantage of all appropriate pest management options including, but not limited to, the judicious use of pesticides. In contrast, organic food production applies many of the same concepts as IPM but limits the use of pesticides to those that are produced from natural sources, as opposed to synthetic chemicals.

We will maintain a highly effective, self-driven work force dedicated to good management, efficient operation, and total customer satisfaction.

A few simple things you can do to help alleviate pests:

The bottom line is we believe, as President Harry Truman believed when he said The Buck Stops Here, we are your first and last defense for exterminating and pest control on long island . We Are The Bug Stops Here Inc.-Steve Free, CEO

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Pest Control Long Island | Exterminator Long Island | Bug …

Pest Force – Pest Control and Pest Exterminator Edmonton

Pest Force is a licensed and insured pest control company that offers professional solutions to your pest problem. We at Pest Force care about you and your environment and continually strive to keep our customers first. Over the years we have acquired a great deal of experience and are professionally trained pest exterminators.

Pest Force offers services to both the commercial and residential sectors. We help companies and individuals with infestation problems related to a wide variety of pests; inclusive of bed bugs, ants, rodents, pigeons and other pests. Pest Force is composed of a team of government licensed technicians. We provide pest control services to many communities in Alberta including Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Devon, St. Albert, Red Deer, Fort McMurray and Grand Prairie.

If you have a bed bug problem and need to get rid of them in an environmentally safe manner then please give us a call. Our treatment method is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of bed bugs. No need to discard furniture or throw away your cherished possessions. No need to burn your belongings in order to get rid of these nasty little bugs. Call us and find out how we can exterminate bed bugs from your home or place of business without having it cost you an arm and a leg.

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Pest Force – Pest Control and Pest Exterminator Edmonton

Rodents – Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator

Rodents, like rats and mice, are a problem that we see a lot of at Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator.

On Long Island, and in particular in Nassau County of New York, there are a lot of people in homes and residences of all types, and often there are rats or a lonely mouse family that look for dwellings of their own.

Rodents often find harborage inside buildings.

A hungry rodent will often flock to a place of food, but sometimes they are just looking for shelter.

And if they can get shelter in an attic, a sub area, or a basement where there are people leaving food and crumbs behind all the better for these pests.

We often unknowingly provide them with the food, water and shelter they need to survive.

At Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator it is our goal to keep your family, neighbors, employees, or visitors safe from the harmful effects of rodents.

And there are harmful effects, aside from the disturbing view of rodent droppings often found on the floor of a residence.

Rats can greatly damage your home or business, as they are large rodents with ever-growing front teeth that need to chew.

A rat can also pose a significant health threat to anyone who lives or is near to the animal. They bring parasites, disease, and the possibility of other pest infestations.

Luckily for us in Manhasset NY, we have mice more often than we have rats.

The difference between a mouse and a rat is the size and the tail. A rat tail is long, skinny, and hairless, while a mouse has a furry tail.

That said, Manhasset Pest Control has seen a great number of nests of mice that can also wreak havoc in a home or building getting into the walls and destroying electrical lines.

When a rodent dies in a wall, it is a terribly unpleasant smell that can last for weeks.

At Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator one of our specialties for rodents are Snap Traps. These lure the pest out of their nest and into an enclosed box.

If you think you are seeing evidence of rodents, our Manhasset extermination team offers a full inspection of the structure to ascertain where the rodents are traveling.

We can then determine the best places to set traps and seal all entry points against future invasions. Our comprehensive techniques from our tried and true technicians successfully remove this problem so that it cannot cause any more harm.

We will detail recommended exclusion repairs and a personalized trapping schedule.

Exclusion or rodent proofing is the process whereby our knowledgeable rodent inspectors detail the possible entry points into your structure in Manhasset NY.

Rat trapping and baiting is a difficult process and not one we recommend you undertake.

The effectiveness of any rat bait depends upon the environment and the habits of the rat species. In general, rats tend to avoid new objects.

Traps usually take some time to be effective. And proper setup and monitoring is key.

Our Manhasset Pest Control professionals are trained to identify the species you are dealing with and to determine and carefully administer the most effective solutions for your specific situation.

Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator is located in Manhasset right in the heart of Nassau County, New York. Call 516-323-7212 for Same Day/Next Day Service from Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator now!

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Rodents – Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator

Termites – Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator

Termites are one of the most destructive of the wood eating pests.

And failure to act can critically damage your home or building, as well as ruin a real estate transaction in the Manhasset NY area. Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator can help approach a problem involving termites and provide the proper certifications for realtors, home buyers, home sellers and owners.

The failure to act on the hint of a termite infestation immediately leaves your residence with a serious risk for damage, as the termites could have been active for years before they were noticed.

Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminatoroffers regular inspections to keep your place of business and your home far from potential termite damage.

We even have a promotion where you can get a termite baiting system installation for $450**.

**Termite Baiting System Install: Installation $450 must be accompanied with a 12 month service contract at $29.99 each month . (Credit Card Only) All prices are plus tax. The Termite Services will begin when Termite Baiting System is installed. This Contract will automatically renew for successive 1-year term(s) at the expiration of the initial 1-year term, unless terminated by either party with written notice at least 30 days before the end of the then-current term. If terminated, this Contract ends on the last day of the then-current term. Cement Drilling will be additional. $450 installation includes up to 10 Termite Monitoring Stations.

As a local Manhasset NY pest control company, you deal with us directly, at all times. And we aim to get the job done right the first time.

Our process is effective and put in place so the pests go away!

We can also develop customized, comprehensive plans to help prevent future infestations, whether your property is residential, a single unit or room, or an entire commercial building.

Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator is located in Manhasset right in the heart of Nassau County, New York. Call 516-323-7212 for Same Day/Next Day Service from Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator now!

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Termites – Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator

Effective Measures to Kill Silverfish Bugs

Lots of people and houses are suffering from those slimy, disgusting, filthy bugs.

Thats where such questions arise: How to get rid of silverfish bugs and how to do it fast? What method to choose? Will it be safe?

The answers to these and other questions youll find in the following article.

Bugs wont magically disappear unless you do something about it.

To cope with the problem successfully one should understand what exactly you deal with. You should also know their breeding and living patterns to make your home inhospitable to them.

Bed bugs were once a common public health pest worldwide, declining in incidence through. Read on to find out how to get rid of bed bugs at home.

My house is infested and they are nasty. How to kill brown recluse spiders read here.

These are about 1/2 inch bluish-silver wingless insects with hard exoskeleton. They look like fish and their movements are very similar. They have 2 long antennas on their head and 3 prominent tails on rear.

Females egg numbers vary. Depending on species, their quantity may range from 2 to 20eggs per day. Silverfish can lay eggs at any season of the year and grow from larva to adult in 3-4 months.

Silverfish feed on mold, fungi and carbohydrates (such as sugars, starch or cellulose). This means that your food (especially dry foods), clothes, shampoos, soaps, books, wallpaper, plants and many other things are in danger.

Though the insects may be found almost anywhere, they prefer dark, moist, moderate temperature areas (60-80 degrees Fahrenheit) and places with good sources of food. Unless the food is gone, they remain close to its supply.

Therefore, the usual silverfish habitats are:

They are commonly found in/under sinks, bathtubs, in storage boxes, bookcases, old stacks of papers (magazines, newspapers, etc.), on closet shelves, behind wallpaper, wall voids, window or door frames, and baseboards.

The bugs just love the taste of starch in book bindings, paper on which theres glue or paste, various fabrics, bathroom products, cereals, flour, crumbs and plant materials.

Killing silverfish bugs is not an easy thing, since they hide in different dark, protected places and reproduce very quickly. They are nocturnal (i.e. theyre mostly active at night) and may remain unnoticed for a long time.

Thus, the majority of homeowners detect them by their cast skins, tiny pepper-like feces, or feeding damage (e.g. small holes in wallpaper, clothing, cereal boxes, yellowish stains on fabric) when the infestation is already well established.

The fact is that most people give up trying to eliminate silverfish at first failure. But you should be persistent! Not taking action is a poor decision. You dont want these creepy insects scurrying up in your bathroom, kitchen, or your BEDROOM, do you?

There are two principal ways of silver fish control: natural and chemical. Both of them may be effective, but chemical agents are usually much more costly and harmful.

