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Township Addresses Rodent Issue in Putnam Manor Area After … –

UNION, NJ A social media posting on a Union residents site has initiated action by the township regarding a rodent problem in the Putnam Manor sectionof town.

It came to our attention through social media that someresidents in the PutnamManor area have said they are having an issue with rats in their yards, said Tammie Kopin-Espinoza, assistant business administrator. I can assure you that the Township Committee takes quality of life issues very seriously.

Marconi Gapas, Health Department officer, said two complaints were previously received by the Health Department, onein June and one in July. The areas of concern identified in those complaintswere assessed and public areas such as stream beds, retention basins and storm sewers were treated by a licensed exterminator. These areas will be re-evaluated and treated as warranted.

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Gapas, in a letter being delivered today to residents in the area, said, aside from thecomplaints in June andJuly, we have been unaware that this is a growing issue for you and your neighbors.

Gapas letter says, at the time of the previous complaints, the township was able to have an exterminator treat the public spaces around the problem areas to help control the pest problem but unfortunately we are not allowed to treat private property.

The letter goes on to say that in the coming days, the Townships Health Officials will be assessing the area to identify treatable areas. However, controlling this issue involves everyones cooperation. The following tips are provided in Gapas letter:

If this continues to be a problem, or should this issue escalate, please use the Report a Concern feature on our website or contact the Township of Union Health Department at 908-851-8507, continues Gapas letter. Please keep in mind that these are the only official modes of communication with the Township and the only certain way to ensure your concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

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Township Addresses Rodent Issue in Putnam Manor Area After … –

Reader takes issue with local exterminator – Circleville Herald

A local pest control company should be ashamed at how they have been stealing money for services they fail to supply. This local company has been servicing our residences and business for many years. However, they lack the knowledge and expertise to effectively eradicate bed bugs from a home or business. But they are experts at taking your money.

Bed bugs have been around since the middle ages. There population has spiked in the U.S. since the EPA changed the type of chemical that can be used to kill this pest. And that is all they are a pest. They dont carry any disease. But a pest is a pest, and this one bites. Before the EPA banned the chemicals of the past, the traditional pest control companies used a carpet bombing approach. Todays EPA allowable chemical requires a more missile guided approach that needs to be applied to the bed bug to kill it. As I mentioned before, our local pest control company has been around for years, and is still using the ineffective carpet bombing style treatment for bed bugs.

Bed bugs are not discriminatory and can be found in multi-million dollar homes, low income homes, public transportation vehicles and any local business. However, this pest does appear more often in our local lower income homes where residences are usually disabled and challenged! Could this be the reason our local pest control company continues to offer a service that fails to eradicate this pest? Free money from the disadvantaged!

There are other approaches to treat bed bugs that are more effective. Heat treatment and the assistance of bed bug sniffing canines to pin point the location of the bug. The canine effectively tells the pest control technician exactly where to apply the chemicals to kill the bug (missile guided). There is a wealth of information on the internet about bed bugs. Visit

Our local pest control company should cease all bed bug treatment operations, and stop stealing money from our disabled, disadvantaged, challenged and low income residence. Because when it comes to eradicating bed bugs, you truly lack the knowledge and ability! But you are knowledgeable enough to rip off the public for services you clearly are not providing.

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Reader takes issue with local exterminator – Circleville Herald

An Invention Eliminates Bed Bug Bites even the Insects Migrate among Apartments – Digital Journal

A bed bug lays up to 300 eggs. Legal chemicals do nothing to those behind a wall. It is foolish trying to kill more bed bugs than new eggs. A patent from Bed Sized Bed Bug Trap LLC eliminates the bites at night no matter how many bed bugs are at home or migrate from other apartments.

Two facts confirm how easy to solve bed bug problem. Bed bugs cant contact a CO2 lure at center of a bed bug trap. The invention enlarges the trap from dish size to bed size and replaces the CO2 lure by a sleeper who exhales CO2. Approximately 99% bed bug blood feeding is at night, which is eliminated when a sleeper is at the center of bed sized bed bug trap. It is also easy to eliminate the remaining 1% daytime feeding because exterminators dont carry bed bugs home.

