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Tired of fumbling around with a chipmunk killer, rodent killer or rat repellent that just doesn’t seem to be getting the job done as quickly or as efficiently as you would like? If so, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Electronic, discreet & human, our mouse trap box attracts rodents, traps them & then quietly zaps them. That’s right. You no longer need to pollute your home with that toxic rodent repellent or squirrel repellent spray to ward off pests. You also don’t have to fuss around with conventional mouse traps or squirrel traps that pose a number of dangers themselves. This means our rodent trap is safe enough to be placed in a home with children and/or pets. No other mice repellent is this versatile. And to ensure you’re provided with options when setting up your new mice trap, each electronic rodent control box comes with a power cord + it can be used with batteries. Set it up in replace of your old squirrel trap, rat repeller or chipmunk trap to keep rodents at bay. These really are the rat traps that work best for those looking for easy, safe & humane rodent control for inside the home. Order your squirrel repeller zapper trap today. Click ‘ADD TO CART’ now!

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Rodents – Southold Pest Control and Exterminator

Anyone with a rodents, rats or mice infestation should rely on the services of Southold Pest Control & Exterminator in Southold, NY.

With our services, we are able to make the problem that you are experiencing, a thing of the past.

Our exterminators receive ongoing professional training in order to effectively treat your infestation problem.

We want you to be able to avoid the problems that come along with having this type of infestation problem.

This is why we highly recommend contacting us at Southold Pest Control & Exterminator. We respond quickly to your infestation problem.

Our services are the most reputable and reliable in the area. This is why you should call us for your service needs.

Breed Quickly

If you do not want the pests to breed, act immediately to get the help you need, even if you arent certain. It is better for you to allow us to evaluate the problem to determine whether or not you have an actual infestation.

Spreading of Diseases

Since these pests are known to spread disease, you should get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Contaminating Food

If you want to avoid contaminating the food in your home, make sure that you do not have a rodent infestation. If you do, give us a call at Southold Pest Control & Exterminator. We will find your problem and effectively handle it for you.

The difference between a mouse and a rat in Southold is the size and the tail; a rat tail is long, skinny, and hairless, while a mouse has a furry tail.

At Southold Pest Control and Exterminator one of our specialties for rodents are Snap Traps. These lure the pest out of their nest and into an enclosed box.


Isolating your rodent, mice or rate infestation enables us to control the situation.

Baits and Traps

Using baiting stations and traps make it possible for us to effectively control your infestation problem.

Complete Site Inspection

We do a complete inspection to find out what type of infestation problem you might have. This requires a search of the inside and outside of your property.


We are with you all the way at Southold Pest Control & Exterminator. This includes our helping to advise you on the way to maintain proper sanitation. Well help you avoid diseases and contamination.


We monitor the situation to determine if the problem comes back.

Port Washington Pest Control and Exterminator is located in Port Washington right in the heart of Nassau County, New York. Call 516-247-6433 for Same Day/Next Day Service from Port Washington Pest Control and Exterminator now!

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Rodents – Southold Pest Control and Exterminator

Carpenter ants in Chicago best ant pest control exterminator

The biomass of ants on the planet outweighs that of humans, soits no surprise that ants account for more pest controlcomplaints than any other insect. Landmarks technicians can make all the difference between success and failure because they are specially trained to control ant infestationsat their source.

Landmark pinpointsthe colonys food, water, and harborage, identifies structural deficiencies, and seals up access points. Our green methodology utilizes baits tailored to the way ants feed. Our methods targetthe colonys queen because without her the colony cannot survive.

The four most prolific species of ant in Illinois are Odorous House ants, Carpenter ants, Pharaoh ants,and Pavement ants. Ants are a social species of insect and live in communities that consist of at least one queen, many female workers, and a few males.

Antsdiffer in their behavior, habits, and biology. When assessing any ant infestation, it is important to work with a Landmark professional who can assess the infestation by first properly identifying the infesting species.

This ant species can be easily identified by its signature odor. When crushed, the Odorous House ant gives off a scent that some people think is reminiscent of turpentine, while others have described it as smelling like ammonia. These ants are very small, about 1/10th inch in length. This species can be difficult to control because its colonies generally contain multiple egg laying queens, resulting in vast numbers of ants which spread when part of the colony breaks off, or buds to form its own colony, or when part of the colony decides to swarm.

