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Squirrels: Facts, Identification & Control | Terminix

Size: The size of squirrels varies by species. The African pygmy squirrel is the smallest, measuring only 5inches in length. The Indian giant squirrel measures 3 feet long, tripling the size of the common backyard variety, which only measures around 8 to 12inches in length from nose to tail.

Color: Color can vary from reddish-brown to light gray, depending on species.

Behavior: Squirrels are found all around the world, except in the Southern region of South America and oddlyenough, Australia. In all, there are around 280 species of squirrels, all of which can be separated by three distinct body types that are either perfect fordigging, climbing or gliding through the air.

These common backyard inhabitants have four front teeth that are perfect for gnawing away at food and objects. These teeth never stop growing, so theywill never wear down. This is helpful for this furry mammal, whose diet includes nuts, seeds, fruits, insects, leaves, young birds, eggs and fungi, but canbe harmful for your property. The most recognizable aspect of a squirrels diet is how much food they can fit inside their cheeks, which is then usuallytaken back for storage in nests and burrows.

This storage comes in handy during winter hibernation, a common practice among many squirrels who live in temperate regions. They let their bodytemperature drop to right above freezing, so that they can slow their body functions and thus, limit their need for food. Even in the desert, these animalscan hibernate (though its called aestivation since its used during extreme heat and droughts rather than the winter).

Since these animals live just about everywhere, different species have adapted to their individual environments. From tropical forests to dry deserts,to rolling green hills to your backyard, their body types help them find food and stay safe from predators in their particular environment.

Tree squirrels are what people most commonly see in their backyards and city parks. This body type is suited for climbing trees quickly. This skillhelps them scurry to safety, away from predators, even if they are down at ground level foraging for acorns, nuts and berries. In the trees, some specieswill eat bird eggs, baby birds, tree bark and tree sap. They are identifiable by their long ears, bushy tails, sharp claws and ability to hop from branch tobranch without missing a beat.

Ground squirrels live in underground burrows, sometimes with intricate tunnel systems. These robust rodents are excellent diggers, using this skill tonot only build homes, but to search for the roots, nuts, seeds and plants they love to eat. They can also scrounge up caterpillars and small insects, butare tasty prey themselves. They have almost no natural defense except to run down a hole, or when in groups, to whistle to each other and let others knowdanger is approaching.

Contrary to their name, flying squirrels cant achieve true flight (i.e., they cant fly like birds can). Instead, these flying rodents have astretchy flap of skin that connects their arms to their legs. This wing-like flap helps them glide from tree to tree. They simply jump from the tree, extendtheir arms and legs, and coast through the air as far as 150 feet, sometimes more. These flying rodents live in tree holes or nests, much like birds. Theyeat fruits, nuts, insects and baby birds.

Females typically birth between two and eight offspring per litter. The babies completely rely on their mothers for two to three months after birth,especially since they are born blind. One single female can give birth to several litters each year, which is why a squirrel population can quickly grow outof control and become problematic. To reduce population growth, limit potential habitats.

To protect trees, use sheet metal to create a 2-foot wide band around the trunk of tree, about 6 feet off of the ground. In garden beds, place chickenwire over the soil. If you are struggling with pests indoors, contact a pest management professional to learn about more options.

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Pest Control Brampton | Bedbugs, Roaches, Rats, Mice, Ants …

Pest Exterminator Services in Brampton, Ontario

Reliable Pest Control offers affordable pest control services in the city of Brampton and Greater Toronto Area. Our team is certified with ethical practices in the humane treatment, control and extermination of pests such as

They bite and breed at alarming rates. Their bites leave a painful rash and red mass lumps all over your body. Bedbugs are one of the most dreaded pests. Commercial establishments lose their patronage when even a hint of bedbug infestation is reported. Report any signs of bedbugs in your building or home and let Reliable Pest Control exterminate them as soon as possible.

One of the most disgusting pests to encounter are roaches. They look awful, stink, make awful buzzing noise when they fly in the dark and spread many diseases along the way. Their eggs hatch really fast. They migrate in colonies. If you spot one, that’s a bad sign you have an entire intrusion of roaches in your building or room. Call Reliable Pest Control and let’s exterminate roaches in your building as soon as possible.