Choose natural home remedies to get rid of silverfish.

Natural means are safe for you, your children and pets. Besides, they offer a wide range of solutions for these bugs.

You may also use different traps that can be bought at a store or made at home.

First of all, determine the places of infestation. It is not too difficult they are always near their food. Secondly, select the product that is more appealing to you.

Here is a list of available solutions: citrus sprays, spices, diatomaceous earth, mothballs, lavender oil, cucumbers, cedar shavings.

Important Tips

Numerous traps are also non-chemical methods of eradicating the little buggers. They are very cheap and safe. There are some examples of such traps below.

Moisten and roll up newspapers, tie them with elastics, and leave them out overnight to catch silverfish. The next morning either burn the newspapers or dump them into a trash can outside the house, since they should be full of prisoners. Repeat the procedure every night until you no longer find any insects.

Take a jar or a glass container and cover the outsides with a masking tape. Put some bread in it or fill it halfway with water and 2-3 teaspoons of sugar as bait. Place the trap in a common infested area. The bugs climb up the masking tape, fall inside the jar, and die because they are unable to climb up the slick sides and escape.

General sticky traps are simple but effective, and can be bought at a local hardware store. The traps attract pests and they get stuck.

Starchy food items or moist cotton can be also used as baits.

The indian meal moth is the most common household moth that can reproduce in homes. How to get rid of them?

Try these tips on removing japanese beetle lawn grubs Find out what you can do to control Japanese beetles.

Moles are one of the gardens worst pests. Learn how to kill moles, these troublesome creatures, here.

If you decided to continue a chemical route, be prepared to pay a lump sum of money either for hiring a professional extermination company or buying expensive silverfish pesticides. But none of them can address an entire infestation and guarantee complete silverfish eliminating.

The most common chemical silverfish exterminator is liquid pyrethrin. Spray it into the cracks around baseboards, doors and windows. This method will kill adult silverfish but wont kill the eggs.

One more solution of the problem is boric acid. Though it is a natural insecticide, it can be toxic.

Sprinkle a small amount of powder around the infested areas. If it gets damp, just reapply.

Boric acid is effective in killing not only adult silverfish but also hatching nymphs.


Addressing silverfish infestation swiftly is extremely important because they reproduce very fast and are much more intrusive than most people think. If left untreated, the insects can cause costly damage to your home and make you feel nervous. To exterminate these bugs, you need to alter the conditions that make your home inviting to them.

Choose natural methods that kill the whole generation of silverfish, but are secure for humans and animals. Be persistent and dont expect overnight results.

The process is quite tiresome and takes some time to achieve permanent elimination, so give the method a couple of tries and never forget about sanitation. This will prevent reinfestation and save you from many problems.

You can find further details of Bugs Control here.

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Effective Measures to Kill Silverfish Bugs

Termites In Memphis Tn | Termite Exterminator

If youre experiencing any of these signs, a termite exterminator can help. a Memphis Termite Service or Treatment strategy is the key to protecting your property and providing you with peace-of-mind.

Each year, termites invade millions of homes, and cause billions of dollars in damage. These hungry bugs can consume up to three pounds of wood a week, and in the Memphis area, 9 out of 10 unprotected homes are infested. Thats when you call Foundation Pest Control. Our family-owned company is here to ensure your total peace of mind. Armed with state-of-the-art techniques and the best treatments available, youll get a friendly team of highly trained professionals who care about your familys safety, satisfaction, and wellbeing.

Termites are the silent destroyer, steadily working beneath the surface of your home for months or even longer without anyone noticing. While walls and other structures look and feel sound, underneath termites are destroying your home from the inside outand costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in extermination and repairs.

With many years of termite and pest control experience, Foundation Pest Control delivers the quality inspections and comprehensive extermination services you need to suss out even the most silent of the silent destroyersand ensure they stay where they belong: OUT.

Contact us for a free quote and to schedule your termite inspection and extermination now.

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Termites In Memphis Tn | Termite Exterminator

Rodents In Memphis Tn | Rodents Exterminator

Although they are small, rodents often leave big signs of their presence:

If left unchecked, a rat or mouse in your home can spread disease to humans and pets, contaminate food sources and cause extensive property damage. It is critical that you address the problem as soon as possible, before it becomes unmanageable.