The invention applies starving strategy. It is not necessary to prove that bed bugs starve in a few of weeks after they search food in futile without dormant. Even bed bugs could live for many years; it solves the problem immediately because the insects are harmless if they cant bite. A good starving method with negligible daily effort confirms success immediately because bed bug population is at the highest level on day one. As comparison, people usually confirm success after month of hard work until all of the bugs have been killed.

Dish sized trap fails if it catches few bed bugs than new eggs. Bed sized trap succeeds even it does not catch any bug due to no bite. Eliminating bed bug bites solves the problem immediately no matter how many bed bugs are at home now. With traditional methods, anyone who expects to kill bed bugs behind wall, under floor, or inside electronics by future treatments after the insects have left the hiding places may continually suffer bed bug bites.

Experts recommend a combination of chemical, steam, vacuum, mattress encasement, diatomaceous earth, CO2 trap, and washing everything to kill more bed bugs than new eggs. This combination suffers endless cycles of killing bed bugs at daytime, feeding them at night, and letting a survived one lay up to 300 eggs. The invention does not need any of these obsolete methods and terminates the killing, feeding, and laying egg cycles immediately as sure as bed bugs cant bite a person who sleeps in a bathtub because the bed sized trap functions better than a bathtub to block bed bug attacking routes. A person who understands why bed bugs cant crawl into a bathtub should also understand why bed bugs cant crawl to a sleeper who is at the trap center. It is difficult for people to search bed bugs without missing a single one. It is easy for every bed bug to detect CO2 from sleepers and die on the way for food without survivor.

Using mattress encasement instead of bed sized bed bug trap is as nonsense as camping outside a tent which has been used as a bush encasement to seal mosquitoes inside a bush. A mattress or a bush does not need any protection if bed bugs or mosquitoes cant bite. Only sleepers need protection from bed bugs by bed sized bed bug trap and from mosquitoes by tent, respectively.

Use of vacuum and steam instead of the invention to kill bed bugs is as nonsense as use of vacuum and steam instead of poison bait to kill ants. Poison bait makes ant control easy. The bed sized trap for bed bugs is far more efficient than poison bait for ants because the invention starves the insects while the poison bait does not.

Some people believe that bed bugs can fall from ceiling to bed. The inventor solved bed bug problem immediately and did not find any bug falling from ceiling. For those who do believe this possibility, the inventors website describes an easy effort to completely eliminate the falling possibility no matter how smart bed bugs are.

A few of bed bug control firms have received heavy penalty from government for using kill-by-residual chemicals which reduce peoples life. If any traditional method is efficient, people would not have spent thousands of dollars to heat entire apartment to more than 120F. Such a heating may still fail if infested electronics cant be heated.

The invention is far more efficient than any well-known services or products because no one is able to list a feasible bed bug attacking route when a sleeper is at top of the bed sized trap. Americans spend $500 million annually on bed bugs. Investors or partners are wanted with a mission to make this pest control revenue drop to zero after bed bugs are extinct when everyone knows how to easily get rid of bed bugs without any methods of chemical, steam, vacuum, mattress encasement, dished sized CO2 trap, and diatomaceous earth.

Media ContactCompany Name: Bed Sized Bed Bug Trap LLCContact Person: Dahai DongEmail: info@bedsizedbedbugtrap.comPhone: 201-566-3521City: Princeton JctState: NJCountry: United StatesWebsite:

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An Invention Eliminates Bed Bug Bites even the Insects Migrate among Apartments – Digital Journal

Modesto tenants living in condemned building sue landlord – Modesto Bee

Tenants living in a condemned downtown Modesto apartment building plagued by rotting floors, mold, rats and cockroaches, faulty plumbing, as well as a host of other problems are suing the buildings owners.

California Rural Legal Assistance filed the lawsuit Friday in Stanislaus Superior Court on behalf of seven of the tenants. The lawsuit names Turlock husband and wife Steve and Noma Arakelian as defendants. The lawsuits claims include negligence, breach of contract, and unlawful business practices. It seeks financial damages for the tenants and attorneys fees for CRLA.

CRLA expects the Arakelians will be served with the lawsuit this week.

The lawsuit states the seven tenants paid their rent and honored the terms of their leases while the Arakelians failed to provide them with safe, sanitary and habitable living conditions.

The Arakelians own the two-story building of 27 studio apartments at 624 Ninth St. The on-site manager said last month that about 80 poor people lived in the building. Tenants have said about a dozen children have lived there. Rent is $575 or $585 a month. Modesto has condemned the building.

