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Now is the time that youll be finding racoons, skunks and porcupines making themselves at home in your home! Call us today for a preventative perimeter inspection so we can pest proof your property (chimney openings, ducts, window wells, etc) and keep the mammals where they belong, outside your property! If you believe you have current 4 legged tenants, then please give us a call so we can humanely evict and relocate these burrowing buggers!

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Dont let these bacteria laden insects into your home. Call us or email to book an appointment and let these be a bug of the past.

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These pests can cost you thousands of dollars if they infest your premises. They can cause structural damage to your home or properly in little as one season, wood framed homes especially. Call us to inspect and carry out a full insect perimeter treatment and keep your property safe, sound and pest free:

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With spring approaching ants begin to build there summer nests and commonly do so in building foundations, in the woodwork, window frames and other low lying areas of your property. When they penetrate into the property, repair costs can be substantial.

Contact us to book a full scale preventative ant treatment today!

Providing Detailed Inspections

With more than a set of spectacles, we use the latest in technology to find pest problems big and small.

We use non-invasive methods to treat animals. We dont exterminate, we treat, trap and relocate!We also use eco-friendly products to treat insects.

Very reliable and friendly staff. There were able to remedy my problems and did the job sooner than expected. Pest free since 2003!

Debbie R; North Vancouver

Polite and to the point. Very fair pricing and willing to go the extra yard without question. Highly recommend them.

Pam M; Deep Cove

Happily pest-less!

Daniel W; Vancouver

Got rid of our initial pest problem and made us aware of other rodents we didnt even know we had. APC fixed the future problem at little additional cost.

Natalie D; Richmond

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