Rats and mice have an excellent sense of smell. Dont entice them with pet food left outside. Only feed your pets an amount they can eat right away, and make sure to use metal containers with tight-fitting lids if you store your pet food outdoors or in your garage. Likewise, keep your garbage tightly covered, too.

Rats and mice love to find a cozy space to call home. Make sure you clear brush and thick bushes at least 100 feet away from your home. Dont store abandoned vehicles, trash, old appliances or other junk in your yard. Keep your firewood and lumber stacked neatly and at least 18 inches off the ground and far from your home.

To learn more about how Foundation Pest Control can help you with rodent control, just call or complete our convenient contact form. We will be happy to show you how Foundation Pest Control can keep your home free from unwanted furry guests with our Memphis rodent control services.

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Rodents In Memphis Tn | Rodents Exterminator

Pest Control in Florida – American Pest Solutions

What Pest Control Do?TermitesRodentsBed BugsCockroachSpiderMosquitoBeeAnimal ControlAntsOther Pest

Experts in pest control in Florida, Broward County, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Miami Dade, Miami Gardens, North Miami and Miami Lakes

Certainly let your pest problem in experts hands.

Yes, Because we offer great pest management services,what are biological pest control? We offer all Natural,ECO-Friendly Pest Solutions, Low Risk and NON-Toxic Pesticides, exterminator, animal exclusions and we are specialist in pest control with pets.

Our clients find in our services effective solutions to their pest problems. Additionally, Our commitment is to generate confidence through our processes, methods, and products to them. Taking care of families health (including pets) and going green for our planet.

APS offers healthy, safe, and effective solutions for all types of pests such as ants, termites, spiders, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, rats, mice, bees and more. We are experts controlling natural and ecological pests thus during our services we use low-risk and non-toxic pesticides.

Our company has qualified and experienced professionals who guarantee our professional pest control processes, methods, and products to each client. In addition, our representatives are equipped with the technological tools necessary to identify and address properly any pest problems (clover mites, zipper spider, orb spider, wolf spider and red wasp etc.) either in residential or/and commercial properties.

At APS, we value our customer relationships so that we are committed to provide to each customer the best service and guarantee total satisfaction base on our standards of responsibility, punctuality, respect, transparency, kindness, quality, and professionalism. Our company is fully certified and endorsed by Floridas State environmental and agricultural authorities and laws.

We are a company working hard to solve YOUR PESTS PROBLEMS.

Our clients find in our services effective solutions to their pest problems.

Additionally, Our commitment is to generate confidence through our processes, methods, and products to them. Taking care of families health (including pets) and going green for our planet.

APS offers healthy, safe, and effective solutions for all types of pests such as ants, termites, spiders, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, rats, mice, bees and more.

We are experts controlling natural and ecological pests thus during our services we use low-risk and non-toxic pesticides.

Our company has qualified and experienced professionals who guarantee our professional pest control processes, methods, and products to each client.

In addition, our representatives are equipped with the technological tools necessary to identify and address properly any pest problems either in residential or/and commercial properties.

At APS, we value our customer relationships so that we are committed to provide to each customer the best service and guarantee total satisfaction base on our standards of responsibility, punctuality, respect, transparency, kindness, quality, and professionalism. Our company is fully certified and endorsed by Floridas State environmental and agricultural authorities and laws.

American Pest Control fundamental purpose is to protect and to care for families lives and health as well as their properties. Using qualified technical knowledge and experience that the company has built through for years in pest control.

We offers a variety of services in Florida, including

Termite Control

Bed Bugs Treatment

Rodent Control

Bees Removal

Commercial Pest Control

CockRoaches Control

Why pest control is needed?

Do not forget to request a continuos pest control in your home or company!

Periodical controls, treatments and maintenance on pest problems are highly recommended either monthly or bi-monthly because some pests produce eggs difficult to be detected during an inspection or control service.


What is your pest problem today? Pest Control Services Florida are the best solutions for you



Do not hesitate to request our solutions for your pest control.American Pest Solutions (APS) is your perfect and effective specialist to deal with any infestation willing to get into your home.

