30 Exotic Low Maintenance Cool Pets That Are Legal To Own

This is a heart attack for me, or any other woman. Get ready to lose your girlfriend, if you have one of these bad boys in your house. Unlike most snakes of the world, Boas are constrictors that means they are large and non-poisonous and kill through strangling around their prey. Despite being weird pets, they are quite popular animals among enthusiasts.

Boas tend to grow past the 5 feet mark, more depending on the species. Considering the size, the weight will grow accordingly as much. Since Boas are amazon based, the enclosures for them are required to be high and heated to best mimic their natural habitat.


Though many would call them creepy and run away instantly, Tarantulas and in specific the Mexican Red-legged one is one very beginner species kept in captivity for pet use. There striking features are vibrant orange knees contrasted with a black body.

They show good temperament, and usually like to run away as the first line of defense. Despite being docile, they tend to be a little skittish at times and can show aggression if provoked.


You have got to be kidding me? These things can be pets. Not happening in my world. But hey look at this way, they will replace dogs as the most loyal pet post a nuclear holocaust, since they can survive one.

The cockroach, despite its displeasing appearance is quite popular among enthusiast for being docile and hardy in nature. Having a strong exoskeleton, allows for it to be tough as well, thank God it doesnt have any wings, otherwise it would have definitely taken over the world.

Another reptile on the list, we are pleased to inform you which doesnt move so soften. Having a very slow moving speed will almost make it appear to be a plastic model. You will find the iguana usually spending time relaxing, sun basking and watching you with its deep spooky eyes.

What a surprise, they are Herbivorous! I thought Godzillas distant cousin would be a meat eater. Looks like being vegan is the new fad even among reptiles!

If girls remember the crab Sebastian from Ariel, they will definitely want one in the form of the Hermit Crab, they make excellent first pets to be kept in an aquarium for children. But be advised, marine life is very sensitive and requires precision care.

Though you will find loads in your local pet shop, once bought you do need them to be in a large enough aquarium for optimal comfort and prevention from imminent death through suffocation. Hermit Crabs require high levels of humidity in their enclosure which is usually not maintained.

Nothing can be more aww inspiring than gazing in those deep brown eyes. This tree dwelling marsupial from Africa is very agile and made for the tree branches. The last thing these small animals will expect is a small tight cage to be in.

Bush Babys require wide open branched type areas to live in their own with the least stress. Though most house owners are not able to provide the environment. Its advised this animal stays in the zoo, where it cant be endangered.

If you have a backyard with an infestation of a lot of ant and termite mounds, well in that case there can be no better natural exterminator than the Southern Tamandua, basically an anteater.

Anteaters are very cute looking, from their pencil necked pointy faced cuddliness. Trust me, if you had a dog lick you, the Tamanduas tongue will be longer than expected and make your face sticky as a glue stick. They are very attention seeking animals and show varying moods if neglected.

If you have an admiration for squirrels, a glider version will be even better. They love to run on their wheel. Considering the environmental policy, a permit is required if you wish to own this type of animal.

No matter the diet, the glider requires fresh fruits and nuts for healthy functioning. Their high metabolism requires nutrient rich food, which can be found in only fresh foods. They make very good pets but if you really want to see them glide, let them climb high up and then see them glide to the next tree.

Hailing from the rain forests of central South America, the kinkajou comes from the raccoon family. So expect them to be the annoying types and give you a headache if not acquainted with. Considered to be very exotic and bred for private use, the kinkajou tent to be rather friendly.

Even though they are solitary, they are vocal animals. So expect the house to be running a bit high on volume. People consider them to be very social and specially their interaction with their owners. Kinkajou love having fresh fruits, figs, and flower nectar.

Unlike other foxes, the Fennec is a very small fox species, but sits very comfortably in between a big cat and a small dog. The exotic animal can be enjoyed by the entire family and expect itself to show the same alertness and excitement as of a cat and the same fun and playfulness as that of a very active dog.

They are full of energy creatures that are going to tire you out. So expect to share some time and muscle power with your pet.

A mini donkey is a very funny, comical and affectionate joy to own. Having a bad reputation for being dumb is not the case here, as they boast a solid memory that they use to build lasting relationships with their owners for obvious reasons like any pet animal attention.

Like any donkey, they are however very stubborn and will not do what is required, if they are not in the mood. Being quite animals, other than the occasional he haw is heard. Mini donkeys are popular animals as they make good pets for kids due to their size and gentle nature.

Our next animal is like something out of a bad alien thought. Proving to be very weird pets, the Axolotl is a type of a salamander that originates from Mexico. The Axolotl is able to regenerate any part of its body in due time, ideal if you have any other feisty creatures the holding aquarium.

They grow to be quite large and most often require specialized care and equipment for its enclosure, otherwise its an okay pet for people with a taste in unique pets.

Monkeys tend to be very adorable and are often very cute looking. Baby monkeys cling to their mothers and appear so helpless, which often ads to their admirable features.

