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Camelback Crickets –

Summary: The camelback cricket is a strange looking insect that has a cricket-like body but long, spider-like legs. Theycan give people a fright when they are found in basements or cellars. Camelback crickets like to live in dark, damp environments and they are almost completely harmless.

Camelback crickets are in a different family than field crickets, but camelback crickets, also known as camel crickets,are closely related to cave crickets, cave wetas, and sand treaders.

Camelbacksare brown, about an inch or two in length. There are also spotted camel crickets. They all have very long antennae and long, spider-like legs. Occasionally called spider crickets or humped-back crickets,they have no wings, but are powerful jumpers. The most damage that a camel cricket can do is to ruin some clothing stored in basements which they might nibble on.

Camelback crickets like warm, dark, damp environments as found in caves or in woods under rocks. They also are frequently found in basements and cellars. If you hear cricket sounds coming from below your house it is not coming from camel crickets because camel crickets do not chirp. More likely, it isafield cricket that has found its way inside.

The best way to get rid of camelback crickets is to eliminate the moisture where they are found. Fixing leaky pipes and making sure that you are getting proper drainage will go a long way in discouraging camel crickets from making your basement their home. You can ventilate crawlspaces to help prevent moisture buildup, as well.

If the crickets are coming in from the outside you willneed to try to locate their source. They might be inhabiting an old pile of leaves outside, or a stack of firewood. Leaf debris and any woodpiles, as well as stone slabs, bricks, boards, and tarps should not be placed within several feet of the foundation of a house. Foundation cracksshould be sealedwith a bit of cement or grout. Cracks under doorways can be sealed off with weather stripping.

If camelback crickets are already breeding in a basement they can be difficultto get rid of. You can start with laying out glue traps in the corners of the room, along the walls and next to the sill plate at the top of the wall. You could even make your own sticky trap using duct tape wrapped around a 3×5 note card. Remember that dust will quickly make a sticky trap ineffective, so regularly monitor the trap to see if it is still sticky. You should sweep up dust with a vacuum cleaner before laying out the glue boards to help prevent dust contamination,plus vacuuming will help clean up any organic matter than might be food for thecrickets.

Pesticides are not usually needed for camelback cricket control, but if they are found in large numbersa perimeter barrier treatment with Talstargranuleswill help to keep morecrickets from coming inside.Putting out Niban granules on a paper plate along inside basement walls can help. as well.

Camelback crickets have poor eyesight, as do many insects that have adapted to live in darkness. When they see something large approaching them they sometimes jump towards it in an attempt to scare it. For many people this aggressive behavior is frighteningbecause of how high and far the crickets can jump. They are like insects on pogo sticks. I should also mention that females have a long ovipositor which they use to lay eggs. It looks like a long stinger on their back end, but it is harmless.

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Camelback Crickets –

St Petersburg Pest Control Services – Tampa, Naples and Ft …

Suncoast Pest Control is a Florida-based pest control company offering affordable pest exterminator services in West Central, West, Southwest and South Florida. We provide residential and commercial pest control, including termite remediation, bed bug mitigation, rodent control, and more, serving homes and businesses from St. Petersburg to Tampa and Naples to Miami since 1993.

A family-owned and operated company, your family’s health and safety is our top priority. All of the treatments we use are safe for children and pets and our service can be performed quickly, ensuring little-to-no downtime at your home or place of business. We offer a lowest-price guarantee on all services and we’re available 24 hours, seven days a week, should an emergency arise.

We are headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida and operate several locations throughout the state, with expert technicians standing by, ready to assist you. Call 1-800-270-3086 1-800-270-3086 to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection.

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Pest Control in Killeen, TX | ABC Home & Commercial Services

Central Texas is home to a variety of common household pests, which can spread disease, contaminate our food and damage our belongings. When it comes to pest control, Killeen, TX homeowners trust ABC for reliable, long-term results.

When you see a cockroach run across the floor or spy a rat in the garage, you have no way of knowing if you have a true infestation on your hands, and if so, how bad it might be. When you reach out to ABC, we will schedule a time for a trained inspector to meet you at your earliest convenience to carry out a preliminary assessment to recommend the best course of action. After you have a chance to review and approve our no-obligation estimate, we can schedule your first service call. Our customers in Killeen, Temple, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Belton the surrounding communities tell us they chose ABC because we provide the best home services in the area, we conduct extensive background checks and drug testing on all of our employees and we treat your home as we would our own.

ABCs experienced technicians can help with any type of pest infestation you might have. Our pros can provide you with effective:

Our proximity to a number of bodies of water, plus our hot, humid climate, makes our area ideal for a number of mosquito species. Not only do these bloodsucking insects leave us with irritating, itchy bites, but also these pesky pests can spread a number of devastating diseases, including the West Nile and Zika viruses. Although some municipalities have mosquito control programs, cities in Bell County only have the capacity to perform surveillance, so the responsibility to protect our families is on homeowners shoulders. ABCs scientifically-proven methods can help reduce your mosquito population so you can once again enjoy spending time in your outdoor spaces.