Steve Arakelian did not return a phone call seeking comment Monday afternoon. He has blamed some tenants for damaging and vandalizing the building, though several tenants have said Arakelian does not make repairs or makes inadequate repairs, such as giving tenants small amounts of rat poison rather than hiring an exterminator for the entire building.

Aurora Thome an attorney with CRLAs Modesto office said the problems started from the time the tenants represented by the CRLA moved in. She said one tenant caught about a dozen mice in the first week of living in the building.

Arakelian has said he does not have the money to repair the building and has put it up for sale. He had notices issued to tenants last month, saying he was terminating their leases and they had 30 or 60 days to leave. Tenants who had lived in the building less than a year were given 30 days, those who had lived there longer were given 60 days.

The notices said if the tenants were not out within 30 or 60 days, Arakelian could take them to court to evict them. Thome said some tenants recently received eviction paperwork. She said CRLA is working with the tenants in the lawsuit who received eviction paperwork but said other tenants who received the paperwork are welcome to contact CRLA to see if it can help them.

Modesto, Stanislaus County and social service providers are working with tenants to find them housing. Some tenants have found homes, while others have been placed temporarily in motels and respite housing. Others still live in the building, including the seven suing the Arakelians.

Modesto is providing tenants who get new housing with relocation benefits, which it expects to be about $1,200 per apartment. The city has provided tenants with the forms to apply for the benefits. The Arakelians are required to provide relocation benefits but failed to do so. The city will seek reimbursement from them for what it pays out.

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Modesto tenants living in condemned building sue landlord – Modesto Bee

6 Critters You Might See This Summer – UC Davis

Consider the Upsides and Downsides of Having Snakes and Bugs in Your Environment

Summer may mean the emergence of some creepy, crawly (and slithery) critters, but that isnt always a bad thing, UC Davis experts say. From many-legged creatures commonly found around your home during the summer to legless animals you might see out on a summer hike, heres what our experts say about the critters of summer and what our wet winter means for many of them.

Hot, dry weather suits Californias only venomous snake, the rattlesnake, just fine. And while a wet winter means lots of tall grass for snakes to hunt and hide in, Associate Professor Brian Todd, who studies the ecology and conservation of reptiles and amphibians, says there have been fewer reports of rattlesnakes this year.

My best guess is that the snakes dont have to move around much to find food, and so the snakes simply aren’tbeing seen like they are in years where they must roam more widely to find food, Todd said, noting a booming population of rodents this year. Its also possible that several years of drought took a toll on snakes and they will need a year or two to recover.

But we are still in the height of rattlesnake bite season, which runs from April to October.

“It’s best to be aware of one’s surroundings and know how to respond when encountering a rattlesnake, saidMark E. Sutter, an emergency medicine physician and toxicologist atUC Davisand theCalifornia Poison Control System.

Sutter recommends hikers wear long pants and boots, stay on trails, be wary of picking up rocks and sticks, and do not touch or disturb a snake, even if it appears to be dead. If you are bitten, seek immediate medical attention, but avoid folk remedies such as tourniquets. UC Davis Health has shared more tips and information on preventing snake bites.

More than 300 people are treated for rattlesnake bites in California each year, and dogs who nose around in tall grass or wood piles are also at risk.

Vaccines are available for dogs, but UC Davis veterinarian Karl Jandrey says thats no substitute for emergency care.

A rattlesnake vaccine doesn’tnecessarily prevent the need for medical attention or treatment, Jandrey said.

UC Davis experts recommend keeping your dog on a leash, staying on trails and using a walking stick to rustle brush along trails to alert snakes of your presence. They dont want to run into you, either. More tips to keep dogs safe from snakes and other summer dangers are available on the One Health blog.

The wet winter meant lots of insects, which now means lots of spiders to eat them. While not everyone enjoys having these arachnids around the house, remember that theyre the good guys that keep down other pests, said Professor Lynn Kimsey, director of the Bohart Museum of Entomology.

Humans love to fear what they dont know anything about, she said, noting that Northern California doesn’thave any dangerous spiders. Even the notorious black widow is extremely unlikely to waste any of its precious venom on a human because it doesn’tsee a human as a likely meal, she said.