Rats do not only breed by the dozens. They also bite and chew on hard surfaces. This means your expensive wood decor and furniture can easily be destroyed by rats. Their feces smell awful and they will destroy anything in their ways tracking the scent of a food to get to the source.

Female mice are extremely fertile. This allows them to easily bring forth hundreds of mice. They grow up quickly and spread fast all over an entire building. Just like rats, mice will eat their way to any food source. They will destroy leather chairs, soft carpets, wires and cables for a spot to dwell in. Let Reliable Pest Control eradicate mice in your building today.

Ant eggs hatch in the millions. In a given space there could be over 1.5 million ants stack on each other eating their way under your building, though your walls and causing damage to your wooden beam and structural integrity of your home. They are social. If you spot three in a row, that’s a bad sign your may have millions of ants colonizing your space. Call us now to destroy them.

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2019 Mouse Exterminator Cost (Average) – PestWiki

Youve tried everything: traps, deterrents and repellents. But nothing has gotten rid of your mice infestation. Its time to get serious about your mouse problem, and the one expert who can come to the rescue is a mouse exterminator.

These are professionals that deal with a variety of pests in most cases, including ants, mice, rats, roaches and numerous other rodents and insects.

An exterminator for mice wont follow just one method to kill mice. These are professionals that have a skillset that theyve developed to not only overcome mice problems, but to also remedy the mess left behind and stop future infestations.

When asking how these professionals get rid of mice, its sort of a trick question because there are a number of methods that can be followed.

An exterminator will take a multi-pronged approach to the problem:

Trapping and baiting are always part of the extermination process. This is a delicate process because there can be multiple methods used for each.

An analysis of the situation will be taken first, so the exterminator can understand where the infestation is stemming from and how severe the problem is at the current point in time. You may be dealing with a lone mouse, or you may have an entire family of mice breeding inside of your walls.

The trapping process will be unique to your situation. An exterminator may choose:

Or they may choose more humane traps that capture the mice alive. In this case, the mice will be released somewhere far away from the home.

Trapping is done strategically, and the type of trap will also depend on if you have kids or other animals in the home, which may become injured due to the traps, too.

The way in which mice are lured out of hiding and into a trap is the best way to describe baiting. A few lures may be used, but an exterminator will likely use commercial baits that may or may not be poisonous.

Poisons may be used to some extent, but they wont be the only method employed. The issue with poisons is that they kill mice on a one-off basis, meaning the mice that eats the poison will die and not cause other mice to die unless they ingest the poison, too.

What exterminators will do better than most homeowners is look for tracks or trails where mice are traveling. These trails are key to mouse extermination because mice leave a scent behind on trails for others to follow.

If this sounds all too easy, its much harder than it seems.

You may have a mouse infestation in the walls of the home. In this case, technology is used to find the rodents in the wall and further measures are taken. Holes may be drilled in the wall and sheetrock may be removed for removal purposes.

Note: In many cases, the traps will be set, and the homeowner will have to remove the dead mice as needed.

Treatments can be done on the interior or exterior of the home. A good example of this may be placing traps in the home and poisons along entryways into the home from the outside. The issue with exterior methods is that other wildlife may be caught or killed, too.

Depending on the exterminator, he or she may also help you determine where the mice are entering the home.

This is a vital portion of the service provided because if you leave the entryway intact, youll have more mice in the future. You need to be able to locate and close all of these entryways so that you dont need to spend money on extermination.

Dont expect an exterminator to do the hole plugging for you for free they will charge extra.

If there are other issues in the home or exterior that are causing the mice invasion, this will also be discussed. A pile of garbage may be pointed out, or there may be entryways from pipes that will need to be fixed by a plumber.

If mice are stuck in a trap, youll likely be the person to remove them unless you pay an additional fee. But there are times when the exterminator will do all of the removal for you, too.

An example of this will be if there are dead mice in your walls.

Mice are disease and bacteria carriers, and rotting, dead mice in the walls will be a major issue if left untreated. An exterminator will remove all of these dead bodies and sanitize the area so that you can safely reside in the home.