The cockroach may be among the most common pests we run across in our homes here in Texas, but that doesnt mean homeowners dont do all we can to evict these unwelcome houseguests. Contrary to popular belief, these insects can infest even the cleanest of homes, and once they find their way inside, they can contaminate our food, worsen asthma symptoms and cause allergic reactions. These extremely resilient creatures are very difficult for homeowners to eliminate on their own. ABCs pros can identify where roaches are hiding and breeding and deliver practical, effective solutions for even the toughest roach problems.

Termite damage can often go undetected until structural problems are discovered. Why is that, exactly? The most dangerous termite species tunnel through the ground to reach your home and then feast on the cellulose that makes up the wood of your living structures. Colonies can often number one million members or more, earning these creatures the nickname silent destroyers. Protect your biggest investment with ABCs help. Regular monitoring can minimize losses, and preventative efforts can keep termites from coming back, once our pros have eliminated the entire colony.

An increase in people moving from place to place is one of the factors scientists believe has led to a rise in bed bugs. These tiny parasites can fit into the smallest cracks in our furniture, bedding and walls, only emerging to feast on our blood when we are resting. Government health agencies recognize bed bug infestations as a true public health problem, partly because these creatures are nearly impossible for a homeowner to control without calling in the experts. ABC can use fumigation to eliminate not only the mature bed bugs, but also the eggs which are in hard-to-reach areas.

Whats that sound coming from your garage, overhead or between your walls? When larger pests invade your home, they can chew through wood, contaminate food, leave droppings, damage electrical wiring, build nests and even bring in other types of pests on their fur. Rats, mice, racoons, opossums, squirrels and other animals are no match for ABC. Our technicians can safely remove these types of wildlife and seal up entryways to protect you from future unwelcome encounters.

Ticks and fleas are surprisingly difficult to control for a number of reasons, among which is the likelihood that with a pet, these pests can easily be reintroduced. While a flea problem can make your cat or dog miserable, a single tick can transmit Lyme disease to you or your family. ABCs experts can identify the source of your infestation and implement strategies to target the different pests and their different life stages.

Few creatures stir as much fear in Killeen homeowners than spiders and scorpions. Although some species may be harmless, the average person cant tell if a bite will be dangerous or no big deal, so its easier just to avoid these animals entirely when we come across one while rummaging in the garage, cleaning out a closet or getting decorations down from the attic. ABCs pros can help you identify which types of scorpions and spiders are in and around your home, remove any that will pose a concern and periodically return to protect your household against any potential health risks.

Perhaps the most prevalent insect on planet Earth is the ant. Indoors, ant species can become a nuisance if we find them snaking around our bathtub or marching across our kitchen counter, toward our sink. Outdoors, fire ant mounds can be unsightly and make your family vulnerable to extremely painful bites. ABC can adopt a customized approach to your ant problem, helping find how these creatures are making their way onto problem areas, removing them and helping you avoid future problems.

ABCs customers in Killeen can expect the same high-quality, friendly pest control services as we provide in the surrounding communities in and around Bell County, including Temple, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights and Belton.

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Pest Control in Killeen, TX | ABC Home & Commercial Services

Pest Control for Greensboro Charlotte Raleigh and Central NC

Our Pest Control Services

Mosquito Control

Our mosquito control methods focus on getting rid of the breeding and resting sites of the mosquitoes, reducing the total number in your yard. This will cut back on the chance of bites and diseases such as West Nile Virus, encephalitis, dengue, malaria and canine heartworms. Get rid of Pests Today!

Rodent Control

Rodents can be very nasty and can carry diseases and fleas, a place with rats and mice can also bring snakes to your home, a very common rodent is the roof rat or ship rat, this rodent likes to live on top of buildings and houses. They seek protection from the elements and food, they usually enter your home trough tree branches. The brown rat also known as common rat or street rat are one of the best known and most common rodents found in houses across NC, people also call them : sewer rats, wharf rat, Norway rat or Norwegian rat. They usually enter your home trough openings in the foundation, these kind of rodents can be very big in size too. Let us help you with your rodent pest problem today.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches area huge problem in this area, besides being carriers of many diseases they also multiply extremely fast so treating them as soon as possible is recommended and treating them often too. Roaches are nocturnal, so if you want to find out if you have them, wake up at night and inspect your kitchen, but do it quick they will hide away very fast. Cockroaches love dark places and places that have have food like kitchens, trashcans, ovens, electronic devices since they are warm and safe there. They eatfoodstuffs from paper, glue, skin flakes, bread, fruit, leather, starch in book bindings, hair, dead insects and soiled clothing. Cockroaches can produce 300 to 400 offspring 8 times a year andin some cases a female needs to be impregnated only once to be able to lay eggs for the rest of her life, thats why you need to act quick and start a roach extermination treatment today.

Termite Control

Termites canbe a very costly pest for your home since they eatwood cellulose, termite colonies can be in the hundreds to to thousands, even millions.Termite queens have the longest lifespan of any insect in the world, with some queens reportedly living up to 30 to 50 years, mature termite queens can lay up to 40,000 eggs a day. Termites usually like warm climates and will not not live incold habitatsdue to their soft cuticles, termites are usually very small measuring about0.16 to 0.59in, worker ants are blind and have no pair of eyes. Termite control should be implemented as fast as possible, give us a call to implement a termite treatment today.