APS works with natural, environmentally friendly, and people friendly methods, processes, and products to handle South Floridas Pest Problems.

Any pest can harm humans and pets thus it is really important to keep your home free of infestations.

The following are the most common pests list in Southern Florida, if you have any them contact us now for our services, so be aware of them:

Ants Bedbugs

Spiders Wasps

Cockroaches Buzzards

Fleas Mosquitoes

Ticks Squirrels

Rats Racoons

Mice Snakes

Scorpions Armadillos

Bees Porcupines

We heard a lot of movement in our attic. In less than 2 days the problem with his services was resolved.

Also I recomend American pest solutions with my office and they still used it. Joe is amazing.

Our experience has allowed us to learn and know the particular behavior of each known pest thus we always make sure to inspect and to clean up every single crack, nook, or small space where they can hide, live, and reproduce.

Our technicians will not only inspect your home, but they will identify any nest or source of infestation both inside and outside your home.

Within our services for your home, you can find effective solutions against mosquitoes that usually ruin your outdoor family plans. We provide different options to deal with them. Remember, it is important to protect your family from viral illness such as yellow fever, ZIKA, West Nile, Malaria and others.


If you suspect that in your backyard continuously is visited by wildlife animals such as foxes, skunks, raccoons, armadillos, porcupines, or others. You should call us and we will immediately send an experts team that will make safe your home.


REMEMBER: During our pest control services we use natural, ecological, and non-toxic methods and products. Therefore, your family, pets, and garden may be confident that we will take care of your health and concerns.



Mosquitoes, white flies, fire ants, bigheaded ants, white-legged ants, ghost ants, pyramid ants, tramp ants, pharaoh ants, bees, wasps, bedbugs, worms, and roaches are common during this season.

These small insects move easily from the outside to the inside of your home, so please keep your garden areas as free as possible of those animals using the correct solutions. You should also be alert for fleas which usually emerge from sand and dirt. They also can be found on pets such as dogs and cats during the summer so that we recommend you to increase the frequency of your pets baths.

Watch out for termite swarms and subterranean termites. They are commonly founded in wood structures such as trees, furniture, and others. Although it is easy to exterminate them with common pesticides found in the supermarket, their presence can be related with other kind of infestation. Therefore, a on time inspection is absolutely recommended and necessary.

At the end of the summer the rodents become active because they are looking for a place where they will be able to reproduce, so be aware and do not create a perfect place for them.

Keep an eye on the ants paths around walls, roads, windows, and fences. Indoor activity is commonly found through the kitchen and bathrooms, or near any possible source of water. As plants grow and get closed to your home, ants can use tree branches as a bridge to your home therefore we recommend to cut those tree branches away from the house. It will reduce the probability of these pests getting inside your home.

Check doors, windows, licks of water, and roof edges for any hole. Rodents can get inside your home from a hole as small as a quarter of inch. Small black or brown pieces of excrement and noises on the roof at night are signs of a rodent plague at your home.

hat is a Pest?

Why dont use pesticides?

Consequently, we want to give you some tips to protect your family from pest problems with our pest solutions. Welcome to our Blog Tips on Pest Problem

Be aware of any pest and request our commercial pest control service.

If you are a South Florida Entrepreneur, we encourage you to learn and know about the presence of pests in our ecosystem, but most important the pests closed to your company. It is important that you request preventive pest control before moving into a new building or house.

Additionally, you should periodically request pest control for your business. This will be an important investment for both your companies image and the health of your customers and employees. It also will let you avoid penalties from the authorities.

American Pest Controlwill provide you a personalized solution based on your particular needs and situation.

ALL KIND OF BUSINESS REQUIRES PEST CONTROL:If you are the owner or the manager of a hotel, motel, resort, restaurant, health center, beauty salon, barber shop, supermarket, warehouse, educational center, gym, community center, bookstore, or any other business, you should be aware of evidence to the presence of any pests.

Thank you for setting my home free of termites.Very professional company. I would highly recommend to anyone having pest infestation issues.

American Pest Solutions experts will provide toy immediate respond to your problem. We promise professionalism, efficiency and discretion!

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