The key thing to remember is that mice are resilient and will be able to fit through even the tiniest of holes. This leads to mice being dead in walls, baseboards, under cabinets and even underneath flooring in some extreme cases. If you hire an exterminator to do the job, its up to the professional to be able to remedy the problem and not you.

Remember, small mice problems can often be handled by a homeowner, but when you pay a professional, its their job to fix the problem for you.

The cost of extermination depends on the severity of the problem. If the problem is only a small-to-moderate issue, you can expect to spend $300 $500. And for this price, youll receive the following service:

In some cases, prices may be as cheap as $40 -$300, but dont expect all of the extras to be included. For $40, traps will be placed, and that is likely the end of the service. The more you pay, the more youll get in most circumstances.

A good breakdown is:

Again, most services range from $300 $500, but the price can get much higher, depending on the size of the home and the problem.

Maintenance plans may also be required, which can cost $30 $85 a month. Quarterly packages are typically available, too.

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Spiders | Pest Control of Garden Grove

Cracking The Spider Removal Services Mystery

Spiders are the most feared bugs, and any homeowner will do all it takes to get rid of them. There are different types of spiders, and some of them are toxic. The impact the toxic type has had on its victims leads to phobias in many folks.

The specialists who deal with spiders will advise that you don’t get rid of the pest but rather relocate it from your home.

It’s correct that spiders are also pests, but they also eat other bugs that may become a pain to you. However, not everyone actually thinks like this. Many of them would like to remove these pests.

Overall Safety

When most people hear of pest control exercise, they think of the role of eradicating pests from the environment. Nonetheless, the program is more than that.

Pest management means overall safety for everyone. It will also mean general security for the foods people consume.

When the professionals come to your house, they will certainly be cautious on the spider exterminator products to use for the exercise. The experts will use the products which are safe or your children, your pets, and the general household.

It is because there are a few pest control methods that may harm the environment. Nonetheless, the pest control companies will bring to you, professional workers. The experts actually know what is acceptable and harmless to the environment.

Some home owners have a garden near the homestead. The specialists definitely have the skills to remove these spiders from your property and bring them to garden. These spiders are certainly the top for your farm as they eat bugs and insects.

The use of pest control facilities can certainly provide your family safety during the course of the pest control.

Control Food Sources

The reason why a spider will stay in your house is usually as a result it is getting lots of food from there. You need to starve these spiders if you do not want them to stay inside your house and it is the best spider extermination technique to consider.

Spiders actually feed on other bugs. If you can remove the other pests inside your house, the spiders would go away of their own.

You’ll see that spiders loaf around places which have good lighting. The light helps them to capture the bugs comfortably. You’ll need to see the lights around your property which usually draw food for the spiders.

There are some spiders that may spin their web and wait for the food to come to them. There are some species that are actually hunting food and you’ll see them playing around to catch their prey. A subcategory of the searching species is the jumping kind which jumps on their prey.

Running spiders normally have long legs and the hunter will have short stubby legs. Hunters and jumping spiders don’t spin a web.

Ensure that there isn’t any supply of water where the spiders can hydrate themselves. There are situations when spiders die from dehydration.

Spider Bite First Aid Measures

If you experienced a spider bite or your friends or loved ones were bitten, you should know how to provide first aid.

Any insect bite may cause a reaction on the skin. The result will be a response to the poison in the saliva of the insect. The harshness of the reaction would really depend on the kind of pest that might bite you.

The ideal method to protect your family from the spider bite is to take into account a spider removal exercise. It must be under the guidance of pest control specialists.

There are several things you could do in the event of an attack from the spider.

If you see multiple reactions in your body, don’t waste time and call 911 as quickly as possible.

If the bite is not serious and is in the skin, you’ll need to eliminate it. Use a gentle flat edged object to scrap it from the surface. For example, you can use scratch cards to carry out the exercise. Don’t use anything that might squeeze the spider because its venom will definitely remain in your skin.

Treating the Spiders

If you wish to take away the spiders off your house, you must consider spider treatments that will handle them. If you could deal effectively with their origin, you have the ensure that you will not find them in your space.