Ant Control

Ants are as as destructive as termites, in many ways ants behave very much like termites, living in large colonies,having a queen and ant workers. If you think you may have ants in your home or back yard, please give Go-Forth Pest Control a call to implement a ant control in place, our ant control treatments are effective and affordable. Our exterminators have years of experience dealing with all types of ant treatments and inspections.

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Pest Control for Greensboro Charlotte Raleigh and Central NC

What Kills Cockroaches Instantly: 4 Things to Kill …

Want to know what kills cockroaches instantly? So, in this post, youll discover 4 best things you can use to kill cockroaches fast.

When you suddenly find yourself with a cockroach problem the first thing you want to know is what kills cockroaches instantly.

Cockroaches are not just a nuisance, they are also known for carrying diseases. Some of the health concerns with these diseases are typhoid, dysentery, gastroenteritis, and diarrhea.

Female cockroaches can lay as few as ten or as many as ninety eggs at one time. It only takes a few days for these eggs to hatch into babies.

As you can see, allowing your home to go untreated can quickly turn into a disaster. The guide below will help you figure out the best thing to kill cockroaches is for your home.

So what actually kills cockroaches?

There are many different treatments out there on the market.

Bait gel, boric acid, sprays, exterminators, all these are possible options for removing a roach problem from your home. However, you should weigh out the benefits of each method and then find the one that is best suited for you and your current situation.

This is considered to be the best roach killer for those wanting to treat an infestation on their own. In just a few weeks it can help take out the whole infestation.

These are easy to put in place and it makes cleaning up easy when you are finished. It doesnt require much of your time, and it will be worth the time that you do invest.

But what makes it so effective? It is how the poison from that bait works.

The acting ingredient in the bait gel is called indoxacarb. This deadly chemical is able to take out multiple roaches.

What happens is, the roach will see the bait. It will then take the bait and consume it, as well as take some back to the main nest with it.

The feces that this roach produces is also now poisonous and will kill roaches that try to feast on it.

Roaches are known for consuming dead roaches. When they consume a roach that was poisoned all those roaches will die.

As you are able to see, the many ways that this type of product helps in the killing of roaches. This is exactly what makes it so very efficient.

The method of using boric acid to kill off roaches is more natural and is becoming more popular for use.

If using boric acid correctly it can be extremely effective in killing off some of the unwanted cockroaches. This wont take out an entire infestation but it will kill the roaches that come into direct contact with it.

When a roach walks over an area where you have placed the borax it will stick to the body of the cockroach. This crystalline and mineral is extremely damaging to the exoskeleton and causes them to become dehydrated.

The roach will die within 1 to 3 days of coming into contact with the boric acid. When using the boric acid you need to do it right.

Dont just dump it on the ground, the roaches will see it just like you do. You want just a light layer to the point that you are barely able to see it.

Place this is areas that are the highest traffic for the roaches. You can place it near their food source, or areas that are humid where they like to lay and rest.

This method is best used in conjunction with another method, such as the bait gel.

Sprays are the best things to get rid of roaches instantly. It may not kill all the roaches but it will kill the ones you spray with it right away.

This is often one of the first treatments that people reach for. Many like the fact that you can spray the roach with it and see it die right then and there.

So you are now wondering what the draw back is? One is that you have to be very cautious when using this method of treatment.

Spraying too much of this poison or inhalation of it can be damaging to your own health. These sprays often leave behind a mess as well, leaving residue where it is sprayed.

These sprays are best used only under a few circumstances. One instance would be if you actually find the nest.

If you come across the nest you would want to spray the nest. Making sure to kill as many roaches as you are able to immediately.

Finally, this spray is great for use outdoors. You can use this at entrances that you feel the roaches and other bugs might be using to get into your home.

An exterminator is the best thing to kill roaches. An exterminator is sure to be able to completely remove your infestation.

It will be more of an upfront cost when it comes to treating the problem, but you wont have to keep investing time and money into the problem for weeks or months on end.

When it comes to preventing roaches an exterminator would be able to help with that as well. You should understand that prevention is just as important as treating an infestation.

Finally after you have the initial infestation under control you need to look into prevention methods. There are some things that can help with prevention that you may not have even realized.

Dont leave dirty dishes or standing water in the sink. Roaches like dark cool places, but they also need sources for food and water.

Remove your trash and dont store your outside trash can up by your home. Keep it further away so that bugs drawn to it are not trying to enter your residence.

Spray outside perimeter of your home, entry ways, windows, and other places that the roaches could be entering with a bug barrier spray. You have many different options of sprays available to you, just find one that is known for working.

Keep out bait gel or boric acid to continue to knock off any roaches that do seem to make it into your home. Remember though boric acid needs to be very lightly placed.

Now you know the different things to help you treat and prevent cockroaches in your home now, and going forward.

Remember that the ultimate method for treating roaches is going to come down to preference, as well as how confident you want to be in knowing that the infestation is taken care of quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to what kills roaches instantly remember that the spray works well. However, you also dont want to forget that it can have some negative health effects so it should be always be used cautiously and carefully.