Despite their name, Carpenter ants do not actually consume wood. Rather, they hollow it out to form tunnels and chambers where they can nest.Carpenter ants may be up to a half an inch in length, but typically, these insects range from 1/16th to 1/8th inches in length. The most common color of Carpenter ant is black. They have large mandibles that can deliver a painful bite. Other distinguishing characteristics of the Carpenter ant include a single bump on their waist called a node. Popular Carpenter ant nesting sites include fence posts, firewood piles, decaying trees, porches, roofing, sub-flooring, doors, wall voids,insulation, and around water sources like tubs, dishwashers, showers and sinks.

The Pharaoh ant is orange-brown to yellow in color witha transparent or yellowish tint, about 1/16th inch long, and has two nodes on its waist. Despite their small size, Pharaoh ant colonies can contain thousands of members with multiple queens. Unlike other ant species, Pharaoh ants dont swarm. Instead they engage in a process known as budding in which a part of the colony will break off and migrate when the colony comes under stress. Pharaoh ant colonies can also be difficult to find because colony members can range more than 150 feet from their nest. These behaviors can make Pharaoh ants particularly difficult to treat without proper experience or professionaltools.

The Pavement ant is most easily identified by parallel lines visible on the top of its head and thorax. About 1/16th inch long, the Pavement ant has pale legs and antennae and ranges in color from red-brown to black. Pavement ants prefer to develop their colonies beneath rocks or in pavement cracks, excavating sand from crevices in asphalt and concrete. This helps to control the climate and airflow in the colony. Pavement ants can infest insulation, walls, and floors and are often seen under rocks and stones. They may enter structures through small cracks and crevices.

To facilitate the establishing of new colonies, queen and male ants develop wings. They are called alates after this happens. These queens and males fly away from the colony to reproduce and start colonies of their own.

Because they are similar in size and color, alate ants are frequently misidentified as termites. To tell the difference between these species, one should look at the body shape. An ants waist is pinched which creates three separate body segments its antennae are bent, and it has a set of double wings that are unequal in length. Termite bodies are straight, their antennae are straight, and their set of double wings are equal in length.

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Carpenter ants in Chicago best ant pest control exterminator

Chesterfield MI Exterminator, Pest Control & Termite Inspector

Chesterfield Exterminator, Pest Control & Termite Inspector

Orkin Branch Near YouChesterfield, MIBranch #548


As an industry leader, Orkin requires all Orkin Men to complete rigorous training and continuous education on the latest industry technology and treatments available. This means your local Orkin Man is uniquely qualified to handle your pest control needs whatever they may be.

Based on service calls in your area.

When the Orkin man arrived last year, I was immediately impressed with his demeanor, dress, cheerful attitude, and superb professional service. He did a thorough walk around our house, and when I asked why, he replied that it was something he always did with a new customer no two pest problems are alike. He then proceeded to apply chemicals with the precision of a surgeon. I was impressed yet again; this was not a Spray, spray, and drive away. He took time to make sure it was done right. Every time the Orkin Man comes out, his demeanor is cheerful, and he really looks as if he enjoys his work. He always says Hi and asks if there are any trouble areas to be aware of. He, also, inquires about other pest problems that we may have and offers to do an interior inspection. If making a talented Orkin Man available to your customers is an indication of the service that I can expect in future, you can be sure Ill recommend Orkin Pest Control Service to all of my family members, friends, and business associates.Ortonville, Michigan

I have been very happy with the cooperation and professionalism demonstrated in all of my dealings with Orkin and its employees.Pontiac, Michigan

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Chesterfield MI Exterminator, Pest Control & Termite Inspector

Ant Control: Pest Control for Ants by Arrow Exterminators

Ant Infestations

An army of ants can easily ruin a nice picnic in the spring, but its much more frustrating when you catch them crawling around in the kitchen. Ants can infiltrate homes very easily through cracks in the wall or exposed wires. Once they find a way in, these pesky bugs search for sweets, meats, breads and other foods in your kitchen. They can contaminate your food and sneak around other areas of your home, such as sinks, showers and dishwashers.

There are many different species of ants that can infiltrate your home, and a licensed pest control expert is the most effective way to get rid of an ant invasion. Our ant exterminators can identify your specific ant problem and find the best way to control them.

Here are some of the common ant species to watch out for:

Carpenter Ants

These reddish-black bugs love to nest outdoors and find a way into homes through damaged wood, cracks in the wall or holes in wires. This species of ant is particularly intrusive. They love to hunt for sweets like honey and jelly, and hang around damp areas of your home, such as dishwashers, sinks and showers.