A professional will definitely be handy when it comes to this. As you consider the treatment, make sure that you check all the possible crawl spaces. That way, you are going to get rid of possible future revisits by the pest to your home.

If you’d like to get rid of web-spinning spiders, you should focus the treatment on the structure.

The web-spinning species would create harmless webs that they’ll use to go around the living room. When they manage to come in successfully, you’ll eventually have a steady stream of spiders to lead.

If you wish to make certain that you can prevent them from going inside the living room, you need to control them outside. The professional will guarantee that your yard, roof and the ground will not have any spiders.

Spider Control Measures

Effective spider pest control will include tons of things within your home and you must remember that proper sanitation is the very best one. You’ll need to vacuum and clean your property regularly and thoroughly. The importance of vacuum regularly is to remove the spider eggs and the webs.

The spiders will not be able to withstand the trauma that comes with the vacuum s it will die instantly. As you actually do this, you are going to need to make certain that you are going to focus on the cracks and the corners in your house. Use a broom for the areas that you won’t be able to access and eliminate the webs.

Check your windows and make sure the fittings are all excellent. Work with the pest control professionals to control all the possible entry ways. The significance of that is to make certain that the spiders don’t have other insects to feed on while in your home.

The pest control professionals will also help create a web to trap the spiders. The networks must make certain that it will pinpoint the entire homestead. The reason the expert should help in this is that they’ll set it up such that your pets and children are safe.

Spiders can always be a hassle, but the good news is that you can control them from getting to the living area. The pest control service providers may help you with this job and you will not have to handle this alone.

The professionals will do an extensive cleaning of the house so the spiders will not have any areas to hide from. They’ll eliminate the clutter such as rocks, boxes and wood around your house.

The experts might also guarantee that the spiders will go back to the garden where they’re likely to be residing.

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Spiders | Pest Control of Garden Grove

Rodent Control in Milwaukee County, WI | Rodent Exterminator

Now Offering Mosquito Prevention and TreatmentAAC can customize a pest control plan specific to your needs. Special discounts available.

For more than a decade, American Animal Control has been providing prompt, reliable pest remediation services to Southeastern Wisconsin. Were a locally-owned and -operated company offering humane, effective pest removal for your home or business. Our teams operate in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee Counties. If youve got an unwelcome guest on your property thats a danger to itself or others, give us a call and well be quick to make sure its safely relocated.

Contact Us Today!

For over 10 years American Animal Control has been providing you with friendly, knowledgeable, and humane animal control. We also offer repair services to correct any damage caused by invasive animals and insects. You will love our 100% satisfaction guarantee for pest removal and repairs.

Learn More

American Animal Control offers same-day emergency service. Were capable of removing rodents, insects, bats and more. Let us know what youre dealing with and well tailor our approach to resolving it. If youre dealing with an animal control situation that just cant wait, give us a call!

American Animal Control provides dependable pest control services to the greater Milwaukee area. Were proud to be a locally-owned and -operated company offering rodent control in Milwaukee County, WI. Our highly skilled and qualified technicians are adept at safely and humanely capturing pests and relocating them away from your property. As the premier raccoon exterminator in Milwaukee County, WI, we take pride in our ability to remove and relocate pests of all shapes and sizes.

We specialize in the removal of squirrels, rats, mice, bats, insects, opossums, woodchucks, snakes, foxes, snapping turtles and more. If youre in need of immediate pest removal assistance, well provide you with same-day service. If youre in need of pest control assistance in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington or Ozaukee Counties, you can rely on us to provide you with prompt and effective pest removal and remediation! Our service representatives are committed to helping our clients keep their homes safe and completely pest-free.

Contact Us Today!

If you need help protecting your home or property from unwanted guests, reach out to American Animal Control today! Well make sure you and the animal(s) youre dealing with are safe. Providing friendly, knowledgeable, humane service to the following areas:

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Rodent Control in Milwaukee County, WI | Rodent Exterminator

How to Get Rid of Silverfish Quickly & Naturally (FREE Guide)

This webpage is the ultimate resource on how to get rid of silverfish in your home. These insects are very destructive and can cause a lot of damage to your house. They are capable of destroyingclothing, food, paperwork, wallpaper, books and many other household items. They may not be dangerous to our health, but they are certainly dangerous to our wallets!