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What Kills Cockroaches Instantly: 4 Things to Kill …

Affordable Bed Bug Exterminators: Pest Control Bed Bugs

Myths and Facts About Bed Bugs That You Need To Know

In recent years, bed bugs have created concerns of near epic proportions. Large metro areas have been among the most affected areas, but no geographic scope is immune to these pests. Contrary to popular beliefs, bed bugs arent correlated with untidy homes or filthy living conditions. Thats because they can get into any home through clothing, pieces of luggage, or even furniture from an infested dwelling. Unfortunately, bed bugs often dwell in sleeping areas like bedrooms, hotel rooms, and dorms.

Well according to the CDC, Bed bugs, scientifically called Cimex lectularius, are tiny flat-shaped parasites that feed on blood. The feeding often occurs during sleeping periods when there are minimal movement and self-awareness. These parasites are reddish-brown in color, they do not fly and can range from 1mm to 7mm in length. CDC also goes on to say that bed bugs can survive several months without feeding on blood making it merely impossible to starve them by staying away from your home for a while.

Research has shown that bed bug bites are not lethal, but there are a few secondary ailments that root out of these bites. According to EPA, the presence of bed bugs can cause a lot of distress to the affected parties. Thats because it all starts with minor skin irritations that itch. This itching can develop into excessive scratching a fact that significantly increases the chances of contracting a secondary skin infection.

In some cases, the bites can cause moderate allergic reactions which may or may not require medical observation, but if the allergic reaction is severe, then immediate medical attention is highly recommended. A person can also undergo stress as a result of the loss of sleep and minor skin irritations.

According to the CDC, that statement is very untrue. Their reports indicate that bed bugs are found all over the world in both first and third world countries. In fact, first world countries like the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom and other parts of Europe have seen a rapid spread of the bed bug infestation thus ruling out the myth that these bugs only exist in poor and under-developed countries.

The CDC also goes on to debunk this myth by saying that bed bugs reside in all areas and their presence is not dependent on the cleanliness of their environment. According to the CDC, these bugs have been found in many clean institutions including five-star hotels and resorts.

According to CDCs top researchers, bed bugs DO NOT spread diseases. They only harm that bed bugs cause is the loss of sleep and an itchy irritation on a persons skin. But, you should know that excessive scratching can result in secondary skin infections.

* Bed bugs always dwell around places where people sleep, usually within an 8 feet radius. Like any other parasite, they always follow their food source. That means that they do migrate between shared homes in search of food they can adapt to the sleeping habits of their hosts.

* They hide during the day in dark, isolated spots like the seams of mattresses, bed frames, cracks, and headboards among other places.

* A bed bug can travel up to 100 feet overnight.

* They are quite resilient because they can last several months without feeding.

* Bed bugs are mostly nocturnal but they can also feed during the day if necessary. A bed bugs bite is painless, and since they feed during sleepy hours, most people do not realize that they have been bitten until they spot a tiny red welt or begin to itch.

* A typical bed bug lays up to 7 eggs per week and can lay over 500 eggs per lifespan.

* Optimal egg laying temperatures revolve around 80 degrees F. They also grow faster at that temperature.

* A bed bug is very tiny but its still clearly visible to the naked eye.

What measures can be taken to treat and prevent bed bug infestation?

While pesticides are mostly recommended for bed bug treatment, they are other options like heat. It is always good to regularly monitor your bedroom to see if theres any sign of an infestation. If you find any signs, be sure to inform your landlord and call Affordable Bed Bug Exterminators to treat your home.

Heat or chemical spray treatment is the question homeowners ask frequently. Heat treatments offer a quick solution to your bed bug problems. Companies advertise and offer a one time treatment. What kills bed bugs after the heat treatment ends? Homeowners rarely understand where their bed bug problems originated. For this reason, reintroduction of bed bugs to the home after the heat treatment happens. Chemical spray treatments offer residual residue that lasts up to 120 days. The chemical is still 85% effective after 60 days research shows. A better long term treatment is the chemical option.

The chemical spray treatment does not work overnight. In a study of 22 apartments treated with our chemical, a rapid decline in bed bug numbers is noticed in the first 2 weeks. Compared to the average initial bed bug count per apartment (174), an 83 percent reduction is noted after two weeks, 94 percent fewer bugs were found after four weeks and 98 percent fewer after eight weeks. In about half the apartments, treatment was hindered at times by lack of preparation, clutter and poor tenant cooperation. Above all, we emphasize early action and homeowner participation in the chemical spray treatment process. That leads to lower costs and more effective treatments.

Monitors did instruct residents to remove, bag and launder bed linens and clothing prior to treatment. Half of the residents complied with this request while the others did not. Monitors instructed residents not to disassemble beds or dispose of bed bug-infested belongings. During the trial, one tenant did throw out a heavily infested headboard and another disposed of a moderately infested mattress and box spring. No bed bug encasement installations were permitted during the evaluation. For that reason, resultant changes in bed bug numbers is due to application of the insecticide.