Monkeys irrespective of a selective type are very intelligent animals. All primates show great levels of intelligence and are able to resemble some of the most complex emotional behaviors often associated with human beings.

Raising a monkey can be challenging, as they grow older they become aggressive and develop a habit of their own, leading to them demanding more independence from their owners. Monkeys with time, require the social dependence of their own kind.

If youre a cat lover, then having a show stopper of a cat is nothing better – combining the looks of its wild exterior fur coat, along with the minimalistic behavior of your average house cat. Youre left with a cat that only gives you all the benefits of appearance but also a subtle nature.

If youre a dull person, know so before your Bengal cat is not. The cat will continue to amaze you with its highly energetic instincts that allows it to continue throughout the day tirelessly. To be honest, thats one type of cat I would definitely go for.

When the wild skunks are captured, their glands, which are the cause of their smell are removed within the four weeks of age. However removing of the glands is not legally allowed in some countries, so make sure that your country or state allows it. Only then you can use skunk as a pet otherwise they can spray bad smelling fluid which is not bearable.

Genets are very cautious of their surroundings, hailing from the African continent, the animal seems to be a prey and somewhat has a troubled attitude towards humans. Especially if not handled from a young age. At the end, the animal is a domestic wild animal and will not be found cuddling and entirely engaging. Genet are very independent in nature.

I thought rodents couldnt get any bigger. What? you didnt know that? Capybaras are in fact rodents and belong from the same family. Even though being very unusual pets, they are very social animals and love to work in groups. So having a single will not be the most ideal of situations for the mammal.

As associated with any rodent chewing is a problem and they will leave no chance to have every possible nibble here n there at your furniture. Capybaras are semi aquatic, so people with access to lakes or water bodies have a better chance of enjoying with theseanimals.

Our next animal on the list is the llama, they are like a mixture between a camel and a donkey. Llamas make great pets as they can be very soft natured and make great companions. Especially for people on a farm, having a few llamas is no big deal and they make a perfect combination of fun and cuteness in decent package.

Llamas almost look like a big poodle because of their fur. They show great manners and are very clean in nature and show very friendly dispositions. Llamas require less maintenance, accounting to be a reason for their ever growing popularity.

Although the original fox is from Siberia, the silver fox also follows the same blood line. Originating from Russia, the silver foxes are a version of the domesticated fox.

Although all breading is carried out there in Russia. A US company works alongside for the American customers, as the only legalized importer of silver foxes, they are quite expensive to buy.

No, you wont be getting your own set of mutant ninja turtles, but they sure do make a great view in the family room. Their petite size and delicate nature is a reason why they are bought, but most do so for the sheer admiration of the reptile.

Initially baby turtles require constant care and controlled environments but once they are mature enough the turtles are basically maintenance free. They do however require the closeness of a water body for their daily swimming requirements. Proving to be an excellent exotic pet choice for children and trust me they will adore them!

Wallaroo is a unique choice for an exotic pet, but what better than a kangaroo looking marsupial. Wallaroos are strong and very powerful.

Nonetheless, the animal bonds very well with their owners and more so if they are hand raised from birth. They are usually very intelligent and show compassion towards other house pets as well.

A very unusual choice to keep as a pet, not commonly found in any house hold from around the world. The hippo to be short, might be kept in captivity simply to be taken cared for from a distance. In sanctuaries, baby hippos might be initially taken cared off but later re introduced to their mothers after maturing a little enough.

Hippos grow to be immensely large and can weight upwards of the 1 tone mark, now that is big.

If you have watched the bugs life, you will remember there was a character that resembled a stick insect. In reality, stick insects resemble close to small sticks and twigs, and easily blend in the forest ground. Stick insects have excellent camouflaging irrespective of where they are. Keeping them well away from their predators

Stick insects should be handled with extreme care, as their limbs are even more delicate than their stick resembling body. They love to live in moderate to humid climates with decently controlled damp conditions.

Yes! Finally we have reached to our #1spot on the list, and we reserved this place for none other than this beautiful bird. The Hyacinth Macaw is the largest of the macaw species in the world and they are as affectionate as a human being. Being a bird, you will feel youre with an infant with endless energy, definitely one of the best exotic pets you can keep in your house.

The Macaw shows affection by cuddling with their owners. Unlike other birds, which will keep to themselves, the macaw loves playing with toys and breaks them to smithereens. So be sure to keep many at hand.

You will often find them biting uncontrollably and chewing comes associated naturally. In addition to that, the bird is quite loud. What would you expect from a bird that has to sing in the rainforest the size of a Britain?

Note: You have to ensure that you and your animal companions live in legal harmony according to your state law as every country or state has its own law about pets. It can be the situation that some of the above animals are not legal in your state so it is your duty to make sure that your dream pet is legal in your state. Moreover, every person has different paying capacity so some animals might not be low maintenance pets for you so again make sure that your pocket allows you to own certain animal.

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30 Exotic Low Maintenance Cool Pets That Are Legal To Own

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