Fortunately, getting rid of silverfish will not require an exterminator or a lot of money. Killingthese pests wont even require you to contaminate your home with insecticides. With the proper advice, this pest control project can be done naturally andat a low cost. This page is full of valuable tips and resources to help you get the job done. In addition to using the fantastic natural ingredient mentioned below, please remember to follow the each step to ensure that youeliminate these insects once and for all.

What you will need to know:

APre-Mixed Alternative for KillingSilverfish

This is a product that I am really excited about. Orange Guard is a water based indoor and outdoor insecticide that may be used around food, humans and pets. It is 100% natural (made from d-Limonene). Orange Guard is EPA-registered and now available to consumers. It works naturally to get rid of silverfish, ants, roaches, fleas, aphids, spider mites and many other insects.It only costs a few more dollars than the oil itself! (view price)

Orange Guard was created by Tor McPartland. The inspiration for Orange Guard came from McPartlands desire to find an alternative to harmful insecticides that pose health and environmental dangers. In 1984, McPartland read an article in Science News, where citrus hand cleaner was found to be extremely effective for killing insects. If you ever look at oranges, youll notice that the peels are never bitten into by anything, says McPartland. Orange peel is a natural insect repellent.

Learn more

Pest Control Tipsfor Eliminating Silverfish without Chemicals

(step-by-step instructions)

Step #1: How to find the infestation

Silverfish are nocturnal so you probably will not see them during the day. The best way to detect them is to look for signs of their presence. Keep an eye out for areas that are dark and damp. If there is a silverfish infestation you will most likely see small spots of excrement that look like black pepper. They also cause small holes and yellowish stains on clothing, wallpaper, cereal boxes, and other cardboard/fabric/paper products. These insects also shed their skin. So keep an eye out for tiny skin casts in your attic, closets, bathroom, basement and other areas around your home.

Step #2: How to kill the silverfish organically

Use your homemade recipe or Orange Guard to eliminate the infestation. Spray directly onto the silverfish and in the areas you suspect they are travelling or nesting. Always test these sprays before applying them to fabrics, walls or floors. It may stain some surfaces.

Step #3: Prevent silverfish from returning (important!)

Dehumidify your home.These bugs thrive in damp places and they are usually only found in areas with a humidity between 75-95%. If you can reduce the humidity in your home, it will help toget rid of silverfish also. A dehumidifier is the best way to control humidity in your home. If a dehumidifier is not in your budget, try to increase circulation as best you can throughout the troublesome areas.

Caulk all cracks and crevices. Buy some caulk and apply it along baseboards, cracks and holes around your home. This is particularly important to do in your kitchen, bathroom and basement. In addition to getting rid of silverfish, this will also help with other pest control issues you may have.

Remove food sources from your house.Keeping your floor clear of food is another great way to help eliminate a silverfish bug infestation.

Vacuum your home at least once per week.Vacuuming will help to keep food sources to a minimum. It will also eliminate eggs from carpets and baseboards. If your carpets are damp, use a dehumidifier and/or increase circulation to the room. You can also dry out carpets by sprinkling baking soda on them and vacuuming it up after a few hours.

Keep your plumbing in good order so as not to create a damp environment.

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(This is the YouTube video that brought you to this page. In case you missed it, I embedded it here)

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How to Get Rid of Silverfish Quickly & Naturally (FREE Guide)

Milwaukee Bed Bug Exterminator | Pest Control Service | A …

Milwaukee Bedbug Exterminators

Bed bugs are easy to find but hard to eliminate. They are the one pest which does not discriminate, whether you are rich or poor, black or white, female or male, it doesnt matter. These tiny pests enjoy the company of anyone they can attach to and feed off of.

It gets worse.