Test results show our product has extended residual effects; bed bugs experienced a high mortality rate when exposed to wood and fabric surfaces treated six months earlier. The prolonged effectiveness of these materials as dry deposits will eliminate bugs and eggs overlooked or re-entering dwellings for months. For this reason, we advise our client to utilize some chemical spray treatment in their choice for extermination.

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Affordable Bed Bug Exterminators: Pest Control Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Although this website is centered around quality pest control companies specializing in treating bed bugs, we also show you how to get rid of them yourself while avoiding common mistakes most do it yourself’ers make.

We show you how to perform your own bed bug treatment, but many times those with infestations just dont have two months necessary to properly eliminate these bugs. If thats your situation, or youre just plain tired of being bitten, then you should read our page on “how to get rid of bed bugs”; not all pest control companies can handle bed bugs and weve gone the extra mile to list the ones that do.

Here are pictures of the damage bed bugs can do, from the bites to your body right up to infesting your home; the cost for a pest control company to exterminate the infestation below was $1,400 and took over a month to complete.

There are a couple of mistakes that homeowners often make when they discover they have an infestation. Most common is spraying insecticide or using a bedbug bomb! Such actions usually cause the bugs to find another hiding place or move to an adjacent room (or apartment!). Foggers and sprays can also be very harmful to children, adults and pets; remember, these insecticides aren’t really meant for use on bedding, linens, carpets, etc. You could be creating a whole new problem worse than a few bedbug bites.

The second most common mistake is to move yourself and cloths into a friends house which only results in your friend needing their own pest control down the road!

Proper actions not only reduce your chances of being bitten but also minimize the spread of bed bugs to other parts of the house. They include:

These tips should help you reduce your bites & minimize the spread of bugs until you can get a professional bedbug exterminator to treat your home.

Some great resources besides what youll find on this site include:

What do visitors have to say about bed bugs?

Victor commented:I found one on my couch. My sister has an infestation and Im usually diligent but my other sister has been coming over after visiting her house. I called a bedbug exterminator even though I could find no other signs and I vacuumed and washed everything. Dont take chance for them to take over; dont let them breed! Call the professionals it should be priority number one MAKE IT HAPPEN! Home treatments are too risky!

Sergey commented:I have bedbugs for more than 6 months now and at first i could not understand whats going on. I would wake up from a strong itching and after that it would be very hard to fall asleep again. My friend told me that these bedbugs have some sort of ‘anesthesia so that when they bite you, you cant feel the itch or bite immediately, so they have time to leave or hide in a mattress or elsewhere. But why the heck nobody is questioning: Why these things are forced upon me?

Candace commented:Im 99% sure that we have bed bugs in our home. Weve just moved in and never had them in the past so were assuming they were in the carpet. Im the only one getting bitten through the night though. I cant afford an exterminator whatsoever, so any help other so would be greatly appreciated…..

M Dawn G commented:I live in Utah and I had never seen a Bed Bug till about a month ago ….. I moved into some apartment and my neighbors upstairs have them bad but they dont seem to mind cuz they are doing nothing to get rid of them i have had a professional come out and spray my apartment after i caught one biting me on the neck.

I washed and dried every bit of clothing and bedding in my house. That seemed to work for about a week but now they are biting me again and i am afraid to sleep ….. I am the only one in the house getting bit and i have 6 kids and my husband ….. PLEASE help me what do you suggest i do so i can sleep again. thanks tons

Tiffany commented:Having bedbugs is indeed a nightmare. My advice after trying to get rid of them yourself is DONT! Call an exterminator immediately. I tried all of the self-treatments, spraying, washing, food grade diatomaceous earth and they will not work! Dont waste your time or your money. Get a professional exterminator to come to your house or apartment immediately.

I just went through my first treatment. They had me bag my clothing and most items that were in my dresser but left my kitchen and bathroom pretty much unbagged. Then they had me leave a few hours while they did the treatment. I think I noticed a nymph (baby) a couple of days later but I understand that it takes 19 hours or longer for them to die and then often they will leave hatchlings behind and a second treatment may be necessary.

I have had to by three blankets so far not because I necessarily needed to but because I have been freaked out by this whole situation. When the exterminator came he showed me the cracks where in the mattress and box springs where the bedbugs like to hand out and I hadnt realized there were so many of them.

He then provided me with two mattress covers, the ones that have a locked zipper on them so that there is no hole near the zipper where they can get into. So we covered the mattress and box springs to prevent any bed bugs to get into the mattress any longer.

He suggested getting a blanket or bedspread that doesnt rub against the floor, but with the way I sleep mine always ends up on the floor which is making me worry.

When you are getting your treatment take your clothing that you have in bags and leave them in your bathroom and only open up the bags when you need to get some clothing to wear. If you are done wearing the clothing put those in a separate bag.

Dont wash or mop your floor. Whatever chemical they use (Im not sure which one they used with me or if they used heat treatment I have to find out) but you dont want to wash it away. just leave it there to do its job)

I think i freaked out this morning because i saw a rash on my skin but I belive its due to the material on my new blanket which is rather rough and I have sensitive skin and it does not look like the awful red bug bites I had before thank goodness but I want you to know you are not alone and that this has been a mental nightmare constantly worrying and having to check things and wondering if you are doing the right things and wanting to never see those things again!

