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Central Texas is home to a variety of common household pests, which can spread disease, contaminate our food and damage our belongings. When it comes to pest control, Killeen, TX homeowners trust ABC for reliable, long-term results.

When you see a cockroach run across the floor or spy a rat in the garage, you have no way of knowing if you have a true infestation on your hands, and if so, how bad it might be. When you reach out to ABC, we will schedule a time for a trained inspector to meet you at your earliest convenience to carry out a preliminary assessment to recommend the best course of action. After you have a chance to review and approve our no-obligation estimate, we can schedule your first service call. Our customers in Killeen, Temple, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Belton the surrounding communities tell us they chose ABC because we provide the best home services in the area, we conduct extensive background checks and drug testing on all of our employees and we treat your home as we would our own.

ABCs experienced technicians can help with any type of pest infestation you might have. Our pros can provide you with effective:

Our proximity to a number of bodies of water, plus our hot, humid climate, makes our area ideal for a number of mosquito species. Not only do these bloodsucking insects leave us with irritating, itchy bites, but also these pesky pests can spread a number of devastating diseases, including the West Nile and Zika viruses. Although some municipalities have mosquito control programs, cities in Bell County only have the capacity to perform surveillance, so the responsibility to protect our families is on homeowners shoulders. ABCs scientifically-proven methods can help reduce your mosquito population so you can once again enjoy spending time in your outdoor spaces.

The cockroach may be among the most common pests we run across in our homes here in Texas, but that doesnt mean homeowners dont do all we can to evict these unwelcome houseguests. Contrary to popular belief, these insects can infest even the cleanest of homes, and once they find their way inside, they can contaminate our food, worsen asthma symptoms and cause allergic reactions. These extremely resilient creatures are very difficult for homeowners to eliminate on their own. ABCs pros can identify where roaches are hiding and breeding and deliver practical, effective solutions for even the toughest roach problems.

Termite damage can often go undetected until structural problems are discovered. Why is that, exactly? The most dangerous termite species tunnel through the ground to reach your home and then feast on the cellulose that makes up the wood of your living structures. Colonies can often number one million members or more, earning these creatures the nickname silent destroyers. Protect your biggest investment with ABCs help. Regular monitoring can minimize losses, and preventative efforts can keep termites from coming back, once our pros have eliminated the entire colony.

An increase in people moving from place to place is one of the factors scientists believe has led to a rise in bed bugs. These tiny parasites can fit into the smallest cracks in our furniture, bedding and walls, only emerging to feast on our blood when we are resting. Government health agencies recognize bed bug infestations as a true public health problem, partly because these creatures are nearly impossible for a homeowner to control without calling in the experts. ABC can use fumigation to eliminate not only the mature bed bugs, but also the eggs which are in hard-to-reach areas.

Whats that sound coming from your garage, overhead or between your walls? When larger pests invade your home, they can chew through wood, contaminate food, leave droppings, damage electrical wiring, build nests and even bring in other types of pests on their fur. Rats, mice, racoons, opossums, squirrels and other animals are no match for ABC. Our technicians can safely remove these types of wildlife and seal up entryways to protect you from future unwelcome encounters.

Ticks and fleas are surprisingly difficult to control for a number of reasons, among which is the likelihood that with a pet, these pests can easily be reintroduced. While a flea problem can make your cat or dog miserable, a single tick can transmit Lyme disease to you or your family. ABCs experts can identify the source of your infestation and implement strategies to target the different pests and their different life stages.

Few creatures stir as much fear in Killeen homeowners than spiders and scorpions. Although some species may be harmless, the average person cant tell if a bite will be dangerous or no big deal, so its easier just to avoid these animals entirely when we come across one while rummaging in the garage, cleaning out a closet or getting decorations down from the attic. ABCs pros can help you identify which types of scorpions and spiders are in and around your home, remove any that will pose a concern and periodically return to protect your household against any potential health risks.

Perhaps the most prevalent insect on planet Earth is the ant. Indoors, ant species can become a nuisance if we find them snaking around our bathtub or marching across our kitchen counter, toward our sink. Outdoors, fire ant mounds can be unsightly and make your family vulnerable to extremely painful bites. ABC can adopt a customized approach to your ant problem, helping find how these creatures are making their way onto problem areas, removing them and helping you avoid future problems.

ABCs customers in Killeen can expect the same high-quality, friendly pest control services as we provide in the surrounding communities in and around Bell County, including Temple, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights and Belton.

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Pest Control in Killeen, TX | ABC Home & Commercial Services

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