You have as good a chance of being hit by an asteroid as being bitten by a black widow, Kimsey said. She said most black widow bites happen when a person unknowingly crushes one, leading the spider to bite reflexively usually without venom.

She said the Bohart museum seeks to teach people to better understand spiders and other insects, so they wont fear them. Shes always happy to see children visit the museum and handle furry, harmless tarantulas.

Kids should be playing with this stuff, she said.

Its too late to do much to control populations of wasps and yellowjackets (traps need to be set out in early spring to keep populations from growing), but its still important to know which ones should cause concern.

Paper wasps have a more slender waist and form open nests in eaves and on walls. They usually ignore humans and aren’t a cause for concern, Kimsey said.

On the other hand, yellowjacket wasps, which have brighter yellow stripes and aren’t quite as thin as other wasps, commonly build nests in underground rodent holes. Theyre sometimes called meat bees for their love of hamburgers and other meat. Theyve been reported in greater numbers this year, according to the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control District.

If you spot a yellowjacket nest, stay away and call a professional exterminator. While most wasps live in small numbers and are mostly harmless, yellowjacket nests can be home to thousands of aggressive insects.

If you get near a nest, theyll attack in numbers, Kimsey said. Get a professional to deal with it.

Californias central valley would be overrun with mosquitos if not for abatement districts, regional government agencies that work to control the bugs numbers, Kimsey said. Locally, the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control District culls mosquito populations with insecticide that only affects mosquitos, and by distributingmosquito-eating fish. The agency alsoencourages preventative measures by the public.

Kimsey said the only downside of this arrangement is that when those abatement districts do their jobs well and there aren’tmany mosquitos around, people tend to forget someone is working hard to keep it that way.

Life would be hell without them, she said.

She also said research institutions like UC Davis play a vital role in mosquito control by testing for new species that can stow away in materials and products being shipped to California. If officials only look for species they know are already here, they could miss a new species until its already established a large population, she said.

Another benefit of a hot summer: it keeps down the stink bugs that have started an infestation in Sacramento, according to UC Extension researchers. Brown marmorated stink bugs originate from Asia and were accidentally introduced to the US in the 1990s, becoming a serious agricultural and domestic pest in parts of the country. In Sacramento, they have attacked community gardens, sucking fruit and vegetable crops dry.

But it turns out that spells of triple-digit heat are bad news for the bugs: A few days over 100 degrees put a significant dent in the population. Entomologists from UC Extension and UC Davis are now running lab tests on how vulnerable the bugs are to hot weather.

Cody Kitaura is a content provider and strategist in Strategic Communications. His colleague, science content provider Andy Fell, contributed to this report.

6 Critters You Might See This Summer – UC Davis

Put Your Foot Down With Toronto Roach Removal – TG Daily (blog)

Pests like rodents, cockroaches, bedbugs, pavement or carpenter ants, wasps, hornets and bees, millipedes, centipedes, spiders, and fruit flies can be the cause of a lot of anxiety and health worries for homeowners in the Toronto area. Out of all of these, cockroaches are definitely one of the top pests that make people’s skin crawl. Here are some reasons to motivate you to put your foot down and consider contacting a Toronto roach removal expert if you have a roach problem in your home.

Any number of pests common in the Greater Toronto can jeopardize your health or damage your home. Bed bugs, while not disease vectors, can lead to anxiety and depression, not to mention sleepless nights. Wasps, on the other hand, are both a nuisance and potentially fatal for anyone with an allergy to their stings. If you have small children or pets, they can easily startle an entire hive located on the ground. If you notice a wasp nest in your backyard, Power Pest Control wasp removal services can safely remove it. Its not a process you want to attempt on your own, as a mistake could be disastrous.

Cockroaches Can Trigger Allergies and Increase Asthma Symptoms

Cockroaches can leave behind feces, body parts, and saliva that are known to cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma symptoms and, unfortunately, it is a fact that 63% of all homes have cockroach allergens in them. The symptoms of cockroach allergies include, sinus infections, ear infection, skin rash, coughing, wheezing, and nasal congestion, and they can become chronic conditions if cockroaches are not dealt with.

Cockroaches Can Carry Salmonella

Cockroaches can carry and spread 33 different bacterial strains and one of these is the very dangerous bacteria, salmonella. In fact, salmonella can survive in a cockroachs feces for several years. Cockroaches are frequently the cause of salmonella food poisoning in restaurants that dont have rigorous pest control.