My biggest advice is dont do it yourself! Get an exterminator out immediately and ask lots of questions. Do not trust in sprays or DE or anything else. The bugs are too tough and smart for those things.

Hang in there, it will get better!

Bob commented:sleep with the lights on and no covers. record the area with a cheap video camera set on a timer and night infrared, you will see where they are coming from and how they feed. and yes; some came down from my hair. I pulled one out of my lower back as well. it was 1/4 long and black with more of a elongated look. the proboscis (two) were about as long as the body. home depot verified it; collect evidence or people will want to commit you. i have wasted 4 months, $$$$, etc. and these things will not die. you are definitely in for a fight.

Lindsey commented:i dealt with beg bugs for two years… please read this it WILL help you.

i first got them when i lived in an apartment complex (the guy upstairs brought them in) after two months of h*ll i moved. i threw everything away. i thought i was free, but apparently the house was more infested with bed bugs than the apartment. after 10 months of that i moved again. this time when i saw them again i knew i must have brought them with me. i was out of money so i couldnt move.

its important to act quickly. once they get into the wall it is nearly impossible to get rid of them due to their rapid breeding. (there is a spray that smells like cedar that will kill them on contact. but it was a special store in Cincinnati that i got it at and they wont tell me where it came from)

KEEP YOUR MATTRESS. why? because thats where you sleep and they will be attracted to it. so essentially you will be baiting them out. next: do this daily or every few days or weekly depending on your level of infestation, take alcohol and put it in a squirt bottle. put your mattress upright against the wall or have someone (not a child) hold it. spray part of the mattress where you can see poop/bugs. dont do a big area cuz alcohol dries quick. take a freeze stick, use a long one cuz youll freeze your fingers (trust me i know), and freeze the mattress for a few seconds. Keep doing it till you have done all parts. if you smell a nasty stench, embrace it. that means you are successful.

the mattress will get white like snow. but it is an effective treatment. MAKE SURE you do that for everything else in your house. i found a colony on my boyfriends dresser. pull off the back of it if you can. use the same “alcohol and freeze” method. again, the wood will probably be white like snow. check everything. dressers, tables, end tables, bookshelves, and where screws are (sometimes they burrow down in the hole that the screw makes)

TURN UP YOUR WATER HEATER TO THE MAX!!!! when you wash your stuff the water will be super hot and they will die. if the washer doesnt get them, the dryer will. dry clothes for 2 cycles. it works. i triumphantly plucked dead bed bugs out of my lint catcher.

if you see any bugs anywhere in the house, do not smash them! bed bugs can reproduce like crazy. anywhere there is a bug you have to assume that there is eggs underneath or beside them. Freeze the bug and the area around them exception: if a bug is crawling on the carpet just kill it. they like to be up against something when they pop out kids.

pull off your base boards and check under the carpet. at the second house we lived at my boyfriend happened to catch them pouring out of the base boards.

if this seems too much for you to do, you can always call one of those places that will heat your house to like 120+ degrees and that will work. (i know someone who owns houses and when renters leave he uses that method) it is expensive and i am poor so i couldnt do it.

the final thing i will add is this, think about everything you put on the floor or that touches the floor. bedskirts are nice but not necessary. take them off and dont put them back on until the problem is taken care of. if you take off your clothes, put them straight in the washer. you dont have to wash them right away, but use the washer as a hamper. when it is full, wash the clothes. check your shoes every time you put them on. (they loved to hang out on my shoes)

take everything on the floor and but it on top of something. OR put it in a box or bag and put it in the basement or a storage unit. i had all my clothes in suitcases in the basement. bed bugs will only reside where humans are. so if you dont spend lots of time in the basement the stuff will be safe there. do not put anything that has bed bugs or that hasnt been checked in the “safe place”. i made that mistake as well and had to throw away stuff in my storage unit.

i know how frustrating this can be. i broke down sobbing to my mom on the phone many times. i also know of that paranoia this can create. every time i see a bug or a black spot on the wall my heart jumps cuz i think its a bed bug. this is a hard process but freezing works if you keep doing it. also, dont be afraid to throw things away. i threw out books, clothes that were destroyed by bedbug poop, a bookshelf, my couches, my first bed (i figured out the “bait” thing at the next place) and my piano cuz i didnt know how to get it apart and i was paranoid they were hiding in it.

Ive been bed bug free for over a year. so i know the freeze stick works. best of luck!

Dont Give Up Hope commented:I am not really sure where we may have picked up bedbugs, but because of a few friends hotel experiences of being bitten, my knowledge of these nasty pests helped me diagnose bites on myself. The exterminator that I hired said we probably had a very minor case and to this day, I have not seen one in my home.

I started out having bites that were extremely itchy and the more I scratched, the more irritated and larger the bites became. As days went by, I would get more bites, some larger than others! I searched everywhere for bedbugs and could not find any! I finally after driving my husband and kids batty, convinced them that I the only explanation was bedbugs and hired an exterminator.