Carpenter ants are a nuisance because they can cause severe property damage by tunneling through the structural wood of your home. Stay ahead with licensed ant control to avoid and eliminate this harmful species.

Ghost Ants

The top part of this ant (the head and thorax) is black, while the bottom part of their body (the gaster) is white. These nasty little guys like to nest outdoors in mulch, rocks and tree bark. But dont be surprised if you catch these ants crawling around in potted plants, breadboxes or cabinets.

If you start to notice ant trails and mounds outside, there is a very good possibility that ghost ants will invade your home, especially the kitchen. A roommate who drinks out of the milk carton is bad enough, but ghost ants take it a step up by digging into sugary goods while leaving excrements and molted skin along the way. But dont worry, a professional ant exterminator can take care of sending out eviction letters.

Odorous House Ants

These dark brown bugs infiltrate your home through exposed soil and will camp out in cracked walls or under the floors of your home. They have also been known to enter through heaters, bath drains or wood damaged by termites.

Although they dont cause structural damage or carry any kind of pathogen, these ants easily contaminate food. If youre wondering why they are called odorous, its because if they are crushed, they give off a rotten, coconut-like smell. Proactive ant control is paramount to protect your home from these smelly pests.

Pharaoh Ant

A small, light brown species that is notorious for invading the indoors, pharaoh ants forage through intricate trail routes guided by pheromones. They hide out in hard-to-reach places such as wall voids, under floors or behind baseboards. They also like to hang around kitchens and bathrooms near a damp water source.

Due to their small size, they can sneak around unnoticed on countertops and baseboards. They search for a variety of foods, including fats, sweets and even toothpaste. Their nests are hard to find, and they prefer to live behind the scenes in the dark. But the professionals at Arrow can handle any ant extermination issue even these evasive buggers.

Red Imported Fire Ant

Were sure youve had an unpleasant meeting with at least one of these reddish-brown ants. They build nest mounds around your property and easily gain entry to your home through holes and cracks. These bugs love arid climates in the Southeast and are one of the most aggressive species of ants.

The real concern for homeowners with fire ants is their painful bites, which typically cause itchy, white pustules within 24 hours. If you find a mound in your yard, call us for a thorough ant control solution.

The Arrow Solution

Ants can contaminate food, damage structures and even give you painful, itchy bites. Contact Arrow Exterminators for professional ant control. We will identify which species of ant has entered your home and implement one of our proven methods to eliminate your ant problem for good.

There are a few things you can do to help prevent ant mounds from developing in your yard: remove standing water around your property, trim tree branches touching your home and make sure firewood is not stored next to your property. And if ants have already taken up residence in your kitchen or bathrooms, we make ant control and elimination simple. Contact Arrow Exterminators today and let us take care of your pest problem.

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Ant Control: Pest Control for Ants by Arrow Exterminators

Integrity Pest Control – -Termite -Rodent -Wildlife


Doing the job right even when

no one is watching.

Experts in ethical pest control

Integrity Pest Control, founded in 2015, specializedin the provision of a large range of pest control and Termite Protection service. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most responsive, professional and innovative solutions available on the market today. Our team are experienced and qualified termiteand pest technicians who respond to our customers’ wildlifeor pest problems quickly, discreetly and efficiently.



We offer a house perimeterPest Control and House and lawn pest control.

-House perimeter is around the House berrierinside and out.$45.00

-House and lawn is pest control barrier inside and out of thehouse

and a broadcast spray throughout the intireyard for:

fire antsroachesfleas and ticks…$60.00

Other services we offer:

Tree and shrub care.

Deep root injection.

Lawn fertilization.

Weed control.

Mole cricket treatment.

Mole treatment.

Fungus treatment.

Chinch bug.

Kissing bug

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Integrity Pest Control – -Termite -Rodent -Wildlife

2018 Average Bed Bug Exterminator Cost (with Price Factors)

Bed bug extermination is available for homes, offices, multiunit properties and commercial spaces. Professionals can perform inspections, one-time removal or termination and recurring bed bug control services, as well as provide recommendations on preventive measures. Bed bug infestations can affect one bed in one room or an entire home or property. Extermination can take place whether a space is occupied or vacant. Several factors affect the cost of bed bug extermination.