Cockroaches Can Sensitize You To Their Germs

As cockroaches spend more time in your home, they sensitize you to the particular kinds of health problems they cause. This means that you not only succumb to the health problems they can cause, but that over time the degree of your reaction can become worst, and you can become highly sensitive to their presence.

Cockroach Exterminators In Toronto

In Toronto, a reputable pest control company like Power Pest Control will offer a free no-obligation quote over the phone, rather than keep you guessing. Another thing to look for in an exterminator is insecticide safety. The chemicals used by Power Pest Control are safe for children, pets, the elderly, and pregnant women. The most trustworthy pest control companies employ technicians who are licensed with the Ministry of Environment and will provide an Ontario extermination card upon request. Last, but not least, the best pest control companies stand by their service and offer a warranty which includes no-charge follow ups for up to a year.

If you are having trouble with a cockroach infestation, you might want to consider seeking out a Toronto roach removal specialist. They can help get rid of nasty pests so that your home remains healthy, clean, and happy.

Put Your Foot Down With Toronto Roach Removal – TG Daily (blog)

Arrow Exterminators Announces 2017 Internal Scholarship Contest Winners – PCT Magazine

ATLANTA Atlanta-based Arrow Exterminators recently announced the five winners of its third annual internal scholarship program. The scholarship program was open to Arrow team members and their dependents who were either graduating high school seniors or enrolled in a college program. The applicants were asked to write a short essay on what has surprised them the most about the Pest Control Industry.

The following five students are the winners of the scholarship program and will each receive a $1,000 scholarship:

Christopher Seda has been with Arrow Exterminators for 15 years as a Mosquito and Termite Service Professional. Christopher will graduate in March of 2018 with a Bachelors degree in Business Management and then aspires to utilize his degree to grow his career at Arrow Exterminators.

Haley Wellborn, the daughter of Arrow Exterminators team member Melanie Bruner, will be attending Middle Georgia State University in the fall. Haley currently works at Chick-Fil-A and is also eager to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education.

Matthew Powell is the son of Whitney Powell who is the Senior Service Center Manager of the Arrow Exterminators Cumming service center. Matthew will be attending the University of North Georgia as a cadet in the Army ROTC Boars Head Brigade. He plans to obtain a Bachelors degree in Biology and aspires to become a Physical Therapist in the U.S Army. In his free time Matthew enjoys hiking, CrossFit, and spending time with family and friends.

Jade Dorminey, the daughter of Arrow Exterminators team member Stori Page, is entering her sophomore year of college at Johnson University where she is working to obtain her Bachelors of Science in Counseling. With the scholarship, she hopes to eventually work with teens and young adults diagnosed with mental disorders; her main focus is to center her work on active and retired military, along with public safety personnel.

Austin Jaggers, son of Arrow Exterminators team member Nora Gregory, is a student at Eastern Kentucky University. Austin was a honor graduate from Barren County High School where he was a part of BETA club, Drama club and History club; He fortunately was also able to participate in a mock government event in Louisville, Kentucky. While at Eastern Kentucky he has been awarded the honor of the Presidents Award and has made the Deans List twice.

Arrow Exterminators created the scholarship programs for Arrow team members and their family to encourage personal and professional growth. The money awarded is specifically designed to assist students with their higher education expenses and facilitate their path to pursuing a career.

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Arrow Exterminators Announces 2017 Internal Scholarship Contest Winners – PCT Magazine

Rats and kitchen filth are fodder for naming and shaming restaurants – Cadtle Hills News

One in 10 restaurants and cafes across NSW have been fined for food safety breaches, from preparing meals in filthy kitchens to failing to control bug infestations.

Grubbiest eatery in Sydney: The now defunct Hong Hai Noodle Bar. Photo: Janie Barrett

Unwanted accolade: Kam Fook Chatswood holds the gong for the worst serial offender still operating. Photo: Edwina Pickles

What’s in the box?: Domino’s pizza is the worst fast food offender. Photo: Rob Homer

One in 10 restaurants and cafes across NSW have been fined for food safety breaches, from preparing meals in filthy kitchens to failing to control bug infestations.

The first full release of data from the Food Authority’s Name and Shame register reveals that more than 3500 of the 36,000 eateries inspected across the state failed hygiene tests.