Not only will bed bugs live anywhere in your home, but they also reproduce quickly and can live for months without eating. When these tiny little vermin take up residency in your home, its not for a temporary visit; it is for the long haul. Dont contaminate your living quarters by using encasements, insecticides, and foggers. Stop bed bugs in their tracks by hiring the friendly help of your local pest control exterminator, A-Landlords Pest Control. Find out more about bed bug extermination in Milwaukee, or

Our Milwaukee pest control experts have provided superior pest management services across southeastern Wisconsin for over 25 years. Our vast knowledge of every aspect of the pest control industry makes A-Landlords Pest Management the exterminators you can rely on for removing unwanted pests.

We specialize in keeping your home pest-free and comfortable for your friends and family. Our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company and services. For experience, knowledge, great customer service and affordable prices, trust A-Landlords Pest Management.

Effective pest management is a process requiring skilled pest control technicians with years of industry experience. The expert exterminators at A-Landlords have the knowledge and the methods necessary to eradicate every kind of invasive pest. We are prepared to tackle any pest control problem you are struggling with. We provide superior residential and commercial pest control services throughout the southeastern Wisconsin area, at rates that wont break your bank.

Our Milwaukee exterminators are familiar with all the pests known to wreak havoc on homes in southeast Wisconsin. A-Landlords pest control technicians know where pests hide and how to remove them from your home or business. Our expert pest control strategies will eliminate any problem you have.

Bed bugs are one of the biggest problems in the Milwakukee area, and our exterminators deliver the best bed bug extermination solutions. Bed bugs hide extremely well and populate very quickly, so it is never too early to call an exterminator for bed bugs. A-Landlords has extensive experience dealing with these pests and we will completely eliminate your bed bug problem, no matter how large.

In addition to small pests and insects like bed bugs, we also offer highly effectiverodent control services. Rodents and other pest issues can quickly get out of hand, which is why we provide quick and effective resolutions for all types of pest infestations.

There has been news that trained canines are being used to detect bed bug infestations. The truth is, bed bug detection dogs are only as effective as their training–and sometimes even great training is not enough.

Dogs are taught to find bed bugs by their scents, but bed bugs are constantly on the move and scents can travel. Just because an exterminator has a cuddly companion with a great sense of smell doesnk’t make him the best choice for your pest control services.

When ridding your house of pest infestations like bed bugs, you should put your faith in the hands of the professionals. A-Landlords exterminators have decades of experience and years of education to go with it.

Our trained professionals will check all of the bed bug hotspots and eliminate the problem before it becomes worse. With their extensive experience, they can locate and eradicate any bed bug infestations in your home, apartment building, or business.

Dont leave your pest control problems to a pup that could very well help the bed bugs spread further in your house. Put your trust in the experts who know how to manage every pest control problem.

A-Landlords exterminators not only take care of your pest issues, but we also provide services to make your yard look its absolute best.

Our superior lawn care services include weed control programs, customized seasonal fertilization, and snow plowing throughout southeast Wisconsin. We provide year-round lawn care, with specialized care methods for every season. Our weed and feed services are available in spring and fall and can be performed up to 4 times per season.

Trust A-Landlords for consistently exceptional lawn care and pest control services in southeastern Wisconsin.

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Milwaukee Bed Bug Exterminator | Pest Control Service | A …

6 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs [Incl. Recipes]

You take care of your house. You vacuum the rugs, clean the windows, and keep the bathrooms spotless. Guests visit, and they feel like a cleaning service makes daily trips to your house. Now imagine one morning you wake up to find that you have tiny bite marks on your body. Upon further inspection, you realize that there are small bugs in your bed. Thats right. Bed bugs.

What do you do?

Your first instinct might be to think that your house isnt clean enough, but that may not be the case. Rest assured, bed bugs can come from several different places and are rarely a reflection of housekeeping skills. Here are some home remedies for bed bugs.

Like most bugs, bed bugs come from outside the house. If you live in an apartment or any other shared living situation and have a bed bug infestation, it could be that they came from an adjoining apartment through cracks in the floors and walls. Pesticide foggers like bug bombs dont get rid of bed bugs, but instead, displace them they go searching for a new home. For that reason, you want to avoid using bug bombs to deal with the infestation. If it makes you feel any better, if you live in a shared housing situation, its possible that your infestation is the result of one of your neighbors bug-bombing an infestation.