Exterminators often have a set rate they charge per room that includes extermination services for a light to moderate infestation and treatment of a standard amount of furniture. The more rooms that need treatment, the higher the overall cost. Alamo Pest Management in Fort Worth, Texas, generally charges $250 per 10×15-foot bedroom for a light to moderate infestation.

The more rampant the bed bug infestation, the higher the cost per room. The higher cost accounts for an increased amount of product needed as well as additional employee time on the job. Alamo Pest Management charges $300$400 per bedroom with a standard amount of furniture and a heavy infestation, which is $50$150 more than services for a light to moderate infestation. The company also provides “peace of mind” services for $200 per room where there is little to no bedbug activity, but the owners want the room treated as prevention.

The more furniture in an infested room, the higher the cost. For example, Alamo Pest Management charges $50 per piece of additional furniture in a bedroom beyond the standard bed, two nightstands and dresser. Extra furniture might include a futon or second dresser. Each additional piece can add 3060 minutes to the time it takes to treat a room and also requires more product.

If a home is messy or has a lot of clutter, the rate per room will be higher. According to Alamo Pest Management, clutter creates more work in two ways: One, employees have to sort through and clear the room to get the area ready to be treated, which takes more work and time. Two, more product is needed to spray all of the excess clutter. Alamo Pest Management charges $450 per bedroom with a standard bedroom set, heavy infestation, and large amount of clutter or obstacles.

If an entire home is infested, it may be necessary to spray under the house, which would increase the overall cost of services. Homes with pier-and-beam construction can harbor bed bugs underneath, and pros can dry dust the area to terminate colonies there. Slab homes (homes without any space between the home and the foundation) dont need this treatment. Alamo Pest Management charges a $50 minimum to dry dust under a pier-and-beam home.

Bed bug extermination companies may charge an hourly fee as opposed to a per room rate. Pest Solutions in Wappingers Falls, New York, for example, charges a base rate of $75 for 45 minutes of bedbug control services.

Because the factors involved in determining treatment are so complex, most bed bug extermination companies provide free, on-site quotes to give an accurate quote and treatment plan.

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2018 Average Bed Bug Exterminator Cost (with Price Factors)

How to Get Rid of Snakes | Snake Repellents | Snake Traps

Pest Control for Snakes

Snakes are the most feared pest in the world. There are 2,700 species of snakes worldwide with 250 of those species residing in the United States. The majority of snakes in the U.S. are not venomous; however, poisonous snake sightings occur often. Snakes attempt to avoid people as a general rule, but the majority of them will bite when threatened or surprised. Snake control products are used to prevent and catch snakes.

Controlling snakes begins with an inspection to determine why the snakes want to be there in the first place. If snakes are indoors it could be because of food, water, or ideal temperature and conditions. Look for signs of rodents since they are a food source for the snakes. Also look for entry points into the structure such as holes in the foundation or missing vent covers.

When inspecting for outdoor problems, look for high vegetation or wood piles on the ground. When snakes are found outside, they are usually just trying to get from one place to another or foraging for food. They will hide under logs, and in debris such as scrap metal and old tires. Always wear long pants, boots, and gloves when inspecting for snakes, and make sure not to place bare hands in areas that you cannot visually inspect first. Never provoke a snake if found.

After the inspection, apply snake repellents around foundations, in crawlspaces, entry points, basements, and under covered porches. Also use repellents in the yard where snakes are a problem. When using a glue board trap to catch snakes, place it along walls and places where pests are most likely to travel.

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How to Get Rid of Snakes | Snake Repellents | Snake Traps

Rapid Pest Control Atlanta | Termites, Ants, Rats, All …

Sometimes the only viable option when it comes to their removal is to hire an animal control agency. They have access to some of the most effective resources imaginable, not to mention being experts in the field of critter control. No matter how severe the infestation and regardless of which type of pest has made itself comfortable you can rest assured that an expert will be able to help without delay.

So, what exactly can you expect from them and what are the benefits of choosing a reliable pest control company?

As their name might suggest, pest controllers are able to moderate, control and eliminate a variety of pests, critters and creepy crawlies as quickly and efficiently as possible. If your home us suffering with an infestation, a controller will be able to evaluate the area in need of treatment, before implementing the most effective solution.

They can also clear all traces of nests away (including bird, bee, wasp and hornet nests), as well as completely eradicate even the smallest insect nests or the most expansive. This includes termites that have decided to take a shine to your wooden furniture, ants that simply refuse to leave your home, fleas that have set up shop in the darker regions of your furniture and even carpet mites, too.

