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Raccoon Removal and Raccoon Control in [URLParam param=c] New Jersey. Get rid of raccoon from your attic.

Haveraccoons taken over your [URLParam param=c] home?

Raccoon likes to make a living in human dwellings and have the potential to have rabies. Please avoid contact with these wild animals and report any bites to the local health department and your physician as soon as possible.

Raccoons can cause damage to your[URLParam param=c] home

Raccoon leaves behind urine & feces on the insulation as well as damaged, torn apart duct work or wires once they gain access to your[URLParam param=c] home. Oh, lets not forget the fleas they leave behind.

Our wildlife control/abatement comes with a warranty against animals entering the home again. The structure will be reinforced, soffits, fascias, roof vents, attic fans and gable vents.

The attic area usually needs a biohazard clean out after the raccoon are removed. Insulation removed, clean all stained wood, Hepa-vac all residue, disinfect & deodorize and finally, re-insulate the attic area.

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Raccoon Exterminator | Pest Control Services

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