More than 1000 of the 8042 penalty notices issued in the past five years related to cockroach infestations, rodent activity and droppings in commercial kitchens.

Unsanitary food preparation areas, dirty equipment and lack of easily accessible hand-washing facilities made up nearly half the offences.

The data, obtained under freedom of information laws, also revealed that since 2008:

The City of Sydney Council was home to the state’s most hazardous kitchens, with 820 fines. Willoughby, North Sydney, Fairfield and Blacktown councils each delivered more than 300 fines.

The worst fast food offender was Domino’s Pizza, with 31 branches hit with 50 penalty notices, followed by KFC with 24 branches accumulating 40 fines.

The worst re-offender was the recently defunct Hong Hai Noodle Bar in the CBD, which was given 21 penalty notices worth $8580, including five fines last year.

In regional NSW, the filthiest restaurants were in Gosford, Blue Mountains and Wyong council areas, each recording more than 100 offences.

Food inspectors have hauled in $4.7 million worth of fines. A record $1.16 million in revenue from fines was posted last year.

The biggest number of fines was recorded in 2009, with 2044 issued against restaurants. That year, Jemes Fish Market in Ashfield was infamously caught storing live crabs in a toilet cubicle. Choy Restaurant in Randwick was also fined for having a dead rat in its storage area.

The food safety offences did not surprise food safety specialist Gavin Buckett, founder of consultancy The Gourmet Guardian, who has inspected kitchen and storage areas in restaurants across Sydney.

He has seen food items stored in unused rubbish bins and black sludge built up inside the dishwashers used for plates, glasses and crockery.

”Last month I saw a bakery in Marrickville cool their baked products, like bread, outside on trolleys in a multi-business industrial car park that anyone can access,” Mr Buckett said. ”I am told they do this every day.”

He said laziness and complacency among restaurant owners and staff were key reasons why kitchen hygiene was often neglected.

Pest exterminator of 20 years Gordon Simms, from Bugs-Be-Gone, said restaurants who stopped regular pest control should expect insect and rodent numbers to escalate quickly.

“You need to get rid of 95 per cent to gain control. They can come back in three months if nothing is done,” he said.

Mr Simms also warned of greater rodent activity this winter after detecting an unusually high number this year.

Food Authority NSW spokesman Rebecca Bowman said the public register has had a positive impact on the food trade. Last year 785 food businesses were named and shamed compared with 1309 businesses the year before.

“The number of food businesses appearing on the register has almost halved in three years,” she said.

Each penalty notice published on the Name and Shame website expires 12 months after the fine is paid.

The large and bustling Kam Fook restaurant in Chatswood is Sydney’s worst serial offender still operating on the Food Authority’s Name and Shame register.

The popular yum cha destination able to seat 600 people has been hit with 17 fines worth $13,640 in the past five years.

The latest offences were in 2011 when inspectors found mould and food waste on coolroom shelving, above and below unprotected food. Raw chicken was also found in a colander on the floor.

Manager Edmond Yuen said the restaurant now had a new owner who had brought in new health and hygiene practices.

“We are doing everything in more detail and check more often. Everything must be clean. I can say the new owner is going much better,” he said. “There’s been a big improvement.”

Top Choice BBQ restaurant in Burwood has also been slapped with 17 fines, including three last year for having uncovered food stored on the coolroom floor and allowing the accumulation of dirt and grease. No fines were issued in 2010 and 2011.

Owner of 15 years Peter Ma has paid food authority fines of $11,660. He said he joined his staff to clean the restaurant for nearly two hours every day after closing. “Being clean is important to us,” he said.

The son of the owner of Shanghai Night Restaurant in Ashfield, Yang Qin, said his mother’s lack of English meant she was susceptible to making mistakes.

“But she’s learning from them so the penalties never happen again. The pest control people come every three months and we have the certificates,” he said.

The story Rats and kitchen filth are fodder for naming and shaming restaurants first appeared on Good Food.

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Rats and kitchen filth are fodder for naming and shaming restaurants – Cadtle Hills News

Roaches cause temporary mail suspension – WGRZ-TV

Roaches Halt Mail Delivery At 31 Marine Drive

Danny Spewak, WGRZ 12:01 AM. EDT August 19, 2017

31 Marine Drive

BUFFALO, N.Y. – The United States Postal Service prides itself on delivering the mail in the harshest of conditions. “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” is supposed to slow a mail carrier, according to the agency’s unofficial motto.