Why is it so important to hire a reliable team?

Its no secret that infestations can be as problematic as they are a nuisance. Just like clearing the rust from the edge of a blade may make it look nice; it will only be temporary if it isnt treated at the source. The same can be said for animal and insect invasions. If you opt to hire a cheaper company that focuses on clearing the noticeable presence, you will only have to deal with a fresh wave when the animals reproduce, set up a new nest or spread in general.

A good control company will know just how important it is to turn their attention to the core of the problem. As a result, they will do exactly what it takes to wipe out nesting grounds first, before turning their sights on strays and stragglers hoping to find somewhere else to exploit within your home. They will also be able to offer you advice and guidance on how you can minimise the risk of the event happening again.

Considering the fair price and immediate effectiveness of critter control agencies, it has never been a better time to book their services. They could be in and out of your home within hours and will know exactly what to do to ensure the safety and well-being of your pets and family in the meantime. The services we offer are:

termite control fumigation termite treatment pest control companies ants rodent control termite inspection home pest control extermination bed bug treatment exterminators ant control bed bugs treatment pest control services cockroach control bed bug extermination bug exterminator rat control bird control insect control pest control company pest inspection mouse control pest exterminator pests pest management flying ants organic pest control bed bug control pigeon control drywood termites pest removal roach control vermin control wasp control mice control wasp removal spider control termite protection termites treatment natural pest control termites control bug control bed bugs control termite treatment cost pest control service ant exterminator bed bugs removal pests control kill bed bugs flea exterminator commercial pest control carpenter ant control pest killer rat extermination flea removal mice extermination termites in house fumigation services termite pest control best pest control cockroach killer bee control white ants bed bug killer bed bug removal garden pest control bed bug pest control best termite treatment pest controller termite extermination pest control mice insect exterminator professional pest control killing bed bugs green pest control bed bugs pest control pest control cost household pests ant pest control rat exterminator ant removal fly control local pest control subterranean termites pest control bed bugs rodent removal cockroach extermination termite tenting termite damage pest controllers carpenter ants control roach exterminator bird pest control rat removal pest solutions raccoon removal bat removal spider pest control wasp exterminator termite treatments house pest control termite infestation pest extermination termite inspections pest controls ant infestation environmental pest control residential pest control pest exterminators pests exterminator pest inspections ant extermination spider extermination flying termites treatment for bed bugs pigeon pest control cockroach pest control ants control pest prevention flea pest control flea extermination pest control for bed bugs bed bug exterminator termite removal pest control rats solutions pest control termite and pest control bird removal rat infestation mice infestation ant problem rodent exterminator pest control websites signs of termites mice removal home pest control service rat pest control best pest control company pest services bed bug infestation bee exterminator termite companies pest control website termite inspection cost home pest inspection pest control ants control pest mouse extermination termite treatment options pest eliminator outdoor pest control pest deterrent silverfish pest control pest control near me mice exterminator fire ant control insect pest control pest control solutions termite droppings home pest defense termite exterminator mice pest control wasp extermination house fumigation squirrel removal squirrel pest control rodent extermination exterminating bed bugs eco friendly pest control squirrel control pest control management rodent control company rodent pest control 24 hour pest control pest problems pest control home local exterminators ant problems pest control industry pest control fleas termite pesticide pest control business mouse removal pest control bees bed bugs exterminator termite company mouse pest control indoor pest control house pests pest problem termite killer subterranean termite treatment bed bugs exterminators termite exterminators all pest control pest control exterminator exterminator service exterminate bed bugs mosquito pest control roach extermination home insect control treating bed bugs wasp pest control cost of pest control cockroach infestation termite baiting system pest terminator termites treatment cost mouse exterminator safe pest control termites exterminator non toxic pest control pest buster pest control termites kill roaches a pest control drywood termite bed bugs extermination termite control cost best termite control home termite treatment pest management services subterranean termite pest inspectors removing bed bugs pest control wasps pest control for ants termites in home pest infestation exterminators near me pest control spiders termite fumigation local pest control companies termite insecticide formosan termites treating termites treatment for termites termite control services fly pest control termite service pest guard termites extermination company cockroach exterminator pest control cockroaches bat control cockroach removal rats control insect exterminators spider removal ants pest control moth control bed bug pesticide pest control contracts rodents control termite inspector bug exterminators termite repair cost of termite treatment mole pest control rabbit pest control kill termites pest control price subterranean termites treatment home termite control bed bug treatments pest eradication domestic pest control structural pest control local pest control services exterminator ants insect extermination exterminator near me pest control flies swarming termites household pest control termites inspection sonic pest control termite swarm pest control for rats pest inspection service termite control companies bed bug eradication mice exterminators pest control treatment bed bug terminator termite identification mosquito extermination ants exterminator local exterminator pest control pigeons insect control services ants problem carpenter ant extermination drywood termite treatment