The exterminator looked at my bites and their pattern and identified them as bedbug bites, because he has seen so many! Funny thing was I had to get an employee physical and did show the bites to my physician and he said they were not bedbug bites, but I doubt he really had ever really seen any! I had my whole home, 3500 square feet treated! After the treatment, a week went by without bites, which the exterminator was honest and said he would probably have to come back to treat it again!

I sleep on the couch and I made sure I slept there and did not go to another room so I could determine if I was still being bitten, since I was the only one with bites….the second treatment took two weeks before bites showed up again… After the third spraying, I have not had anymore bites, but I still check myself and get a little paranoid if I have an itch! These bites are probably the worst itching I have ever experienced! It has been several months since I have received any bites but I know we are not out of the woods yet! I have a touch of OCD and vanpool for bedbugs for hours on my house… To this day I have not seen one in my home! BUT the bites have stopped after three treatments!

One thing I did notice was that I had all different sizes of bites from different stages of the bedbugs and my exterminator said that is very common!

Horrible experience and I was very thankful that I was the only one that this affected in my home, even though I drove my family nuts!

Alexandria commented:I woke up Saturday morning with a few bites on me. Two on the upper part of my left arm and three on my right shoulder blade. They were reed and itchy but no uncontrollably itchy. I really didn’t even know they were there anymore after a few hours. My husband had no bites on him and I have yet to get anymore bites since then. The ones on my back were more in a group of an upside down V. My sister who suffered from a huge infestation of bed bugs looked at the bites and said she believed that’s not what they were. We also tore my bed apart looked and found nothing. Having terminix come out today to inspect. Does this sound like bed bugs?

Shelly alaska girl commented:i just threw my new couch out side in -5 DEGREE weather at nite i know this will not kill the bugs my question is how big is the smallest one? is it visible to the naked eye? my daughter came home a few months ago with bites and then her friend stayed all of a sudden i was infested took direct steam heat and rest easy to couch helped for maybe a week, the ironic thing is my couch is new yet the beds eight years old and no signs of them anywhere but couch! So, my solution is to get rid of it.

i just want to know i’m not missing any some people say u cant see them well i’ve seen big and small just want to know how small so i can be assured they no longer infest my living room the new couch is not worth the anxiety and gross felling i got sitting on it, and my daughter is no longer allowed to go over to their house, and her friend is definitely not coming to mine. Her mom tried to convince me they were gone then again my eight year old had bites from their home and every room is infested.

I feel bad but i just paid that couch off now its off to the dump people told me to sell it my morals wouldn’t let me as so many people don’t care what they send to others homes knowing the bad infestation it brings. the cold wont even kill this little suckers so buyers beware! i will never buy a couch used, and if new it will still be in plastic wrap.

If the law didn’t prevent me from doing so mine would be ashes as of now and if you have sold a piece of furniture with suspected bugs shame on you that’s why our infestation has worsened in the past few years. i’m a struggling single mom with no furniture in living room now but at least i know my bugs wont infest others and their neighbors, friends and family. money and material things are not everything and my eight year old has just taken this so well!

Here in Alaska they come out all hours of the day due to lack of sunlight i believe and I’ve seen three in one night, that was the final straw, i got up and tossed it out my door section by section and i think my paranoid conscious is keeping me itching with no bites.

It’s been three days now hoping for best or i’m buying plastic blow up beds for room till this is resolved hope the best for everyone fighting this bedbugs my solution to you get rid of the furniture they are in before they end up in everything.

Moral of my story is don’t buy used furniture!

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Bed Bugs

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like (53 PICTURES OF BED BUGS)

Sometimes seeing pictures of bed bugs can help you identify if you’re attracting bed bugs and whether or not you need to start doing something about it.

Im sure some of us remember that old phrase…

Dont let the bed bugs bite

For the longest time most people thought bed bugs were just some made up creature!

If youre reading thisarticle, then its likely you have experienced (or are currently experiencing) a run in with bed bugs.

To help you out, we’ve curated 53 of the best images and pictures of bed bugs I could find that showcase what a bed bug looks like so hopefully you can identify what it is thats pestering you.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Bed bugs are flat reddish brown oval insects ranging from 4 to 5mm in length. They feed on blood and are only active during the night time.

I keep a very clean house, will that keep bed bugs away?

Not entirely, bed bugs dont care if your house is clean or dirty.

Although, if your house is clean, it will be easier to spot bed bugs if you have them.To keep bed bugs at bay you should take proactive measures such as:

Read Also:What are the best steamers and vacuums for bed bugs?

Bed bugs, although very annoying, pestering, and gross, are not carriers of disease unlike mosquitos, which can carry various diseases.

What they will do is bite you multiple times in close proximity while you sleep. The bites themselves arent painful, but will leave a reddish hive on your skin. The biting area will look very similar to a mosquito bite althoughslightly larger andA LOT itchier.

After they bite, they will retreat back to their hiding space. Click here for more on the dangers of bed bugs.

Click here for more information on treatments related to bed bug bites.

Need help getting rid of a bed bug problem. You need tocheck out this articlewhen you have a couple minutes.