Introducing used furniture to your house is another way bed bugs find their way inside. Be wary of used furniture, especially upholstery. Check and treat any pieces of furniture carefully before bringing them into the house. Check used clothing and books as well.

Even if its brand new, pay close attention to any furniture that has been stored or transported in the back of a truck.

Finally, if you stay somewhere with bed bugs, they can also hitch a ride on you, your family, or your guests, either via your clothing or in your luggage.

Bites on your skin are the first sign of a bed bug infestation. If you have unexplained bug bites, especially first thing in the morning, you might want to start checking around for other signs of an infestation.

Check your mattress for the visual signs of bed bugs. If you have them, you may see red or rust-colored stains, indicating crushed bed bugs.

You might also see tiny black dots, which are bed bug excrement, and egg shells (around 1mm, a pale yellow color) resulting from the bed bugs reproducing. Finally, you may see the bugs themselves walking around.

Make sure you check every surface down to the box spring, and anything surrounding the bed as well. Check curtains, baseboards, behind wallpaper and even under the carpet. Bed bugs prefer fabric and wood to plastic and metal, so check any wooden furniture as well.

If you suspect you have bed bugs, call a professional exterminator to confirm it for you.

Bed bugs bite because they live on blood, either human or animal blood. They feed on your blood for about ten minutes, then swell and turn red. Their bites are painless but can become itchy, but unlike mosquitos, they are harmless and do not transmit diseases. However, if you scratch the bites, you can cause an infection.

One characteristic of bed bug bites?

They numerous, and they have a tendency to appear in straight rows. If you see multiple bites arranged in a straight line, theres a good chance youre looking at bed bug bites.

The best way to get rid of a bed bug infestation is to call an exterminator. Theyve dealt with bed bugs before and know how to do a thorough enough job to keep them from returning. An exterminator is your best bet, just to make sure you take care of the problem completely.

However, there are some things you can do at home to supplement a professional.

Use hot water to wash all clothes, linens and anything fabric that may have contacted the bugs. Heat will kill anything hiding in your linens. Use a dryer to dry everything as well, because a dryer will hit the bugs with a double dose of heat. Just make sure you pay attention to the tags on the fabric, as your linens may be dry clean only. Dry cleaning can also kill bed bugs, but make sure you inform the dry cleaner of the possible infestation.

Once youve given your bedding the heat treatment, follow up by vacuuming all areas of the infested room(s). Vacuuming will remove any bugs from the nooks and crannies in which they may be hiding. Use a brush to loosen all bugs and eggs. Make sure you clean out your vacuum thoroughly afterward and dispose of any vacuum bags outside of the house. Use a steamer on things like your mattress and box spring. Steam will take care of remaining eggs.

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Finally, cover your mattress, box spring, and pillow in a completely closed bug-proof cover. Sealing up your bedding with a cover ensures that anything left will not be able to escape or feed and will eventually starve. Starvation can take up to a year, however.

Whether youre looking to prevent bed bugs from re-infesting a room or looking to avoid one before it happens, there are a couple of things you can do.

Start by making sure that your house is spotless. Messy rooms and improperly stored items create a lot of places for bed bugs to hide, so the less attractive your home to bed bugs, the less likely you are to experience an infestation.

Remove bridges from the floor to the bed. Keep bed bugs out of bed by keeping blankets from dragging the floor, and dont use the bed as storage for anything. Bed bug interceptors are relatively inexpensive and are placed under the feet of the bed, preventing bed bugs from reaching the legs and climbing to the bedding. Consider using them.

Finally, prevention is ongoing. Clean often, checking for signs of a recurrence. The earlier you catch bed bugs, the easier they are to clean out. Inspect all used items that you introduce to the house. When staying in a new place, check that bed for bugs. When returning from a trip, clean everything you took, including your luggage.

The best ways to get rid of bed bugs are pesticides, heat treatment, and thorough cleaning, but there are a few home remedies that might help.

If you have bed bugs or are just worried about preventing an infestation, rest easy there are plenty of natural bed bug repellents and ways to kill bed bugs available. Bed bugs can happen to anyone and even if you keep a tidy home, random variables, like your neighbor setting off a bug bomb next door, mean that an infestation can happen anytime.