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Rapid Pest Control Atlanta | Termites, Ants, Rats, All …

Termite Control Company Phoenix, AZ | Blue Sky Pest

Termite control is a top concern for Phoenix homeowners for good reason. Termites are very prevalent throughout the Phoenix area. The most common termite is the Heterotermes aureus, or the desert subterranean termite, which is also the most destructive termite in Arizona. If you find termites in your home, taking prompt control measures from a qualified termite company is the best way to avoid the severe structural damage these invasive pests will cause.

Desert subterranean termites are so common in Arizona that all new construction homes in the Phoenix area are required to receive a soil pretreatment prior to pouring the concrete foundation as preventative control. The termite pretreatments on new homes protect them from the desert subterranean termite, but generally only have a 3-year warranty. To ensure long lasting protection of your home, its important to maintain regular inspections and treatment for termites.

Its not if, but when is a phrase commonly used to describe whether a home will get termites in Arizona. Oftentimes people are not aware of the prevalence of termites here. Its important to know and evaluate the factors that affect the protection of your home. Bluesky Pest is a trusted termite company serving the Phoenix area with inspections and treatments to control and eliminate termites.

Over time, the initial pretreatment barrier breaks down, leaving your home defenseless against these destructive termites. The time it takes for the treatment zone to break down depends on a number of factors, including:

The desert subterranean termite creates colonies numbering up to 300,000 termites in the soil around homes. These colonies feature mud tubes that allow the termites to access cellulose (i.e. wood). These light brown mud tubes can at times be seen along the concrete foundation stem wall, and are the width of a drinking straw. Termites can access the home through these mud tubes behind walls and through cracks in the foundation, which often allows them to forage undetected for years.

A termite inspection is the best way to identify any signs of termite activity. Regular inspections followed by prompt treatments are proven to be the most effective method for the control and extermination of desert subterranean termites, even in places where they cannot be seen.

The most effective preventative and corrective treatment approach for the desert subterranean termite is to treat the soil around the home.

Blue Sky Pest Control Company uses Termidor, one of the most effective products for liquid termite control treatments. Termidor is an advanced non-repellent, meaning it is an undetectable liquid that termites cannot see, smell or taste and is used to treat the foundation of the home and areas inside the home where the termites are entering the home.

Since the desert subterranean termite is so common throughout the area, periodically reestablishing this treatment zone is recommended as the primary defense to protect your home against a current infestation and for proactive prevention. Blue Sky Pest Controls termite treatments are effective in treating termite problems while also being pet, family and environmentally friendly.

We inspect your home. A licensed Blue Sky termite inspector performs a thorough termite inspection, which determines the available and appropriate treatment option(s). The inspector will ask a few questions to make sure they are familiar with your situation and any specific requests that you have:

The scope of control is determined during the inspection and includes identifying the size of the infestation, the size of the area that requires treatment, the type of landscaping and hardscape around a home and other factors. Once the inspection is completed, the Blue Sky inspector will provide a proposal that will include a detailed sketch that outlines the treatment area, the product to be used and the cost investment for the termite treatment. The inspector will also let you know of any conditions conducive to termite activity that must be addressed prior to treatment.

We treat your home. On the day of treatment, an Arizona licensed Blue Sky termite technician arrives within the specified treatment time. The technician has a copy of the detailed sketch provided to you by the inspector. They will introduce themselves to you upon his or her arrival, answering any questions you may have prior to beginning the treatment. Blue Sky is known for the quality of its service technicians. Great care is taken to ensure the treatment area is left clean and orderly. You can also be confident that the treatment is performed in line with Blue Sky best practices and our commitment to excellent work.

We guarantee protection. After the termite treatment is complete, you are protected under Blue Skys treatment protection guarantee. This means that if at any time during the protection period you have a re-occurrence of termite activity, we will return immediately to treat your homeat no additional charge. The length of the protection period is determined by the scope of treatment performed.

If you have specific questions about termite control or if you would like to schedule a free no-obligation termite inspection call 480-635-8492.

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