Bed bugs tend to live in the seams of your mattress, in the box spring, in the folds of loosewall paper,in your sofa, under your rug, and any other area that is close to a feeding source. Bed bugs want to be near where they feed, so expect them to be close by when you sleep if you have them.

Youll find that a lot of bed bugs live in hotels because of the frequency at which people come and go inside of them. Bed bugs dont prefer hotels, rather there are a lot of people and its likely that someone will be carrying a bed bug at one point or another.

Also, unlike lice, bed bugs DON’T like to live in your hair! Some people are convinced and deathly afraid of going to sleep because of this. Not true, continue reading for pictures!

Bed bugs are VERY hard to get rid of mainly because they hide so well. Depending on the size of the infestation, you might have to look very hard before you find the culprit and stop the spreading.

If youre actively getting bitten, do the following things:

Click here for our complete guide on bed bug removal.

Want to skip all this research and just hire a decent exterminator for your bed bug problem?

Click here to check out our exterminator search tool where we instantly send you free quotes from trusted (and thoroughly vetted) exterminators in your local area.

(Process takes about 30 seconds)

53 of the best Images and picturesof bed bugsBed bug size comparisons

9. Here is a picture of an adult male bed bug being sized at about 5 milimeters.

Want to skip all this research and just hire a decent exterminator for your bed bug problem?

Click here to check out our exterminator search tool where we instantly send you free quotes from trusted (and thoroughly vetted) exterminators in your local area.

(Process takes about 30 seconds)

Want to skip all this research and just hire a decent exterminator for your bed bug problem?

Click here to check out our exterminator search tool where we instantly send you free quotes from trusted (and thoroughly vetted) exterminators in your local area.

(Process takes about 30 seconds)

Want to skip all this research and just hire a decent exterminator for your bed bug problem?

Click here to check out our exterminator search tool where we instantly send you free quotes from trusted (and thoroughly vetted) exterminators in your local area.

(Process takes about 30 seconds)

That’s it folks. 53 pictures and images of bed bugs. Hopefully now you have some sort of feel for what a bed bug looks like and how to spot one in your own home.

If after going through these images and you think you might have an infestation, we highly recommend contacting a 3 to 5 exterminators for quotes on bed bug removal. Bed bug removal is a very delicate process, which requires a highly skilled exterminator!

Please Note*** If you are attempting to kill or remove a bed bug problem, we highly recommend you consult and potentially hire a licensed exterminator or else you risk making your bed bug problem worse. Click here for our tool to help you find free quotes from pre-qualified exterminators in your area.

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What Do Bed Bugs Look Like (53 PICTURES OF BED BUGS)

Spiders | Pest Control and Bug Exterminator Blog

Black Widow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spiders are arachnids and are best described as eight-legged arthropods that lack antennae. They have spinnerets that spin silk from up to six different glands found in their abdomen. Spiders produce this silk for their webs or homes in which they use to catch prey. Some spiders will also ambush their prey from burrows, or other harborage. Spiders have fangs that can inject venom with varying levels of toxicity.

Spiders are very common pests. There are 40,000 different species of spiders in the world, and some 3,000 are found in North America. They are found on all continents except Antarctica, and scientists predict that only half of the worlds spiders have been discovered.

All spiders are carnivorous. Most spiders eat insects, but some of the larger species of spiders have been known to eat small mammals like mice. There are even a few species that will eat small fish. After trapping its prey, a spider will inject digestive enzymes that will start breaking down its food from the inside-out. The partially digested food is then sucked up by the spider. Spiders are often times consideredbeneficialparts of an ecosystem because of the amount of other insects and other pests they eliminate, but most people find themrepulsiveand do not want them in or aroundtheirproperty.

While there are very few spiders in the United States that are really dangerous to humans, there are considerable numbers of poisonous spiders around the world. The black widow and recluse spiders have very toxic venom that can be life threatening to humans. Most spiders are shy and will only bite humans in self-defense, and few produce worse effects than a mosquito bite or bee-sting. There are approximately 100 reported deaths from spider bites in the 20th century.

Notable spiders:

Anthony Ball

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Spiders | Pest Control and Bug Exterminator Blog

Rodent Control | A1 Exterminators Lynn MA | Ants, Termites …

Mice can slip through holes as small as a dime, and rats can fit through holes as small as a quarter. Its not hard for a rodent to come in through small cracks and holes in the foundation of your building or home and set up a nest in the walls or in furniture. Massachusetts and New Hampshire offer large areas of forests and fields for rodents to reside. However, mice will seek shelter in your home or office to get out of the cold, inclement weather or to escape a predator.

When inspecting for mice or rats, an A1 Exterminator technician will look for rodent burrows, holes in the ground where rodents nest and create an underground tunnel around dumpsters, homes or buildings. Another sign for mice or rats are rub marks, which is the dirty and oil from their skin that rub off and leave a funky smell, on the surfaces which rodents frequent.

Mice and rats are covered in the A1 our residential Pest Prevention Plan. We will provide on-going interior and exterior treatments to prevent these rodents from entering your home and causing an infestation.

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Rodent Control | A1 Exterminators Lynn MA | Ants, Termites …

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