In this article, you learned how to detect bed bugs, as well as a few home remedies for bed bugs, including how to repel bed bugs naturally.

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Once bed bugs infest the rooms, closets, and mattresses in your home, they can be difficult to get rid of. A bed bug is approximately 4 to 5mm long, or about the size of a small seed. Each individual bed bug can live for up to 300 days (nearly a year), and go relatively unnoticed by the naked eye for the duration of its life.

Wasps pose a serious threat to many homeowners, especially in Utah. Its bad enough to have a large group of wasps circling your house for hours on end, but the situation grows even more dangerous when you throw allergic reactions into the equation. If someone in your house is allergic to wasps, even one sting can result in serious infection or a visit to the emergency room.

Out of all the creepy crawly creatures out there, spiders in Utah may be the most ruthless, feared pest that Utah residents deal with. The way they creep into dark corners and stay hidden behind the walls of a home only add to the anxiety caused by these 8-legged creatures, but there is certainly a rhyme and a reason behind the fear. Did you know Utah is home to a few of the most dangerous spiders on the planet, including the Black Widow and the Hobo Spider?

Did you know 1 out of every 5 homeowners in the state of Utah is battling a termite infestation at this very moment? You may not think theyre too much of a nuisance, but let it be known that a group of termites can completely destroy any wood surface in your home, including counter tops, fences, wooden swings, and even a backyard deck or porch.

Mice infestation is a serious problem, especially for the residents of Utah. Within a few short months, a couple of mice can enter your home, start a family, and multiply the number of rodents in your home by a few hundred, leaving you powerless against the unexpected onslaught of intruders.

Cockroaches in Colorado hide in the dark, damp places in homes and businesses. They multiply fast and can survive deadly conditions. There is almost nothing a cockroach will not eat. Luckily for them but not for us they can adapt to just about any environment, no matter how hostile.

Many people think of ants as the most annoying pest in Utah. The reason? Ants can multiply in ferocious numbers and completely take over your home in a matter of days, or even hours, depending on the severity of the problem. Once your home is inhabited by ants, its difficult to get them out without hiring a qualified pest control company that can take care of the job quickly and carefully.

Among the undesirable pests that will try to sneak past your wary eye are the Box Elder bugs in Colorado. At all times during the year, they can become a problem, whether they horde around the exterior of your home and garden or are looking for food and shelter during the winter months.

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Rodent and Insect PestsDue to the citys thriving population, pest encounters are common all year in Pearland, TX. Some creatures invade homes, while others are only occasional nuisances. Troublesome rodents and insects in Texas include:

House MiceWhile many rodents shelter in wooded areas, the house mouse thrives around people. These animals sneak inside Pearland homes garages or outbuildings to find a meal and keep warm. Once indoors, house mice chew through wires and contaminate stored foods as well as kitchen surfaces.

FleasA flea problem typically begins when a pet or wildlife pest brings these insects into the house or crawl space. Fleas attach themselves to animals and feed on them in order to reproduce. Extensive cleaning and vacuuming can reduce the number of fleas and their eggs. However, complete removal is difficult without help from a pest management professional.

CockroachesThough when outdoors they prefer decaying leaves and woodpiles, cockroaches often invade Texas homes. They are small enough to squeeze through tiny foundation cracks and gaps around doors. Regular home upkeep, reducing clutter and cleaning to remove sources of food are the best ways to help prevent and avoid cockroach infestations.

Occasional InvadersSome pests only occasionally enter a home or building. Two species that Pearland residents may encounter are:

CentipedesThese arthropods live under rocks and logs across Texas. Sometimes, they make their way inside Pearland homes. A centipede hides during the day and spends its evenings preying on spiders and insects. High populations of centipedes in a house usually indicate a more critical pest infestation.

MillipedesLike the centipede, millipedes have multiple pairs of legs and often frighten Pearland residents. These pests usually show up indoors after a heavy rain. Most millipede species like dark, humid places. Texas homeowners may find them in firewood piles and basements.

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