Yet, somehow, on a perfectly sunny Friday in Buffalo, the Postal Service temporarily suspended mail delivery at 31 Marine Drive, a Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority building known as The Coastline. The problem, however, wasn’t snow, rain, heat or gloom of night.

It was roaches.

“To the point where it’s disgusting,” Toni Guercio said, standing in the lobby area of her apartment building. “This has been going on for years.”

Many residents at 31 Marine Drive, including Toni Guercio (far left), are livid about the conditions in their building.

Guercio said she observed a mail carrier with roaches all over his feet on Friday afternoon, which prompted her to call Consumer Affairs at the Postal Service. A USPS spokesperson confirmed in an email to 2 On Your Side that mail carriers did temporarily suspend service “because of carriers’ concerns on the condition of the interior — rodents and insects.” The Postal Service notified BMHA, which sent crews to clean up the bugs in the lobby near the mailbox area. The USPS spokesperson said mail carriers came back to The Coastline at the end of their route and eventually delivered mail to all the residents’ mailboxes.

Even so, 2 On Your Side clearly observed bugs roaming around the bowels of The Coastline late Friday afternoon. Each person who stepped off the elevator in the lobby seemed to have their own story of roaches, and many of them were appalled to learn that the problem was so bad it forced even the United States Postal Service to halt delivery for a few hours.

Bugs were still visible inside 31 Marine Drive on Friday afternoon.

“Just because we’re public housing,” Guercio said, “doesn’t mean we have to live like this.”

Modesto Candelario, the assistant executive director of the BMHA, said his agency had not received any complaints from the Postal Service prior to Friday. However, he said BMHA has been aware of roach issues at The Coastline for a few months, adding that it appears the problem is originating in the compact room and the compactor.

Modesto Candelario is the assistant executive director of BMHA.

Candelario said BMHA hired a contractor to sanitize and clean the compactor as much as possible. In addition to its own staff, a private cleaning company has also been on site, as well as an exterminator that comes once a week.

“We can assure them we will continue to work on issues as they arise,” Candelario said, when asked if he could assure residents they would no longer have to deal with this problem. “I’m not going to guarantee it’s never going to happen — because it could happen, you never know — but we are on top of it. Our staff, every time it’s been aware of a situation like this, we try to hit it as hard as we can.”

Shortly after an interview at his office, Candelario appeared on scene at 31 Marine Drive to inspect the problem for himself. On Friday evening, a spokesperson from Mayor Byron Brown’s office said the mayor became aware of the issue and directed a city exterminator to spray the building. The mayor’s office will monitor the situation over the weekend, the spokesperson said.

Building management has also been in contact with residents about how to properly dispose of garbage, in an effort to tackle the bug problem.

Management placed this flyer in the lobby area near the mailboxes.

But many people who live here — including longtime resident Danny Rogers — said they’re desperate for a permanent solution.

“Now they want to cancel our mail in our mail slots? Come on,” Rogers said. “Come on, now.”

2017 WGRZ-TV

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Roaches cause temporary mail suspension – WGRZ-TV

Raccoon Exterminator | Pest Control Services

Raccoon Removal and Raccoon Control in [URLParam param=c] New Jersey. Get rid of raccoon from your attic.

Haveraccoons taken over your [URLParam param=c] home?

Raccoon likes to make a living in human dwellings and have the potential to have rabies. Please avoid contact with these wild animals and report any bites to the local health department and your physician as soon as possible.

Raccoons can cause damage to your[URLParam param=c] home

Raccoon leaves behind urine & feces on the insulation as well as damaged, torn apart duct work or wires once they gain access to your[URLParam param=c] home. Oh, lets not forget the fleas they leave behind.

Our wildlife control/abatement comes with a warranty against animals entering the home again. The structure will be reinforced, soffits, fascias, roof vents, attic fans and gable vents.

The attic area usually needs a biohazard clean out after the raccoon are removed. Insulation removed, clean all stained wood, Hepa-vac all residue, disinfect & deodorize and finally, re-insulate the attic area.

Get in touch with us today for more information.

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Raccoon Exterminator | Pest Control Services

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